Aon Pet Insurance: Will It Protect Your Pets?

Aon's pet insurance are suitable for pet owners who are willing to pay a little extra for comprehensive medical coverage and lifetime protection
AON HappyTails
AON HappyTails

Aon Pet Insurance: Will It Protect Your Pets?

Aon's pet insurance are suitable for pet owners who are willing to pay a little extra for comprehensive medical coverage and lifetime protection


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  • Has comprehensive medical coverage
  • Covers help dogs
  • Highest annual limit on the market


  • Pricey
  • Doesn't cover kittens or puppies younger than 4 months
AON HappyTails
AON HappyTails

Aon/Income's pet insurance offers unique lifetime comprehensive medical and accident coverage for cats and dogs, making it a good option for the average pet owner who wants to make sure their pet is protected throughout its life. However, Aon has several drawbacks that can be potential deal breakers depending on the pet owner's priorities. For instance, it doesn't cover pets younger than 4 months and there is no theft coverage.

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Summary of Aon HappyTails Pet Insurance
Offers lifetime coverage
Only plan to cover congenital conditions such as hip dysplasia and glaucoma
Doesn't cover theft
Above average benefits for above average cost
Sold through NTUC Income
Promotion: HappyTails policies purchased between October 1 2020 and September 31 2021 are eligible for a free ZumVet consultation

Aon Pet Insurance Highlights

Aon offers comprehensive pet insurance for cats and dogs filled with unique but valuable features, making it a suitable investment for the average pet owner looking for a high value plan. Aon offers two major plans: HappyTails for dog coverage and HappyTails Purrfect for cats. Premiums range between 21% below average to 22% above average, although the plans with the more expensive premiums may be justified due to the length of coverage and plethora of benefits you'll get for the price.

This graph shows the cost of the cheapest pet insurance plans available in Singapore

In terms of benefits, both of Aon's plans offer lifetime coverage and are the only plans that offer hereditary and congenital conditions. Furthermore, your pet will receive coverage for 3rd party liability (in case your dog injures someone), illnesses, surgery, accidents and emergency care. There is also coverage for surgery, room and board and even acupuncture treatment. Due to Aon packing their plans chock-full of medical coverage, pet owners concerned about their pets health, or with pets who are afflicted with congenital or hereditary illnesses (for instance, pure-breeds) may find this coverage beneficial.

However, there are drawbacks to Aon that can make it less suitable for certain pet owners. For instance, in addition to the above average cost of the premiums, pet owners are also subject to a S$250 deductible and a coinsurance that increases depending on the age of your pet upon enrolment. Thus owners of older pets (between ages 7 and 9) may find the 40% coinsurance not worth the price or coverage. Furthermore, owners looking for theft protection may fare better with other plans, as Aon doesn't offer this feature.

Aon HappyTails Dog Insurance

Aon HappyTails can be a good option for the average dog owner who wants a medically comprehensive plan. There are three plans for you to choose from: the HappyTails Fur, Furry or Furball, which have annual limits of S$3,500, S$7,500 or S$12,500, respectively. All plans offer 3rd party liability coverage and a wide array of medical benefits including illness, accident and hereditary & congenital conditions coverage. Additionally, Aon also covers room and board, prescription medications and x-rays, blood tests and ultrasounds (in preparation for surgery). The basic option, the Fur plan, is competitively priced with premiums costing 15% below average, while Furry and Furball cost between 3% to 22% above average. That said, we found that Aon's premiums are still 19-46% cheaper compared to the one other 3-tier plan on the market. Thus, while it may not be the best option for pet-owners looking for the cheapest possible plans, Aon could be a good choice for owners willing to spend a little more in exchange for a high value plan.

However, Aon may not be the best option for dog owners who want theft coverage as Aon does not provide this benefit. Furthermore, the final expense benefit of S$250 is below average compared to other plans on the market. Lastly, those who want to enrol their older dog may find the 40% coinsurance and S$250 deductible a significant out-of-pocket burden. In those cases, it may be more financially prudent to set up a small emergency fund for your pet rather than investing in insurance.

Premium & BenefitsHappyTails FurHappy Tails FurryHappy Tails Furball
Annual Premium^S$304.04S$369.19S$434.35
Surgical Co-Insurance20%-40%20%-40%20%-40%
Annual LimitS$3,500S$7,500S$12,500
Surgical LimitS$2,500S$6,000S$10,000
Room & BoardS$250S$600S$1,000
3rd party liabilityS$100,000S$250,000S$500,000
*Premiums subject to pet age
^Premiums are shown for a 1-year-old mixed breed. Premiums are subject to change with age.

