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Prudential PruCancer 360: High Coverage For A Low Cost?

Prudential’s PruCancer 360 cancer insurance provides flexible coverage options for below average prices for young adults. However, individuals that are 55+ years of age may find that other cancer insurance plans to be a cheaper option.

Prudential PruCancer 360: High Coverage For A Low Cost?

Prudential’s PruCancer 360 cancer insurance provides flexible coverage options for below average prices for young adults. However, individuals that are 55+ years of age may find that other cancer insurance plans to be a cheaper option.


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  • Those who want long term coverage
  • Individuals who want high coverage options


  • Older individuals (55+ years old)

Prudential’s PruCancer 360 is a standalone cancer insurance policy that can be a good option for people looking for above average coverage and flexibility. Policyholders have the option to purchase coverage up to S$300,000— one of the highest coverage options on the market and will receive 100% payouts for any stage of cancer. Furthermore, Prudential offers coverage for those up to the age of 100, which is great for those who are looking for coverage in their older years. However, Prudential may not be the best option for older people on a budget due to their above average prices for the middle-aged and older cohort.

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Summary of Prudential PruCancer 360 Insurance
High cancer coverage of S$300,000, but plans are more expensive for older individuals
100% payout for all stages of cancer
Coverage for individuals up to 100 years old

Highlights of Prudential PruCancer 360 Cancer Insurance : What You Should Know

Prudential’s PruCancer 360 Cancer Insurance plan is a suitable option for those looking for a flexible policy that offers high coverage. Prudential offers coverage amounts ranging from S$10,000 to S$300,000. What makes this even better is that an individual can choose any S$10,000 increment in between this range. For example, if you are interested in getting S$120,000 worth of coverage, that option is totally available to you, unlike with plans from other insurers that limit your coverage options. Furthermore, the PruCancer 360 plan offers coverage for any policyholder up to the age of 100–the closest competitor offers coverage up to 85 years of age–making it a great option for those looking for longer term coverage.

In terms of features, Prudential offers 100% payout for all stages of cancer, which is in contrast to other insurance policies that only provide a 50% payout for an early stage diagnosis. Prudential also provides a virtually hassle-free application process, requiring the applicant to answer only 1 medical question. They also offer a S$5,000 death benefit in the instance that the policyholder passes away.

While Prudential’s PruCancer 360 cancer insurance plan is a worthy choice for some, it is not a great option for everyone. While younger consumers may pay premiums that are 5% to 38% below average, premiums can cost up to 48% above the market average for those 55+ years and older. Thus, individuals that fall into this age group may want to consider a cheaper cancer insurance, like FWD, instead.

Policy Exclusions & Eligibility

Before you purchase a policy, consider some of Prudential's eligibility requirements, exclusions, and limits:

  • In order to assign a policy, both the assignor and assignee must be at least 18 years old.
  • The maximum renewal age for a policy is 95
  • The maximum sum assured for anyone ages 1-16 is S$100,000
  • The applicant must not have any pre-existing conditions–more information on pre existing conditions can be found in their policy contract

Contact Informations & Claims

Prudential does not offer online claim filing, so instead they require policyholders to fill out a claim form which needs to be mailed to their address. With this form, it is required that the policyholder submits their histopathological/biopsy reports & operation reports (if surgery has been performed).

Contact Information
Customer Service Hotline+1800 333 0333
Mailing AddressPrudential Assurance Company Singapore (Pte) Limited Robinson Road P.O. Box 492 Singapore 900942
Claim FormForm
Customer service email[email protected]

Prudential PruCancer 360 Cancer Insurance Cost & Features

To protect yourself against the financial costs associated with getting cancer, cancer insurance may be a suitable option for you. Prudential’s flexible coverage options allow for a more tailored plan. While cancer insurance may be a financially viable option for some, it may not be for others, so you should consult a financial representative before you commit to any policy. If you would like to compare Prudential’s PruCancer 360 cancer insurance plan to other critical illness insurance plans on the market, check out our guide to the best critical illness plans in Singapore.

Amount InsuredGenderAge 25Age 35Age 45Age 55

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