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3 Adventurous Vacations Depending on Your Budget

Do you want to get outside of the museums and typical tourist traps during your next trip? Regardless of your budget, this article will help you get the ball rolling when it comes to planning your next adventure, by estimating the costs of exciting vacations.

If you're an active person and have been feeling as if you are chained to your desk, maybe it's time to consider an adventurous vacation to reinvigorate yourself. Not all thrill seekers are able to spend as much as others, so we've compiled a list of exciting trips that suit a range of budgets.

Surfing on a Budget in Thailand

Hat Patong Beach

Just an hour and a half flight from Singapore, Thailand's Phuket Province is a beautiful island and a popular destination for tourists. Phuket is an affordable place to visit and has some awesome surfing due to its tropical waters, making it a perfect place for adventurous travelers on a budget. Additionally, Phuket is known for great food and a lively nightlife. Based on available travel data, we estimate that the total cost of a 5-night surfing trip to Phuket is approximately S$1,071 for an individual or S$1,701 for a couple during September and October, which are the months with the best surfing conditions on the island. This includes the average cost of a surfboard rental and surf lessons as well as transportation, meals, an Airbnb, and other expected costs.

Travel InsuranceS$40S$80

Exploring Australia

Three Sisters Rock formation in Blue Mountains National Park

Those travelers who would prefer a mix of outdoor and urban activities on a slightly larger budget should consider a vacation to Australia. We estimate that S$2,518 (or S$4,294 for a couple) comfortably affords an individual the opportunity to experience Australia's outdoors during a week long trip. The highlight of this excursion is a 2-night hiking and camping tour to the breathtaking Blue Mountains National Park, which is just over an hour drive from downtown Sydney. Also included in our budget are surf lessons and a bike rental. The estimate also includes the cost of flights, hotels, taxis, as well as extra cash to experience Sydney's many cultural offerings.

Surf LessonS$90S$180
2-Night Camping TourS$293S$586
Bike RentalS$40S$80

Climbing to Mount Everest Base Camp

Mount Everest Base Camp

For those who would prefer a challenging hiking experience to relaxing near the beach, we estimated the cost of hiking to the Mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal. This trip is the most expensive and the longest on our list, with a total projected cost of S$8,983 per person over 17 to 21 days. While it is possible to reach the base camp without the assistance of a guide, experts suggest that newcomers sign up for a guide service. Guides typically cost S$2,000 to S$6,000; however, more expensive tours include additional meals, better accommodations and logistical planning for this complicated trek. Therefore, we included the price of one of the most comprehensive tours in our estimate. Additionally, our budget estimate includes the cost of flights, visas, permits, travel insurance, equipment, and tips for the guides and porters that help you complete the journey.

Visas & PermitsS$136
Travel InsuranceS$150
Equipment & ClothingS$400
Miscellaneous CostsS$600

Other Financial Considerations to Ensure That You Have a Great Trip

In addition to proper budgeting, there are several additional ways to make sure that your trip is affordable. First of all, it is important to compare and purchase flights in advance. Travelers that book flights within 1 month of their trip can pay up to 3.5 times more than if they had booked their flight 6 months in advance.

You can also decrease the cost of your trip by using a travel credit card. These cards typically accrue mileage rewards through domestic and international purchases, which can be used for future travel. Some cards even offer access to airport lounges or discounts on travel booking websites, such as Agoda and Expedia.

Ideally, this article will have given you an idea of an active vacation that you can afford. While it may be tempting to use your credit card to pay for a more expensive trip than you can immediately afford, we do not recommend that travelers take on debt for a vacation. This is because you will accrue debt very quickly due to credit cards' high interest rates on unpaid balances that you are unable to repay at the end of each month. If you must go on a more expensive trip than you can immediately afford, you would be better off using a personal loan, as these loans charge lower interest rates compared to credit cards.

Average Annual Interest Rates of Credit Cards Compared to Personal Loans

Finally, it is prudent to consider travel insurance for adventurous vacations, as these policies can save you a lot of money by providing medical and accident coverage. Some policies even provide coverage for your sports equipment. It is crucial to read the terms and conditions of each policy in order to find one that adequately covers the risks associated with your particular trip.

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