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Is Your Due Date Set? Here's A Pregnancy Bag Cost & Checklist

Be prepared for your due date with our pregnancy bag checklist. We've listed the most important hospital and postpartum essentials so that you are ready for your big day.

With your due date set, it's time to pack a bag for your stay at the hospital. Pregnancy bags include essential and comfort items for your delivery and postpartum travel. Use our pregnancy bag checklist to make sure you have everything you need for your big day. We also included the average costs of items you may not have at home, so that you can budget accordingly.

Start With These Pregnancy And Postpartum Essentials

Your pregnancy bag should be packed by week 36 in case you go into labor early. Even if you already own a few items on this checklist, you may not have time to pack them right after your water breaks. With that in mind, consider buying an extra pair of leggings or toothbrush to pack in your pregnancy bag, so that you aren't rushing to bring it all together at the very last minute.

Table listing hospital essentials for new mother, including average costs

When it comes to postpartum essentials, your hospital should provide you with mesh underwear and some type of sanitary pad. However, it's a good idea to invest in maternity diapers, as many parents say they are more comfortable and better at preventing leakage. A S$20 pack of adult diapers is a good investment, as many moms will make use of them for at least a week.

Don't Forget To Pack For Your Partner And Baby

There's a few other items you'll need for your stay at the hospital and the trip back home with your new baby. In addition to their own hospital bag, your partner can take responsibility for snacks, bottles of water, a camera and a folder of important documents. With their help, you can focus on welcoming your baby to the family, instead of worrying about whether or not you packed your house keys.

Table listing hospital essentials for new mother and baby, including average costs

Some of the most important items on this list are for your newborn baby. First, you should buy and pack 2 going home outfits of different sizes, since you won't know what will fit until he or she arrives. If it's cold out, you'll want to include a hat and some socks, as well. A newborn clothing set costs S$11 on average and includes multiple pieces like a top, bottom, bib, hat, and romper.

Second, you'll need a car seat to bring your baby back home to its new nursery room. Newborn car seats can be quite expensive, with an average cost of S$433. If you are eligible, the Baby Bonus can help offset the high upfront costs and childrearing. We recommend that you consult with your hospital and insurance provider beforehand to estimate out-of-pocket costs, so that you can plan your expenses for other important items like a car seat for your baby.

There's No Such Thing As Too Much Preparation

Now that you're packed, you'll want to make sure that you have all other bases covered, too. Maternity insurance can protect you and your baby from the high costs of pregnancy complications and other potential conditions. However, you'll need to purchase a plan before 40 weeks of pregnancy (or other purchase eligibility cut off as per your maternity insurance provider). With the right preparation, your packed pregnancy bag and maternity insurance plan will give you a peace of mind as you near your special day.

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