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Liberty Pet Insurance: Best High-End Pet Insurance?

Liberty's pet insurance offers the most comprehensive coverage you can find on the market. However, its above average premiums may make it too expensive for budget-constrained consumers.

Liberty Pet Insurance: Best High-End Pet Insurance?

Liberty's pet insurance offers the most comprehensive coverage you can find on the market. However, its above average premiums may make it too expensive for budget-constrained consumers.


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  • Offers comprehensive coverage
  • Covers pets as young as 8 weeks odl
  • Offers coverage for hard to insure breeds


  • Can be pricey
  • Non-surgical co-insurance is pricey at 50%

Liberty's PetCare insurance plans are some of the most comprehensive pet insurance plans you can get, as they include everything from accident to illness to theft coverage. Furthermore, Liberty has one of the most inclusive egibility requirements on the market, making it a good option for owners of very young pets or owners with breeds that are typically excluded from other policies (e.g. German Shepherds, Mastiffs). However, pet owners should be prepared to pay a hefty price for this type of coverage, as premiums for all three plans cost above industry average. Thus, while owners who are willing to spare no expense on pet insurance may find this plan valuable, PetCare may be out of reach for pet owners who are on a very tight budget.

Summary of Liberty PetCare Pet Insurance
Above average premiums but above average coverage
Youngest pet eligibility age on the market (8 weeks old)
No medical examination required for eligibility
Lowest accidental injury deductible on the market, but high illness co-insurance

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Liberty PetCare Insurance Highlights

Liberty's PetCare insurance plans can be a good choice for pet owners not restricted by budget who are looking for comprehensive coverage. There are three plans to choose from: the Standard, Enhanced and Superior plans. Because the plans cost between average and 127% above the industry average, pet owners prioritising cost over benefits won't find this plan to be the best fit. However, for the consumer who is willing to spend extra to get the widest range of coverage on the market, Liberty could be an attractive option to consider.

This table shows the price of Liberty PetCare compared to other basic-tier  pet insurance plans on the market in Singapore

Liberty PetCare can appeal to the no-expense-spared consumer in several ways. First, Liberty PetCare is the only plan on the market that includes accident, illness and non-surgical medical treatment coverage in addition to theft (for dogs only) and third party liability. This is in contrast to other plans where you may find only accident coverage or only illness coverage. Second, Liberty will provide coverage for pets as young as 8 weeks old. This is a wider than average age eligibility period, as most insurers require your pet to be at least 3-4 months old before enrolment. This can be beneficial to pet owners who bought their pet from a breeder (purebred or otherwise), since the recommended minimum age to bring a kitten or puppy home is around 8 weeks.

However, Liberty does have drawbacks. As mentioned previously, its plethora of benefits come at a high price that may not be affordable to some pet owners. Furthermore, it does have some high co-insurance obligations, ranging from 30-50%. This means that though you will some form of financial coverage, you may still end up paying a considerable out-of-pocket amount. Thus, pet owners who have generally very healthy pets or who don't spend thousands of dollars on vet bills may find that these plans won't provide enough coverage to justify the premiums.

Eligibility & Exclusions

To be eligible for cover, your pet must be between 8 weeks and 9 years of age, microchipped and not be a working dog (ex: guide dogs) or used for breeding purposes. They must also be living in the same place as you.

In terms of exclusions, there is no coverage for illnesses related to pre-existing conditions, elective and routine treatment (such as ear cleaning, nail clipping, vaccines), illnesses related to endo- and ectoparasites (worms, ticks, fleas), rabies, routine dental care, and conditions related to breeding or pregnancy. Furthermore, claims related to negligence or wilful mistreatment will not be covered. For more common exclusions, please find the list below. For a full list, you can read PetCare's policy wording.

General Exclusions

  • Illnesses developed outside of Singapore
  • Liability arising from acts of negligence
  • Any conditions occurring within 3 month waiting period
  • Day-to-day care
  • Conditions due to behavioral problems
  • Hip/elbow dysplasia
  • Non-emergency ambulance services
  • Non-emergency after hours care
  • Medication not approved by AVA
  • 3rd party liability if injury occurs to family member
  • Property damage belonging to you/family/employee

Claims Information

To submit a claim form with Liberty PetCare, you should download the claims form (linked below) and all the appropriate documents within 30 days of the date of the accident or illness. You should then mail all original documents to the address listed below.

Contact & Links
Claims Mailing Address51 Club Street Liberty House, Singapore 069428
Customer Service Helpline1800 5423 789
Customer Service Email[email protected]
Claim FormDownload Here
Claims ProcedureWebpage
More InformationPolicy Wording

Liberty PetCare Pet Insurance Summary

While making sure your pet has everything they need to ensure a happy and healthy life is important, it is prudent to make sure you are not stretching your finances thin. Thus, while Liberty may be a good fit for some pet owners, it may not be for others. If you would like to see how Liberty PetCare compares to other other pet insurance plans on the market, please see our guide to the best pet insurance plans in Singapore.

Premiums & BenefitsStandardEnhancedSuperiorDeductible/Coinsurance
Annual PremiumS$350S$450S$750N/A
Accidental DeathS$1,000S$2,000S$3,000N/A
Accidental Injury (Vet Fees)S$500S$750S$3,000S$50
Theft (Dogs Only)S$300S$500S$1,250N/A
Surgical Treatment (Illness)S$1,500S$2,000S$10,00030%
Non-Surgical Treatment (Illness)S$500S$750S$3,00050%
3rd Party LiabilityS$100KS$250KS$500KS$500

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