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Average Cost of a Funeral in Singapore

Losing a loved one is incredibly difficult, but it doesn't have to be a financial strain. After you obtain the Certificate Cause of Death (CCOD), your next thought will be preparing for the funeral. In Singapore, funerals can range from affordable, costing just a few hundred dollars, too expensive, with costs reaching a few thousand dollars. Below, we break down the average costs of a funeral by type.

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Average Cost of a Burial Using a Funeral Director

If you are looking to get a professionally-serviced funeral in Singapore, you will have to choose a package based on the religious service and amount of days you want to hold the service. Many funeral services in Singapore offer Christian, Roman Catholic, Buddhist, Taoist, Soka, Muslim, Hindu, Freethinker (non-religious), and customized packages. With these packages, you will be able to choose a service that lasts from two days, which averages to S$4,733.27 in total, to seven days, which costs around S$7,099.48, in total. Typically, these funerals will include a room set up with appropriate decoration, a casket, tables and chairs, fans and lighting, and a restroom. Depending on which package you get, there may be additional features like catering. In general, HDB funerals are 13% cheaper than those in a funeral parlour, though there are some exceptions.

Average Cost of Funeral Packages in Singapore by Religious Affiliation

Type of FuneralTwo DaysThree DaysFour DaysFive DaysSix DaysSeven Days
Roman CatholicS$4,545.39S$4,736.29S$5,262.49S$5,396.00S$5,551.00S$5,819.00

Some religious funerals might require additional personnel or decorations to properly conduct the ritual, so they may be more expensive than others. For example, the average Taoist funeral is more expensive, costing about S$8,214.36 for a two-day affair. This is most likely due to ceremonial items like paper ornaments and special rituals. However, you will be able to find some services for as low as S$7,500. On the other hand, we found that a non-Religious two-day ceremony is the cheapest, costing an average of S$3,999.00 in total. In some cases, such as with Muslim and Hindu funerals, prices are not advertised online. Therefore, it's advisable to contact several to compare accurate quotes before choosing a provider.

Average Cost of a Burial Without Funeral Director

While having a funeral without professional assistance is more cost-effective, it requires more preparation. For example, for a funeral at your house, you will have to obtain a permit from the Town Council. For outdoor funerals, you'll have to get a permit from the Traffic Police. If you buy a casket, it will cost around S$2,000 for a wood or hemp coffin. More expensive materials, such as mahogany, bronze, and copper caskets will range upwards of S$10,000. Cremation is the most cost-effective option, costing between S$315-S$1,100, with cheaper options being government services and those without an urn.

Average Cost of Flower Bouquet by Type


You may also wish to arrange flowers for decoration. Popular choices include carnations, chrysanthemums, gladioli, lilies, and roses to express love. On average, roses are the cheapest by bouquet arrangement, though you can expect to pay within the hundreds if you are providing multiple bouquets. If you want to hire a caterer you will probably pay S$15-S$50 per head.

Average Cost of an Alternative Burial

Your loved one might have expressed wishes for an alternative burial. For example, they might have specified they wanted to be buried at sea, which could cost around S$1,000. Or, they may have wanted a "green", or environmental, burial. This could be as simple as opting for burial in a Crypt, or doing a Tree Burial. Alternatively, your loved one might their remains turned into a keepsake like an Eternity Gem. have some sort of discussion about prices, since they're not available online, direct people what they should do just as you did for muslim and hindu funerals

Extra Fees

If your loved one died abroad, you may have to pay a fee to repatriate them. The service costs anywhere from S$1,000 to S$3,000 depending on where they're flying from. Placing an obituary in the paper is usually free, though you will need to book it.

How To Be Cost-Effective When Preparing For a Funeral

To save as much money as possible, it's recommended that you compare several companies. Also, keep in mind that the total cost will increase depending on the number of days you decide to have for the funeral. However, you shouldn't have to sacrifice quality time spent grieving your loved one. In fact, you may find that your loved ones life insurance will cover some costs of the funeral through their payout and in some cases with an additional death benefit This could be instrumental in ensuring a smooth process that relieves some financial strain.


To find the average cost of a funeral, ValueChampion analyzed hundreds of packages at over 32 funeral parlours and services in Singapore. We've compared the daily rates of basic, medium, and expensive funeral packages by their day rate. Moreover, we looked at the costs of religious funeral services by day to investigate what consumers should expect to pay for funerals of varying durations. Though this is a difficult time for you and your family, we hope to provide you with accurate information to help you make the best decisions possible.

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