Comparing the Best Fibre Broadband Packages in Singapore – Singtel, Starhub, M1 and More

From low-cost, no-frills plans to packages packed with freebies, here are the best 1gbps fibre broadband plans in Singapore.

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by ValueChampion Editorial Team on Jan 15, 2024

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Thanks to an increasingly crowded telecommunications sector, home fibre broadband packages have gotten way cheaper, blessing us all with affordable, high-speed Internet connections at home.

At last count, there are no less than six telcos providing home fibre broadband services in Singapore, prompting the question, which one is the best, and what are the differences between the various packages other than price?

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Best Value Basic Fibre Broadband Packages in Singapore (1Gbps, 24-month)

For ease of comparison, we’re only comparing the most basic, 1 Gbps, 24-month contract packages. Additional packages will be listed in the individual sections later in the article. Info correct as at December 2023.

Basic Fibre Broadband Packages

Telco fibre broadband packageMonthly costOther fees and chargesWhat else is included?
WhizComms 1Gbps No-Frills PlanS$29.90nilWaiver of activation and registration fee (worth S$111.24)
ViewQwest 1Gbps Fibre BroadbandS$35.40

(S$28.80/mth for first 10 months, S$39.99/mth thereafter)

nilWaiver of activation and admin fees (worth S$111.24)
M1 1Gbps Fibre DealS$36.50nil1x Wifi 6 router

4G mobile broadband

Home fixed-line voice service

Optical Network Terminal activation (worth up to S$90.84)

Starhub 1Gbps BroadbandS$37.89nil3 months free 1Gbps home broadband

1x Wifi 5 router

3-month Amazon Prime

Optical Network Terminal activation (worth up to S$90.84)

MyRepublic No-frills 1Gbps BroadbandS$37.99Home service installation: S$54

Service Activation Fee: S$57.24

Termination Point Installation (worth up to S$162)

Home phone line with unlimited local calls

Singtel 1Gbps Fibre plan (Dual pack)S$39.15nil
  • Waiver of registration fee (worth S$54)
  • Waiver of installation fee (worth S$146.35)
  • Home line
  • Mobile broadband (500 mb)
  • 1-month Security Suite (worth S$16.04/mth)
  • 1-month Broadband Protect (worth S$2.97/mth)
  • 3-month Microsoft Family 365 (worth S$14.80/mth)
  • 12-month Amazon Prime (worth S$2.99/mth)
  • S$20 Grab voucher

WhizComms 1Gbps Broadband No-Frills Plan

Source: WhizComms

WhizComms offers the lowest-cost fibre broadband package in Singapore. It’s aptly named No-Frills Plan is now available at just S$29.90/month for a 24-month contract. There are no upfront fees to pay, as both the registration and installation charges are waived.

This plan is as basic as they come, comprising Internet service only. No routers are included, and neither are there any other additional services such as cybersecurity or voice lines.

If you do require a router, here are some other WhizComms plans you can check out. All of these come with a free WiFi audit.

WhizComms WiFi 6 Wireless Router Plan
  • 24-months: S$33.90/mth
  • 12-months: S$47.52/mth
WhizComms Wifi 6 Mesh Ready Plan
  • 24-months: S$34.90/mth (1 router)
  • 24-months: S$38.90/mth (2 routers)

ViewQwest 1Gbps Fibre Broadband

Source: ViewQwest

ViewQwest offers the second-cheapest 1Gbps fibre broadband package. For a 24-month contract, the package is priced at S$28.99/month for the first 10 months, and S$39.99/month for the remaining 14 months. This works out to an average price of S$30.40 per month.

Once again, this is a basic Internet service-only plan, although it comes with three months’ free cybersecurity, and three months’ free VPN service to get past region-based locks put in by streaming services like Netfliex.

If you require a router, you can directly add one to your plan; a total of four models are available, two mesh-ready, and two non-mesh. You can also opt for extra services such as OneVoice for a home telephone line, or Static IP if you’re planning to host your own web servers.

ViewQwest also offers a higher-capacity 2Gbps package, which allows more devices to be connected and a smoother surfing experience. This plan costs S$40.99/month for the first 10 months, then S$51.99/month thereafter, which effectively works out to S$47.70/month.

Note that all packages come with activation and admin charges waived.

M1 1Gbps Fibre Deal

M1 logo
Source: M1

M1 has launched a 1Gbps Fibre Deal for the festive season, with a lower price of S$36.50/month for a 24-month contract. This is about 10% cheaper than the regular price of S$40.72/month.

