How Can SMEs Use Equity Crowdfunding To Raise Capital?

Small medium enterprises in Singapore often face challenges seeking financing. Equity crowdfunding is a way to raise capital for your business.

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by ValueChampion Editorial Team on May 31, 2024

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Equity-based crowdfunding allows SMEs to raise funds from a pool of investors in exchange for ownership shares in the company. Small businesses can raise millions of dollars within a few months, without taking on debt.

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How Does Equity Crowdfunding Work?

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Crowdfunding is the concept of raising money online from a large number of individuals. Individuals, charities, and businesses use various crowdfunding platforms to raise funds for their respective needs. Equity-based crowdfunding allows companies to sell shares of their company to a large pool of investors in exchange for funding. Previously, businesses could only obtain equity financing from venture capital firms or angel investors. With the addition of online crowdfunding platforms, SMEs now have more options for equity financing.

How Can Equity Crowdfunding Help My SME?

Younger SMEs may have difficulty finding financing due to strict eligibility financial or operational requirements. Additionally, SME directors may be hesitant to take on debt due to the cost of interest rate payments. Equity crowdfunding platforms in Singapore allow startups to raise thousands, or even millions, of dollars without specific eligibility requirements and without going into debt.

What Are the Costs of Equity Crowdfunding?

Equity crowdfunding platforms typically charge a 5-8% fee for their service. This tends to be cheaper in terms of cash outlay than interest rate payments, which range from 9-20% for business loans.

While it has attractive characteristics, equity-based crowdfunding isn’t a perfect fit for all small businesses. First, it requires giving up a share of ownership in the company. Depending on the size of equity financing and portion of shares sold, this could be a very expensive way to finance one’s business that significantly dilutes the founders’ ownership stakes. SMEs that are able to afford interest rate payments may prefer to finance their company through a business loan in order to maintain ownership.

Equity-Based Crowdfunding Platforms in Singapore

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There are a handful of equity crowdfunding platforms for Singaporean SMEs to choose from. Funding Societies offers SMEs access to the funding in the form of micro loans and term loans (as large as S$2M), as well as other financing options besides equity financing for SMEs that might require additional funding in the future. Do not that they charge an 18% service fee on the interest earned (i.e. they do not charge service fees if the issuer doesn’t pay).

FundedHere also offers equity financing to early stage startups. The platform offers funding amounts up to S$1 million with cash disbursement as soon as 35 days. Additionally, given its focus on early stage companies, it is likely the best fit for early stage businesses seeking equity financing. The platform charges 6% of total fund raised in cash, and an additional fee of 2% of the company’s equity. Therefore, SMEs trying to avoid fees or with longer operational history might consider applying to Funding Societies instead.


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