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7 Important Forex Tips for Retail Traders

Forex trading can be a profitable venture for those that know what they are doing. Once you have a handle on the basics of foreign exchange...

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Investing In Sneakers: What Factors Drive Up The Resale Value?

The sneaker resale market is already estimated to be a $2 billion industry with individual shoes reselling for as high as $50,000 USD. We...

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Single and Living with Parents: Is It Possible On a $600 Monthly Budget in Singapore?

If you're staying with your parents after graduation, is living on just $600 a month feasible if you want to save for your future?

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Missed Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales? Here's How to Save on Your Last-Minute Holiday Shopping

Just because you missed Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales doesn’t mean that you have to pay full retail prices for all the items on your...

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Could You Be Saving More on Your Income Taxes?

Paying your income tax isn't what you might call a satisfying experience. However, you can take away some of the pain by minimising your...

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ValueChampion Student Interview Series: Betty Pu, Yale-NUS College

ValueChampion interviews top university students in order to help prospective students and their families learn more about the university...


Dollar Cost Averaging: The Secret to Hassle Free Investing?

Investing has become a common method for working adults aspiring for financial freedom. Yet, many of us may be less inclined to invest due...

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5 Practical Housewarming Gifts for New Homeowners

Your friends have just moved into their new home and you're invited to their housewarming party. Not sure what to get them? Here are 5...

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3 Easy Ways to Host Christmas Dinner on a Budget

Hosting a Christmas dinner can be quite expensive. Thankfully, there are a few ways to cut costs while entertaining your loved ones without...