What makes this offer a good deal is the inclusion of a WiFi 6 router at no extra charge, but only for new subscribers. The plan also comes with other goodies like complimentary 4G mobile broadband (great for your tablet or a secondary device), home fixed-line voice service and waiver of Optical Network Terminal activation (worth S$90.84).

M1 also offers a selection of mesh WiFi routers for enhanced coverage and connectivity in your home. You may select the model you want and add them to your contract for a monthly fee ranging from S$10.10/month to S$16.15/month.

Additionally, M1 offers two other fibre broadband packages.

GamePro 1Gbps

(Dedicated network, faster connection speeds for online gamers)

2Gbps Fibre Plan

(Larger bandwidth, more devices to be connected, better for HD streaming)


Starhub 1Gbps Broadband

starhub logo
Source: Starhub

Starhub’s 1Gbps Broadband Plan costs S$37.89/month for a 24-month contract. Note that the monthly price includes three free months, which puts the usual price of the plan at S$43.30/month.

The package comes with a free router, but it’s an older device running on the WiFi 5 format, which may turn off technology buffs who prefer to have everything newest and fastest.

On the plus side, this plan comes with three free months’ subscription to Amazon Prime, and waiver of activation fees (worth S$90.84).

Here are some other 24-month fibre broadband plans offered by Starhub.

1Gbps WiFi 6 Plan
  • 2 free WiFi 6 Mesh routers with 1 LAN port
  • 2 months free
1 Gbps Linksys MX2 WiFI 6 Plan
  • 1 Linksys MX2001 WiFi 6 Mesh router with 3 LAN ports
  • 3 months free
1Gbps Premier League Plan
  • Live Premier League games anytime, anywhere
  • 1 year free
From S$25.22/mth

MyRepublic No-frills 1Gbps Broadband

myrepublic logo
Source: MyRepublic

MyRepublic’s 1Gbps fibre broadband package is the second most expensive on the market. It also has a registration fee and installation fee that adds up to an upfront charge of S$111.24, further diminishing its allure (especially when everyone else has waived theirs).

To make things worse, this is a service-only package, with no routers provided. You’ll need to sign up for other costlier plans if you need a router for your home, as detailed in the following table.

TP-Link EX510 WiFi-6 Router 1Gbps BroadbandS$39.99/mth
ASUS RT-AX3000 WiFi-6 Router 1Gbps BroadbandS$40.99/mth
12-Month 1Gbps BroadbandS$50.99/mth
No Contract 1Gbps BroadbandS$61.50/mth

Singtel 1Gbps Fibre Plan

Source: Singtel

Singtel’s 1Gbs Fibre Plan is the most expensive broadband package on the market currently, but it makes up for it by bundling an array of freebies, including a set of WiFi 5 router and Mesh Extender, and waiver of registration and installation fees.

As for the other freebies, some are admittedly more appealing than others, but together they make for a rather substantial package that should suit average households. Some of the highlights include 12 months’ free Amazon Prime membership, and three months’ free Microsoft 365 subscription.

You’ll also get a free home voice line, and 500mb of free mobile broadband each month. And a S$20 Grab voucher on top of all that.

Other broadband packages by Singtel include the following.

1Gbps Enhanced
  • 1 unit of AX5400 device (WiFi 6)
  • S$30 Grab voucher
1Gbps Enhanced Mesh
  • 2 units of AX5400 Mesh Extenders (WiFi 6)
  • S$80 Grab voucher
1Gbps Plus (Linksys)
  • 1 unit of Linksys AX5400 device (WiFi 6)
  • S$80 Grab voucher
2Gbps Fibre plan
  • 2 unit of Singtel Mesh Extenders (WiFi 5)
  • S$100 Grab voucher
2Gbps Mesh
  • 2 units of AX5400 Mesh Extenders (WiFi 6)
  • S$100 Grab voucher

How to choose home fibre broadband packages in Singapore

Fibre broadband services in Singapore are among the best in the world, given the significant investments made into building a high quality digital network infrastructure. They are also very affordable, compared to the rest of the world.

As such, you won’t go very wrong, and differences among different telcos and packages are more likely to amount to minor annoyance than any severe disruptions.

Hence, the choice of which broadband package to choose really comes down to subjective measures such as brand perception and how much you need that “fastest” WiFi router.

And since installation fees are being waived faster than you can look them up, you’d be completely within your rights not to patronise a telco that still insists on charging you for them.

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