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Car Insurance

2 Hidden Costs of Getting in a Car Accident in Singapore

How much will getting into a car accident cost you in Singapore? The answer could be more than you might think. Our team at ValueChampion...

Car Insurance

Should You Care if Your Car Insurance Plan Covers Flood Damage?

You might assume that, in tropical Singapore, your car insurance plan must certainly cover flood damage to your car. After all, floods aren...

Car Insurance

Probability of Getting in a Car Accident in Singapore

A ValueChampion study shows that the likelihood of getting into a car accident in Singapore may be much higher than you might realize. Read...

Travel Insurance

3 Types of People Who Should Get Annual Travel Insurance

Singaporeans love to travel. With round trips tickets from Singapore to other destinations in SE Asia costing S$100 to S$200, it's not...

Car Insurance

Is Renewing Your COE Worth It?

Can't decide if you should renew your COE or buy a new car? We've broken down the pros and cons of each option to help guide your choice.

Credit Cards

How to Earn A "Free" Around-the-World Trip With Miles

If you have ever dreamed of going on an around-the-world trip, you were probably daunted by the thought of spending so much money without...