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Which Aircon Alternatives Actually Work–And Save Money?

Summer heat can be overwhelming, but running your air conditioning all day and all night can be quite expensive. While there are plenty of...

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Will Your Travel Insurance Cover You in the Event of an Airline Strike?

What should you do if your trip gets interrupted by an airline labor strike?

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Should You Consider Accepting a Job You're Overqualified For?

Searching for a new job is stressful, especially if you're currently unemployed. Is it worth taking an opportunity that you're...

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The Top 5 Most Affordable Neighbourhoods in Singapore for Renters

While homeownership rates in Singapore are typically quite high, the number of renters is growing. In this article, we examined rental...

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5 Iconic Souvenirs Worth Purchasing for the Sustainable Traveller

What souvenirs should you purchase if you want to do good while you travel? We explore your options below.

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Could Just Attending a Wedding Cost You S$100s of Dollars?

It's undeniable that Singaporean weddings have become increasingly expensive. However, the costs of attending are also quite high–perhaps...

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4 Ways Shopping Actually Improves Your Life

"Retail therapy" is often casually used as just another excuse to go shopping–but does the concept actually have merit?


Where Are Teachers Paid the Most & the Least Compared to Other Professions in Asia?

How well are teachers paid in Asia? We've compiled data on teacher income as % of GDP per capita to compare how teachers in different Asian...

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How Much Does it Cost to Visit the Most Instagrammed Places in the World?

Instagram is great at inspiring wanderlust. Find out how much it costs to visit some of the platform's most popular destinations according...