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Singapore's Gender Wage Gap Widened in 2018

Singapore has one of the world's strongest economies and richest populations. However, it's gender wage gap grew in 2018. We explored...

Credit Cards

Demystifying Grab Subscription Plans with Numbers: Complete Guide to Picking Best One for You

Instead of just regurgitating information on Grab's own website, we crunched the numbers to see how different consumers can maximise the...

Travel Insurance

Trendiest Girls' Getaways for 2019

We rounded up some of the top destinations to go with your girls this year, whether you are looking to get pampered or go on a once in a...


Global Landscape of Ride Hailing Apps: Is the Dust Settling?

Several ridesharing companies around the world are planning to list their stocks publicly in 2019. But how are they actually faring, and do...


Will Getting Married Save You Money in the Long Run?

While being single has its own benefits, there is no doubt that you can save serious money when you decide to share your life with a...

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Top 5 Millennial-Friendly Cities in Asia-Pacific

In an increasingly globalised society, young people are more likely to have the opportunity to choose the city in which they live. To help...

Health Insurance

Glow-Up for Less: Affordable Alternatives to Invasive Cosmetic Surgery

Are you interested in getting a cosmetic procedure but are worried about the costs? Recent advances in non-invasive surgery have created...

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Ethical Living Without the Premium: 3 Affordable Ways to Make Your Home More Sustainable

Sustainability and ethical living are often seen as a luxury few can afford. However, with the need for a global decrease in consumption...

Life Insurance

You're Not Too Young: 4 Financial Steps You Should Take in Your 20's

When it comes to your personal finances, the early bird really does get the worm.