Aspire SME Loan Review: What Can this Lender Offer Your Small Business?

Aspire SME Loan Review: What Can this Lender Offer Your Small Business?

Aspire offers a competitive revolving line of credit product to small businesses in Singapore.

Good for

  • Small businesses seeking flexible financing
  • Small businesses who need immediate funds

Bad for

  • Businesses seeking large business term loans

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Aspire offers an industry leading business line of credit product, making it a great option for SMEs looking for a working capital financing option. Not only that, the platform has limited eligibility requirements, cash disbursement within 24 hours and discounted interest rates to those that repay their line of credit early. The platform also offers a somewhat less competitive invoice financing option.

Summary of Aspire's Small Business Lending Products
Line of credit interest rates from 1-3.9% per month, with discounts for early repayment
Seamless integration with Lazada, Shopify, Xero and Quickbooks
No operational history or financial requirements
Discounted interest rates for early repayment
Cash disbursement in under 24 hours

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What Makes Aspire Stand Out to SMEs

Aspire is worth considering for those small businesses and startups that require working capital and other short-term financing. The lender offers a competitive revolving line of credit (of up to S$150,000) to businesses with an interest rate of 1-3.9% per month, and offers significant discounts to those that repay their loan early. It also has very limited eligibility requirements, with no specific operational or financial requirements, making it especially attractive to startups.

On the other hand, Aspire's invoice financing product is not the most competitive, but integrates directly with Lazada, Shopify, Xero and Quickbooks, making it a good option for e-commerce businesses.

Highlights of Aspire SME Loans

Loan Type

Max. PrincipalCostMax. Tenure
Credit LimitS$150,0001-3.9% monthly interest7 months
Invoice FinancingS$150,0002.9% processing fee60 days

Aspire's loans are particularly attractive for those that can take advantage of its discounts for early repayment on its small business line of credit. This product comes with a 6-month term loan for each withdrawal and works similarly to a credit card, meaning that borrowers are only charged interest on the amount that they actually borrow (i.e. not all S$150,000). Aspire's progressive discount applies on the remaining interest fees, pro-rated for the term loan's tenure. If the borrower repays the loan one month early, it receives a 20% discount on remaining interest charges. If it repays two months early it receives a 30% discount, and so on.

Other Charges and Fees

Aspire does not charge sign-up or maintenance fees, aside from the 2.9% processing fee associated with its invoice financing product. This helps keep its costs relatively low for SMEs compared to those of other lenders.

Who Can Borrow: Eligibility Criteria

One of Aspire's advantages to startups and other relatively new businesses, is that it does not have strict eligibility requirements. To sign up for an AspireAccount, applicants must be registered with ACRA and have a corporate bank account that has been active for at least 3 months. To be eligible for the Credit Limit product, prospective borrowers must be a PTE LTD, LLC or LLP registered company with ACRA and have Singaporean or Permanent Resident director with at least 30% shareholdings.

Aspire Eligibility Requirements

  • ACRA-registered business (PTE LTD., LLC or LLP for Credit Limit)
  • Corporate bank account
  • Singaporean or PR director with more than 30% shareholdings (for Credit Limit)

How to Apply: Application Process

Consider this if your small business seeks flexible, short-term financing

Maximum Financing Amount S$150,000
Fees N/A
Interest Rate 1% to 3.9% per month
Eligibility Requirement N/A

Aspire's registration process is free and takes just 5 minutes. Prospective borrowers must provide their full name, mobile phone number, professional title, Business Registration Number and desired loan. To get started, click the "Learn More" button on this page.

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