Aon HappyTails Cat Insurance

Aon HappyTails Purrfect offers comprehensive medical coverage for your cat, making it a good option for cat owners who are concerned with high medical bills. It comes with an annual limit of S$5,000 and provides coverage for surgery, accidents, cancer, certain congenital and hereditary conditions, acupuncture and emergency care. There is also room and board coverage and pre-surgery diagnostic, x-ray, blood test and ultrasound coverage. Compared to other cat policies on the market, it is neither the most expensive nor the cheapest, with premiums for a typical domestic short-hair cat costing S$261.86. Thus, while this plan may not be a good fit owners for on a tight budget, cat owners worried about potentially costly medical bills may find this plan to be worth the extra money.

Annual Premium*S$280.19
Annual LimitS$5,000
Surgical LimitS$3,800
Room & BoardS$380
3rd Party LiabilityS$250,000
*Premiums subject to pet age
Premiums subject to pet age. Premiums shown for a 1-year-old domestic shorthair.

Eligibility & Exclusions

To be eligible for enrolment, your pet must be between 16 weeks old and 9 years of age. Furthermore, your pet must be spayed or neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. If you purchase the policy for a non-sterilised pet, then you won't receive coverage for hormonal illnesses and illnesses occurring in the reproductive organs (such as hernias, testicular, ovarian and mammary tumors or prostate problems). Furthermore, pets who are older than 6 years old will not receive coverage for hereditary and congenital illnesses. Lastly, your pet has to undergo a clinical examination before or within 30 days of the start of your policy. Pets that are used for help (guide dogs, emotional therapy dogs) are also eligible, which is a valuable feature considering other policies exclude them from coverage.

General exclusions include coverage for pre-existing conditions, costs related to spaying or neutering, preventative healthcare, routine dental care or intentional/neglectful injury. Furthermore, there is a 90-day waiting period before any claims for illnesses will be accepted. Illnesses that occur before the 90-day waiting period will be marked as pre-existing conditions and will be excluded from coverage. For a more thorough breakdown of exclusions please see the list below:

  • Spaying/Neutering Costs
  • Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Injuries Before Policy Start
  • Anal Gland Expression
  • Dental Care (Besides Accident)
  • Transport Expenses
  • Elective/Cosmetic Procedures
  • Diseases Preventable by Vaccines
  • Conditions Arising From Lack of Preventative Care
  • Purchase/Rental of Prosthetics
  • Experimental Treatment
  • Extra Costs for Treating Pet Outside of Surgery Hours
  • Administrative Fees
  • Any Accidents/Illnesses Related to Acts of War and Terrorism
  • Illnesses/Accidents due to Neglect or Mistreatment

Claims Information

Take the HappyTails claim form (linked below) with you to your vet appointments and ask the vet to fill out the "Medical" section of the form. You should send the form and supporting documents to Income at [email protected]. First time claimants should also include your pet's medical examination report for insurance enrolment, vaccination records and latest medical records.

Contact & Links
Claims & Customer Service Hotline6788 6616
Claims Email (for people who renewed before April 1 2021)[email protected]
Claims (for people who renewed/purchased after April 1 2021)[email protected]
Claim Mailing Address (for people who renewed before April 1 2021)MSIG Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd. 4 Shenton Way #21-01, SGX Centre 2 Singapore 068807, Attention: Claims Department
Claims FormDownload here
Learn MorePolicy Document

Aon HappyTails Pet Insurance Summary

We all want the best for our pets so when accidents and illnesses strike we want them to get the best care. However, medical bills can be expensive, which is why pet insurance could be a good fit for you. As with all policies, you should make sure you have the necessary funds to pay for the premiums and the other financial obligations written in your policy before committing to it. Below, we've highlighted the benefits and premiums of Aon's pet insurance. If you would like to learn more about other policies available, you can read our guide to the best pet insurance companies in Singapore.

Premiums & BenefitsHappyTails FurHappyTails FurryHappyTails FurballPurrfect
Annual LimitS$3,500S$7,500S$12,500S$5,000
Surgical TreatmentS$2,500S$6,000S$10,000S$3,800
Final ExpenseS$250S$250S$250S$250
Room & BoardS$250S$600S$1,000S$380
Post-Surgical TreatmentS$150S$300S$500S$200
3rd Party LiabilityS$100KS$250KS$500KS$250K

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