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Home Insurance

Fire, Home & Mortgage Loan Insurance: 3 Ways to Help Protect Your First Home in Singapore

In our first entry in this series on buying your first home in Singapore, we've covered how you may find assistance in footing the costs....

Budgeting & Saving

Best Student Discounts to Kick-Start the School Year

Want to shop for the new academic year without burning a hole in your wallet? Read on to discover the best deals for students and more.

Home Loans

How To Refinance Your Mortgage Loan For More Savings

With continuing Federal Reserve Rate hikes and mortgage rates in Singapore on the rise, the topic of refinancing grows ever more crucial....

Home Loans

Loans, CPF, and Grants: What are Three Ways to Help Finance Your First Very Home in Singapore

Getting your first home can be a nerve-wrecking experience. But fret not, here are three different ways to help finance your very first...

News & Analysis

Key Points from the National Day Rally 2022

The National Day Rally 2022 covered a lot of topics within the span of over an hour. To find out about some key information you may have...

Health Insurance

Will You Stop Purchasing Insurance In The Midst Of A Recession?

Recession. What does it mean? When we read the news saying that an economy is in recession, it means that there is temporary economic...


What Is A Bear Market And How Should You Invest During One?

Crashing stocks. Low returns. Bear market. You may have seen these terms being thrown around in the news recently. But what do all of these...


From Bags to Watches to Shoes. Are Alternate Investments Worth Dipping In?

Over the years, the resale market for luxury brands has risen significantly. From watches to bags to sneakers, are all these items worth...

Credit Card

How to Save on Food Costs in Singapore During Times of Inflation

What can you do to curb the inflating costs of food? Learn more about them here!