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ValueChampion Student Interview Series: Lim Yee Xien, SMU

ValueChampion helps consumers make well informed personal finance decisions. To help students and their families navigate the university process, we provide a range of education related content. This interview series serves to provide prospective students with an inside look at the university experience.

ValueChampion's student interview series aims to share the experiences of top university students in order to help prospective students better understand what obtaining a degree really entails.

Lim Yee Xien is an Economics & Finance student pursuing her bachelor’s degree at the Singapore Management University (SMU). In the future, Ms. Lim would be interested in pursuing a career with a positive impact. Not only that, she hopes to continue her successful career in shooting for the Singapore National Team.

What influenced you to pursue your degree? What excites you intellectually?

I studied H2 Economics in junior college for my A-Levels, and have been interested in the subject since. I liked how logical economic analysis is and it is exciting to see how it plays out in the real world.

Did you consider any other schools? If so, why did you ultimately choose SMU?

Yes, I considered NUS and NTU, as well. However, I ultimately chose SMU due to its rigorous curriculum and prime location which is easily accessible via public transport.

How would you describe your experience in your programme at SMU?

I would say that it has been challenging, but fulfilling, as I have learnt essential academic knowledge and developed soft skills necessary to step out into the working world, alongside very supportive friends whom I am grateful for.

What has been your favourite course so far, and why?

My favourite course so far has been Economics of Globalisation taught by Professor Augustine H. H. Tan. He has a lot of insight and experience in his political term and as a professor. I have learnt a lot about current affairs through the exposure from this course.

What type of co-curricular activities are you involved with?

I am currently a member of the National Training Team in the sport of Shooting. I compete in two events, namely 10m Air Rifle Women and 50m 3-Positions Women.

Have you had internships? If so, how did you search for internship opportunities?

Yes, I have experienced two internships so far. The first was with Raffles Medical Group where I was tagged to the Credit Control Team in the Finance Department, while the second was with Fraser & Neave (F&N) Foods where I was tagged to the Logistics and Planning Department. These opportunities came about via the Sport Singapore spexBusiness team who helped me with finding internship opportunities that would allow me the flexibility to continue with my training commitments as a national athlete while interning at the company.

What are your career aspirations?

I would like to be able to contribute meaningfully in my career in future. I have always been very keen to further understand and experience the work that the Competition Commission of Singapore has done.

How has SMU helped prepare you for this type of career?

SMU has helped me to develop soft skills via career workshops that train us to think on our feet and converse effectively with others despite my introverted nature.

How are you financing your education? What resources did you use to learn about financing options?

My father is financing my education via his CPF account—to whom I am very grateful for.

Are there any resources that would help you with career development that you’re not currently getting?

SMU’s Dato’ Kho Hui Meng Career Centre (DKHMCC) has been a great resource for internship and career opportunities, as well as networking sessions and career workshops that help us prepare for our future careers. They have covered all the resources that I, as a student, could ask for.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I hope to have settled in a career that allows me to contribute meaningfully in projects that have a larger impact on society, and that I would still be actively competing in Shooting as a National Athlete hopefully in the run up to the 2024 Los Angeles Olympic Games.

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