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Great Eastern Cancer Insurance: How Does It Compare?

Great Eastern's GREAT Cancer Guard provides high coverage for cancer at all stages and can be easily purchased online

Great Eastern Cancer Insurance: How Does It Compare?

Great Eastern's GREAT Cancer Guard provides high coverage for cancer at all stages and can be easily purchased online


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  • High cancer coverage
  • 100% of sum assured


  • Prices are above the average

Great Eastern's GREAT Cancer Guard policy is a standalone critical illness plan that provides a 100% payout for all stages of cancer. Since you have the choice to purchase GREAT Cancer Guard online, this plan is a good option for consumers who want to have a hassle-free experience. However, it is worth pointing out that GREAT Cancer Guard only provides coverage from cancer. Thus, you won't receive the coverage you are looking for if you are looking for a traditional critical illness plan that covers a variety of illnesses.

Summary of Great Eastern GREAT Cancer Guard
High cancer coverage of S$300,000, but plans are pricier than average
Policy purchase and claim submission is available online
No medical check necessary

Highlights of Great Eastern GREAT Cancer Guard

Great Eastern's GREAT Cancer Guard plan may be a suitable option if you are looking for high levels of cancer coverage. GREAT Cancer Guard lets you purchase between S$100,000 and S$200,000 of coverage for cancer at any stage online, which is on the higher end of the market. However, there is also an option to get S$300,000 of cancer coverage with the Premier Plan—which is the highest available cancer benefit available for standalone cancer plans on the market. The only drawback is the price—we found that compared to other standalone cancer plans on the market, GREAT Cancer Guard costs above average for most age and gender profiles.

Great Eastern can be a good plan option if you are looking for seamless insurance coverage. There's no medical check required beyond a health declaration, and you have guaranteed renewal until you turn 85. Your premiums also don't increase with age, which is why we recommend securing cheaper premiums when you're younger. When it comes time to make a claim, you will get the full payout regardless of the stage of cancer you have, which is in contrast to other critical illness plans on the market that only offer a partial payout for early stages of cancer.

While Great Eastern's GREAT Cancer Guard may be suitable for some people, it may not be the best option for others. For instance, if you are looking for a multi-pay coverage plan or plans that provide coverage for a variety of illnesses, a cancer-specific plan like GREAT Cancer Guard won't be the best fit. Furthermore, this plan may not be the best fit for people on a tight budget, due to the higher premiums.

Policy Exclusions & Eligibility

Great Eastern's Cancer insurance excludes coverage for cancer caused directly or indirectly from pre-existing medical conditions. You should read your policy wording document for full details of this plan's exclusions and conditions.

To apply for the plan online, you have to meet 2 of 3 requirements: you are below 62 years of age, you are proficient in speaking and written English and you have a GCE O-Level or N-Level certification (or equivalent), or higher academic qualifications.

Claims & Contact Information

After your diagnosis, you should submit your claimant's statement, clinical abstract application and doctor's statement—all of which are available on Great Eastern's website. You should also submit any histopathology or biopsy reports and all available lab and test results. You will then have to submit your documents either to your Great Eastern Financial Representative, to the customer service centre or by post. The cancer benefit will be paid to the policyholder.

Contact Information
Customer Service Hotline+1800 248 2888
Product Enquiry Hotline+65 6248 2211
Claims E-mail[email protected]
Claim SubmissionFiling a Claim

Great Eastern GREAT Cancer Guard Cost & Features

Great Eastern GREAT Cancer Guard
Great Eastern GREAT Cancer Guard

If you want to protect yourself from the financial costs of getting cancer, cancer insurance may be a suitable option.

Please note that you should speak to a financial representative if you are unsure how long-term insurance options like health, life and critical illness policies will affect your financial situation. You can speak to a Great Eastern financial advisor by filling up the form here.

If you would like to compare Great Eastern's cancer insurance to other critical illness plans on the market, you can read our guide to the best critical illness plans in Singapore.

Premiums & CoverageS$100,000 PlanS$150,000 PlanS$200,000 Plan
25-Year Old MaleS$280S$379S$469
35-Year Old MaleS$466S$658S$805
45-Year Old MaleS$946S$1,378S$1,438
Early Stage Cancer Payout100%100%100%
Late Stage Cancer Payout100%100%100%
Figures are rounded to nearest dollar and include 15% off 1st year promotion

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