Want To Live In A Muji-Inspired HDB Flat? 5 Affordable Renovation Ideas

Ready to give your HDB flat a makeover? Here are some renovation ideas to transform your place into the perfect Muji-style home.

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by ValueChampion Editorial Team on Jun 10, 2024

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There is nothing better than going home to a place where you feel comfortable and have peace of mind. That’s one reason why Muji-inspired homes are gaining traction. With emphasis on clean lines and minimalist style, this interior design concept is the true essence of zen living.

If you’re ready to give your HDB flat a makeover, here are five affordable renovation ideas to transform your place into the perfect Muji-style home. The Muji vibe prioritises simplicity, functionality, and high-quality elements.

To create a home that encapsulates the qualities, keep your home natural, clean, and fuss-free. There is no need for bulky furniture, fancy decor or bold colours. With a Muji-style home, less is more.

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1. Design Your Home Using The Muji Colour Palette

Getting the colours right is the first step to achieving the Muji design aesthetic. The Muji colour palette comprises of neutral hues like white, pale timber, grey, and cream. It also includes occasional touches of dark brown, navy, and green. Consider these colours when choosing wall paint, floor tiles, furniture, and other home accessories. The right choice of colours will not only bring a peaceful ambience to your living space but also visually make the rooms feel bigger.

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2. Choose Furniture Made From Nature Material

A Muji-style home brings natural and sustainable materials into the living space.

When selecting furniture and building storage areas, look for solid wood, concrete, stone, and natural fabric in neutral colours. The finishing will need to be high quality and smooth for a clean and neat visual effect.

Natural furniture is abundant in the market these days. Stores such as Originals, Journey East, and Crate and Barrel carry a sizable collection of furniture made from natural wood. There are also reasonably priced varieties at Ikea, Soul & Table, and Scanteak.

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3. Look For Minimalist Decor Pieces

Besides natural material, one of the key elements to look for when shopping for furniture is to ensure that the pieces are narrow with clean lines. When it comes to home decor and other items less is more, meaning that instead of cluttering your home, plan to leave open space that is bright and features only a few select decor pieces like wall art and plants. The same simple style can be applied to all the functional fixtures such as lighting.

4. Create Multi-Functional Spaces

Another way to create your Muji-style home is to keep bulky items in storage areas that are designed to be multi-functional spaces.

For example, placing a bench in the hallway that can be used to store extra bags and umbrellas. Furniture items like the bed frame or centre table can also double as storage areas. What’s more, you could turn a corner of the home into a cosy study or work space that can also help you store books.

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While this may require contacting a renovation contractor to map out the details, the final result could be well worth the effort. Innovative ideas such as doors with storage, hidden shelves in staircases, and platform flooring which doubles as storage boxes are all useful home hacks when it comes to maximising space. This becomes increasingly important if you’re living in a small apartment with multiple family members.

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5. Prioritise Comfort With Floor Chairs And Bean Bags

Japanese floor chairs, known as zaisu, are one of the best pieces to replicate the minimalist look. When these chairs are paired with complementing tables and furniture, they can quickly declutter living spaces and even add a zen touch to your home.

Additionally, sitting on the floor is said to improve flexibility and mobility. Some health professionals suggest that sitting on the floor can help to maintain the natural curvature of the spine and improve posture. Apart from zaisu chairs, bean bags are a more trendy type of floor chair. As an added bonus, both types of floor chairs can easily be stored away when they are not being used. Here are a few places where you can shop for zaisu chairs and bean bags.

Where To Buy Floor Chairs And Bean Bags

Chair TypeCostWhere To Buy
Tatami Chair Accent FurnitureS$165.99Amazon
Grizel Floor Recliner Chair SmallS$69.00fourtytwo
ROBBIS Bean BagS$69.90Shopee
*Prices are sourced from brand websites and are accurate as of 10 June 2024.

How To Finance Your Home Renovation In Singapore

Your home is one of the most important assets. It’s where you’re likely to raise children, celebrate family milestones, and more. Regardless of whether you’re ready to renovate your home today or in the coming months, it’s important to start thinking about how you’ll finance your home renovation.

Start by creating a budget to understand what you can afford. Plan ahead and set realistic financial goals to help you feel like your dream home is within reach. If you need financial assistance, you may consider applying for the right home renovation loan. Another way to save money on your renovation project is to shop using a cashback credit card or a personal loan.

Another important consideration is that after you have completed renovation at your Muji inspired home, it could be worth your while to protect its contents with comprehensive home insurance. Check out all the best home insurance plans below.

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