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Getting Plastic Surgery in 2021? Here's What You Should Know

With an increase in consultations for plastic surgery during the Covid-19 pandemic, you may be interested in getting cosmetic surgery in Singapore. Here's what you should take into consideration prior to booking a consultation.

The amount of new people seeking plastic surgery around the world has risen since the start of Covid-19. With new ways of communicating via virtual means, people are getting plastic surgery to feel confident both in front of the camera and in person. In Singapore, one plastic surgery clinic saw a dramatic 10% increase in new patients booking cosmetic procedures compared to before the pandemic. With plastic surgery on the rise, you might be interested in seeing if it's something worth getting. Here are some major things to consider prior to making an appointment.

Plastic Surgery in Singapore: Taboo or Common?

A study by Statista found that 9% of Singaporeans have already received cosmetic work, and nearly half the population is considering it. Worldwide, getting work done is becoming more commonly accepted, as celebrities and non-celebrities alike "go under the knife" to slightly change their features. In Singapore, the most common plastic surgeries are eyelid surgery, face contouring, breast augmentation and body fat reduction, though there are many procedures offered.

The increasing use of cosmetic surgery is reflected by the increasing number of plastic surgeons in Singapore. For example, in 2014 there were 58 registered plastic surgeons, but as of 2019 there are 76 in the country. Despite this, traveling for cosmetic surgery is popular; many went to South Korea or Thailand before the pandemic to get work done. With travel restrictions still in place, if you plan to get surgery in 2021 you might want to research the market in Singapore to find the most cost-effective prices.

How Much Will Plastic Surgery Cost?

Depending on your treatment, getting plastic surgery in Singapore could be expensive. For instance, the average cost for a nose job is around S$7,000, whereas breast augmentation surgeries can average upwards of S$15,000. Of course, the price boils down to the service you will receive, with plastic surgery being a "you get what you pay for" type of procedure. This includes financial compensation or free-of-charge redos if there is a botched procedure or results you are not happy with. If you want to wait for treatment until you can travel abroad, however, you may find cheaper alternatives. For instance, a nose job and breast augmentation is $4,250 and $7,000 (respectively) in South Korea. Even adding in flights and accommodation could still be more affordable.

Average Cost of Plastic Surgery in Singapore 2021

Average Cost of Plastic Surgery in Singapore 2021

Since these surgeries are costly and require preparation time, you may have already saved up a few thousand dollars to get a procedure. If that's the case, you should compare prices and meet with potential doctors as your next step. If you don't have the funds right now but definitely want plastic surgery this year, you could consider a personal loan with low interest rates to help pay for the procedure. Of course, taking out money for non-urgent surgery is only recommended if you have a plan to pay it back. Also, most health insurance policies won't cover the elective procedures, hospital stay and recovery check-ups unless you need reconstructive surgery after cancer or you need plastic surgery after an accident. Regardless, it's judicious to save or borrow extra money in case unforeseen issues arise.

Are There Alternatives if I Don't Want To Undergo Surgery?

If you are looking to make minimal changes and don't feel comfortable with an invasive procedure, then you could consider some alternatives to plastic surgery. For example, there are some good options for fat reduction procedures you could get in place of traditional liposuction. You can also consider cheaper alternatives to the more invasive and expensive facelift by choosing fillers or thread lifts. Lastly, some temporary solutions like eyelid tape (sold at most cosmetic stores) might be a great non-invasive, affordable option.

Affordable Alternatives to Fat Liposuction

With any sort of treatment to permanently or semi-permanently change your body, there are health risks involved. For example, you may be more likely to get an infection, blood clots, loss of sensation, sickness or negative side effects from the anesthesia. Moreover, if there is a Covid-19 outbreak in Singapore, undergoing elective surgery might bring about more risks than normal. Make sure you research beforehand and discuss with your doctors to understand the potential drawbacks.

Key Things To Remember Before You Book Your Plastic Surgery Consultation

Although many industries suffered as a result of Covid-19, plastic surgery is seeing an increased demand. If you are considering cosmetic surgery, now might be a perfect time to schedule an appointment as you probably saved up some cash from circuit breaker restrictions.

Before you sign up for a consultation, however, you should keep in mind the costs associated, recovery time and how your health insurance might come into play. Additionally, you should contemplate whether you want to work with a plastic surgeon who has a specialty or offers good value for money. In Singapore, there are many great plastic surgery clinics that could help you feel your best.

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