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3 Ways to Boost Your Brain Power & Your Wallet

Boosting your brain power and wealth don't necessarily need to be distinct goals–here are 3 activities that can help you achieve both.

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ValueChampion Student Interview Series: Michelle Lim Si Jia, SMU

To help students and their families understand the costs and benefits of attending university,ValueChampion conducts interviews standout...

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Top 5 APAC Countries for Legal Cannabis

The global cannabis market is growing rapidly. Which nations are leading the industry in Asia-Pacific?

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5 Affordable Babymoon Destinations

Want to squeeze in one last romantic, peaceful getaway before the arrival of your newborn? Here are 5 affordable babymoon destinations...

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5 Riskiest Nations for Contracting Dengue Fever in Southeast Asia

Approximately half of the world's population is currently at risk of contracting dengue fever. With new and escalating outbreaks now...

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How to Achieve Your Career Goals in 2020

By some estimates, nearly 4 out of 5 New Year's resolutions fail. In this article, we highlight ways you can make your career goals come to...

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3 Ways to Make CNY Fashion More Affordable

Working with a tight budget this Chinese New Year? Here are some tips to help maximise your savings when purchasing clothes for your "new...

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Which Music Streaming Service Offers the Most Value?

Streaming services provide a low-cost way to enjoy all of your favorite music. But which platform should you choose?

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ValueChampion Student Interview Series: You Duen Cheng, SMU

To help aspiring university students better understand the experience at Singapore's top schools, ValueChampion highlights the stories of...