Average Cost of Cheap Overseas Wedding Shoot Packages

How much does it cost to organise overseas wedding shoots? What are the pros and cons of such an arrangement? Here’s what you need to know.

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Overseas wedding shoots may seem like a dream come true, but are they a viable option for you? For most couples, the first concern that comes to mind is the cost. This is understandable, since they are already spending an average of S$30,000 to S$50,000 on their wedding packages. Piling on an additional wedding shoot can easily break the bank.

If you’re tying the knot and hoping to capture those romantic memories with a photo shoot in an exotic land, read on. This article breaks down the pros and cons of such an arrangement and how much it may cost.

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Pros and Cons of Overseas Wedding Shoots

Before scouting around for cheap wedding shoots or calculating the budget required for such an exciting affair, you must first consider the pros and cons of destination wedding photography to ascertain if it is appropriate for you and your-spouse-to-be.


Having an overseas wedding shoot can offer a unique experience that is tailored to your vision. Because you are not limited to what is locally available, you are free to explore your imagination and stage a shoot that truly resonates with you and your partners.

You can go as far as shooting in the snow, ancient historical sites or coupling the shoot with your favourite sport like diving or skydiving. You may even organised it jointly with your honeymoon to make the romantic trip more eventful.


Overseas wedding shoots packages are not cheap unless you manage to land a sponsor. Besides paying for the photographer’s services, you’ll have to factor in additional costs such as air tickets, transportation and lodging for all parties who are flying in from Singapore.

Even if costs are not a problem to you, the amount of time and effort needed to get things organised and travel there for the activity can be a mammoth task that can take up to months to put together. Furthermore, managing a photoshoot overseas means you’re subject to many uncontrollable variables and foreign rules that you may not be familiar with. All these may easily add to the stress of the event.

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Average Cost of Local vs Overseas Wedding Shoots

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A quick review across several pre-wedding photography service providers found that a basic two- to three-hour pre-wedding photography session in Singapore can range between S$699 to S$4,299.

Pre-Wedding PhotographyEstimated Cost
BV Wedding
  • Professional photographer
  • Makeup and hairdo services
  • Styling for bride and groom with free rental of accessories
  • Free rental of wedding gowns for bride and suit/s for groom
  • Indoor and/or outdoor photoshoot
  • Edited photos
S$999 to S$3,699
FSQUARED PhotographyFrom S$699

According to a global wedding photography service provider based in Singapore, the basic cost of a wedding photo shoot abroad ranges from S$1,800 to S$4,460.

Pre-Wedding Shoot DestinationEstimated Cost*
BaliS$1,800 to S$2,560
ThailandS$2,200 to S$3,300
JapanS$2,740 to S$3,745
South KoreaS$2,940 to S$4,050
AustraliaS$2,200 to S$2,735
Paris, FranceS$3,600 to S$4,460
Note that prices will vary with other service providers and the destination that you choose. Prices have been converted from foreign currency to SGD, accurate as of Sep 2023.
*Source: OneThreeOneFour

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The overseas rates seem quite comparable to local fees but you must bear in mind that they cover mainly photography services. Assuming you want to stage a wedding shoot in Tokyo, besides allocating S$2,740 to S$3,745 for the shoot, you must also set aside an additional budget for air tickets, hotel booking, and rental of wedding gowns and suits. These items may increase the overall expenses by at least a few thousand dollars.

Compared to a local pre-wedding shoot, organising one overseas is definitely more costly. If you must have an overseas wedding shoot but lack the budget, consider choosing a destination like Bintan, Johor Bahru or Bali that is closer to home. Not only will you be able to save on air tickets but Singapore’s strong currency exchange rate can also let you get more out of every dollar spent.

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Budget-Friendly Wedding Shoot Packages in the Region

If you are looking for wedding photographers in the region, here are some choices you can consider. Some of them have photographers based in the destination, which means you don’t even need to incur flight and accommodation costs for flying a crew there.

1. Dream Wedding
Contact(+65) 8299 8796 and (+65) 69003845
DestinationsMajor cities. Photographer is based in the destination
2. Chris Chang Photography
Contact(+65) 9017 0220
DestinationsAny location. Photographer will travel with client
3. OneThreeOneFour
DestinationsBali, Hong Kong Japan, South Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Yunan, Morocco, Australia, New Zealand, Cappadocia, Italy, Budapest, London, Paris, Prague, Santorini, SwitzerlandPhotographer is based in the destination
4. My Bridal Room
DestinationsAny location. Photographer will travel with client
5. Yipmage Moments
DestinationsAny location. Photographer will travel with client


Organising an overseas wedding shoot can be costly and complicated but it is worth the effort since it is part of the celebration of love between two people. With meticulous planning with a professional photographer who is experienced in shooting pre-wedding photos abroad, the event can be hassle-free. Best of all, the most beautiful moments between you and your partner will be retained forever.

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