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Average Cost of University in Canada 2024

Studying at an international university is a goal of many students and their parents. Many view universities in the United States as the most prestigious and therefore the most desirable. However, universities in Canada have become increasingly popular due to their high global rankings and relative affordability. Our team of analysts analysed a variety of data to determine how much international students can expect to pay in order to attend a Canadian university.

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International Students in Canada (2014-2018)

Average University Tuition in Canada for International Students

Tuition is the most significant cost of attending a university in Canada. Also, tuition rates vary depending on the programme of study. We estimate that the annual tuition rate for international students ranges from about S$26,229 for arts (humanities) degrees and S$34,587 for engineering majors. It is important to note that these figures do not take into account any scholarships or other forms of financial aid, which can significantly decrease tuition costs for eligible students.

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UniversityArtsBusinessComputer ScienceEngineering
University of TorontoS$58,731S$58,731S$58,731S$64,674
University of British ColumbiaS$40,300S$52,634S$41,467S$48,922
McGill UniversityS$21,764S$53,375S$47,200S$47,200
McMaster UniversityS$33,366S$39,313S$35,868S$51,440
University of AlbertaS$30,385S$36,050S$40,685S$40,685
University of CalgaryS$18,889S$21,349S$18,889S$18,889
University of OttawaS$38,724S$47,212S$55,574S$55,793
University of WaterlooS$36,359S$36,462S$56,135S$56,238
University of VictoriaS$26,826S$30,592S$30,221S$30,221
Western UniversityS$39,769S$39,769S$41,031S$41,031

Average Tuition for Canadian Students

It is worth noting that tuition is much cheaper in Canada for students that are Canadian residents. Our research suggests that the average tuition annual for full-time Canadian students was $6,838 CAD (S$7,018) in the 2018-2019 academic year. Notably, tuition costs rose in Canada—up 3.3% from 2017-2018.

Average Undergraduate Tuition Fees for Canadian Students

It is also worth mentioning that tuition rates vary depending the academic programme for resident Canadians as well. For example, the average annual tuition cost for dentistry, medicine and law are significantly higher than the humanities or education. Our research suggests that graduate programs in Canada cost Canadian residents $7,086 CAD (S$7,273) per year, on average.

Average Room & Board Cost at Canada Universities

While tuition is the primary cost for international students to consider when studying in Canada, the cost of living in dormitories and meal plans are also important to consider. Our research suggests that the average room and board rate is about S$10,788 per year at Canadian universities. However, universities in major cities, such as Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver may end up facing significantly higher rates. For more information, please refer to our table below. Please note that our "Room & Board" figure includes an on-campus dorm room and a full meal plan.

UniversityRoom & Board
University of TorontoS$20,165
University of British ColumbiaS$12,360
McGill UniversityS$19,083
McMaster UniversityS$14,374
University of AlbertaS$8,425
University of CalgaryS$11,479
University of OttawaS$15,965
University of WaterlooS$12,455
University of VictoriaS$11,365
Western UniversityS$16,274

Average Cost of Flights To & From Canada

On top of tuition and living costs, Singaporean students studying in Canada will also have to consider the cost of flying to and from school. We estimate that this will cost at least S$1,500 to S$2,000 annually. This is a relatively conservative estimate based on the cost of flying to school and back once per academic year. Of course, some students will plan to visit home more frequently and their travel costs will increase.

Estimated Annual Cost of One Way Flights To & From School


Methodology & Sources

In order to determine the average cost of attending university in Canada, we gathered the most up-to-date tuition and room and board pricing from the top-ranked universities in Canada (according to U.S. News & World Report). Additionally, we gathered mid-week, one-way flight information to and from Singapore at the start and finish of the academic school year. Finally, we gathered additional data from Statistics Canada and the Canadian Bureau for International Education.

Universities Featured in ValueChampion's StudyRank
University of Toronto18
University of British Columbia30
McGill University40
McMaster University126
University of Alberta139
University of Calgary178
University of Ottawa198
University of Waterloo217
University of Victoria262
Western University276
Source: U.S. News and World Report

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