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Home Insurance

How Much Risk Do Homes in Singapore Actually Face?

Find out the chance of your home experiencing a fire, theft or break-in.

Credit Cards

Reduce Your Business Trip Pains With These 3 Tips - Singapore Edition

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Travel Insurance

Top 9 Myths About Travel Insurance

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Car Insurance

Don't Fall for These 7 Myths About Car Insurance

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Personal Loans

5 Things Your Friends Say About Personal Loans That Are Wrong

Personal loans are incredibly popular in Singapore. Given that they neither require a collateral nor limits how you can use the money, it's...

Car Insurance

Think Twice Before Buying a Parallel Import Car for These 3 Reasons

It's no wonder that many Singaporeans like to buy parallel import cars: by purchasing one, you can often get a significantly cheaper price...


Can You Live Off a Million Dollars, Forever?

The concept of becoming a millionaire rings a special tone in most people's hearts. It sounds like a dream come true, where you can enjoy a...

Travel Insurance

Can Travel Insurance Really Protect You In the Event of a Terrorist Attack?

Travel insurance covers many things, but does it compensate you for flight cancellations due to a terrorist attack?


Don't Do These 3 Things Even If You Are Desperate For Cash

Not having enough money can be incredibly stressful. However, there are things you should never do no matter how desperate you are to get...