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Is a Smart Home System Worth It? 6 Things To Consider Before Installing a Smart Home System

If you're hoping to make your life a little easier, check out these smart home devices that automate simple tasks and create convenience at home. Below we explore various price points of smart home products as well as the key questions to ask when considering whether to install a smart home system.

With new technology and smart living products nudging us to discard outdated manual devices and embrace everything from automation to voice activation many people are heeding the call, and for good reasons. For starters, smart home systems create a seamless living environment that makes life easier. It also lets us take control of our homes, wherever we are. Just imagine having the ability to turn off the air-conditioner or heater after leaving home or switching on the bedroom lights using voice commands from the kitchen. If you’re thinking about setting up a smart home system, keep reading to learn more about the popular smart devices that make your home more convenient and modern.

Smart Home Lighting

Smart lighting can be controlled from an app, which means you can switch the lights on or off as long as you have a smartphone within reach. The smart bulbs can then receive instructions over a wireless network to adjust their brightness, change colours or even preset a lighting schedule so that the lights turn on and off at specific times during the day.

Smart bulbs are made from Light Emitting Diode (LED). They consume less energy but can also be more costly compared to regular light bulbs. For example, a smart bulb is priced between S$18 to S$89 while the cost of a regular LED light bulb ranges from S$4.90 to S$15.90. If you’re looking to make an environmentally conscious decision and if you have the budget to afford the convenience of smart home lighting, then it can be worth the investment.

Smart Wi-Fi Thermostats

A smart thermostat allows you to automate home temperature settings based on daily schedules, weather conditions, as well as heating and cooling preferences. Such a system links the air-conditioner through an app on your smartphone and facilitates intelligent controls such as switching off the air-conditioner once you leave the house.

An upside to owning a smart thermostat is to have more control over your cooling and heating systems without wasting money or energy. In the market, there is a wide range of smart thermostats at very different price ranges.

How much do smart Wi-Fi thermostats cost?

Google Nest ThermostatS$262.00
Bosch BCC100 Connected Control Smart Phone Wi-Fi ThermostatS$187.95
SASWELL Wi-Fi Smart ThermostatS$122.59
IMIKEYA Wi-fi Smart Thermostat Digital Temperature ControllerS$100.36
maxmartt Smart Thermostat Temperature ControllerS$47.84
Prices are sourced from Amazon Singapore and are accurate as of 6 May 2021

Smart Locks

We all need a secure front door to keep us safe and protected, and smart locks are designed to do just that. With more features being introduced to this safety device, not only can you trigger the device using a fingerprint or a keypad, you can also activate smart locks with voice commands or from your smartphone.

Some smart lock models can even be programmed to grant special access to friends and family members, and monitor who has entered or left your home while you're away. In other words, smart locks give you a higher level of security.

It’s important to note that smart locks and digital locks are not the same. Digital locks require physical interaction or proximity to work but smart locks are integrated with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or other wireless mobile technologies to help you gain access or change settings through an app on a smartphone.

Smart Home Security Cameras

Whether you need to keep a close eye on the little ones at home or if you’re concerned about break-ins while you’re away from home, installing a smart home security camera lets you monitor your home in real-time, from anywhere. Interestingly, the more advanced smart cameras offer sophisticated features such as built-in sirens, motion tracking, air quality monitoring, and even two-way intercoms to let you soothe your pet or communicate with your kids while you’re at work.

Smart home cameras are relatively affordable, and you can purchase them for around S$44 to $136. However, keep in mind that no matter how good your camera is, the quality of your Wi-Fi connection could greatly affect the clarity of the live feed. So, make sure to have a good connection before installing such devices.

Smart Home Security Systems

Smart home security systems are replacing traditional security systems not just because of added intelligent features and greater control, they are also a lot less cumbersome to install. The traditional version often requires manpower-intensive installation and fully wired setups that are quite unsightly. On the other hand, today’s smart security system can do a lot more than provide security. Besides security features such as motion detection, activating smoke alarms, and sending emergency notifications, such systems can also take on non-security tasks such as activating thermostats and door locks as well as remotely controlling household appliances and lighting. Adopting these smart systems into your home allows you to have full control of these features from an app, anywhere and anytime.

Is a Smart Home System Worth It?

Some people may think that keeping up with smart home technologies is superficial and unnecessary, but if you line up the benefits with our modern day lifestyle, they not only optimise security but also enforce convenience and efficiency so that you can focus your time on more important tasks. Moreover, if you view installing smart technologies within your home as a long-term investment, then you’ll be getting your money’s worth over the years to come!

Here are 6 questions to ask when considering whether installing a smart home system is right for you:

  • Do you really need the smart product or are you just looking for a reason to buy it?
  • How easy or complicated in the installation process?
  • Is the smart product compatible with Amazon or Google?
  • Will you receive customer support if the product turns out to be faulty?
  • Is the smart product a one-time purchase or is it tied to a monthly or annual subscription?
  • Are there any maintenance charges?

If the price tag is what’s holding you back from installing a smart home system, here’s one tip: Shop with the best credit cards or renovation loans to get rewarded with the best value on every dollar spent.

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