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Ohm Energy Electricity Retailer Review: Would You Save With Ohm?

Ohm Energy offers a variety of affordable electricity plans.

Ohm Energy Electricity Retailer Review: Would You Save With Ohm?

Ohm Energy offers a variety of affordable electricity plans.


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  • Those seeking affordable tariff discounted rates
  • Individuals seeking a no-contract plan


  • Individuals seeking solar-generated electricity
  • Households seeking cheaper electricity rates at night

Please note that Ohm Energy's Electricity Plans are no longer available. Check out other electricity retailers over here for other great options!

Ohm Energy is consistently one of Singapore's most affordable electricity retailers. From its tariff discounted rate plans, to its fixed rate plans, to its no-contract plan, Ohm provides some of the cheapest electricity plans available. Not only that, new customers can save S$25 with the Promo Code "OHMVC25".

Summary of Ohm Energy's Electricity Plans
Best Tariff Discount Rates: 25.5% off regulated rate (currently 27.22¢ per kWh)
Competitive Fixed Rates: from 18.90¢ per kWh
Second Cheapest No Commitment Plan: 17.34¢ per kWh + S$10.70/month
Current Promotion: S$25 rebate with promo code OHMVC25

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What Makes Ohm Energy Stand Out to Consumers?

Ohm Energy is one of the most affordable electricity retailers in Singapore. In particular, it stands out due to its 25.5% regulated tariff rate discount plans. The rates associated with these plans will fluctuate over time, but will always remain 25.5% below the SP Tariff rate, which is the largest discount currently available. Additionally, Ohm's other plans are competitively priced.

PlanContract DurationPricing TypeRate (¢ per kWh)Est. Monthly Bill
Ohm Discount6 months25.5% Tariff Discount18.35S$68.81
Ohm Discount12 months25.5% Tariff Discount18.35S$68.81
Simply OhmN/ANo-Contract17.34 + S$10.70/monthS$75.73
Fixed Ohm12 monthsFixed Price17.49S$65.59
Fixed Ohm6 monthsFixed Price18.90S$70.88
Fixed Ohm24 monthsFixed Price18.95S$71.06
Estimated bill assumes 375 kWh, typical usage for 4-Room HDB Flat

For example, the Simply Ohm plan is one of the cheapest plans on the Open Electricity Market (OEM) that doesn't lock customers into a contract. Ohm's fixed rate plans are also among the cheapest available for their respective contract durations. Please refer to the chart above for specific pricing and estimated monthly bills.

How to Enroll: Ohm Energy Sign-Up Process

Consider this if you seek the a plan with the largest discount from the regulated tariff rate

In order to register with Ohm Energy, individuals must sign-up on Ohm's website, which is possible using any of the buttons on this page. Additionally, new users should take advantage of a S$25 rebate with the promotion code OHMVC25. This code is only available to the first 200 applicants, so it is important to decide whether to sign-up with Ohm sooner rather than later in order to earn the rebate.

Other Notes: Charges and Fees

Ohm prides itself on transparency and lack of fees. There are a few costs associated with the retailer, but most are avoidable or standard. For example, Ohm requires a security deposit and may charge an early termination fee for those that exit their plan early. Also, individuals that switch from SP Group to an OEM retail will be required to pay a S$10 fee. Still, these fees are insignificant in comparison to the savings enjoyed by Ohm customers.

Ohm Energy Fees:

  • Security Deposit
  • Exit Penalty (only applicable to contract plans)
  • SP Account Closure $10 (if applicable, chargeable by SP Group)

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