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PacificLight Electricity Retailer Review: Should You Switch?

PacificLight offers a variety of competitively priced electricity plans.

PacificLight Electricity Retailer Review: Should You Switch?

PacificLight offers a variety of competitively priced electricity plans.


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  • Individuals seeking affordable electricity plans


  • Individuals that are currently paying less than PacificLight's quoted rates

PacificLight is one of the best electricity retailers in Singapore. The power provider offers some of the cheapest electricity plans and competitive promotions, making it a good fit for those looking for a new electricity retailer on the Open Electricity Market (OEM). This electricity company charges the lowest rates for 12-month fixed rate contracts (17.48 ¢ per kWh). Additionally, PacificLight provides a market leading plan with a 25% discount from the regulated tariff. It also charges the lowest rate (17.39 ¢ per kWh) for a flexible, "no-contract" plan. In this article, we review PacificLight in depth to help you decide if the electricity company would be a good choice for your home.

Summary of PacificLight's Power Plans
Cheapest Priced Fixed-Rate Electricity Plans (from 28.60 ¢ per kWh)
Market Leading Tariff Discounted Plans (25% off)
Cheapest No-Contract Plan: PacificLight Easy Peasy (29.68¢ per kWh + 50¢ per day )
Sunny Side-Up Plan: Receive Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

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What Makes PacificLight Stand Out to Consumers?

PacificLight is one of the cheapest electricity retailers in Singapore, with a range of market leading plans. For example, PacificLight's fixed-rate contracts (which lock customers into a specific rate for 1-3 years), are also among the cheapest available in Singapore. Additionally, the electricity retailer's plans based on the regulated tariff offer a market leading discount of 25% for 12-month contracts. Similarly, for individuals who would prefer avoiding entering a contract, PacificLight offers Easy Peasy, which is the cheapest option for those seeking a plan with added flexibility.

PlanContract DurationPlan TypeRate (per kWh)Estimated Monthly Bill
Savvy Saver12 monthsFixed Price27.11¢S$101.66
Savvy Saver24 monthsFixed Price26.81¢S$100.54
Sunny Side-Up12 monthsFixed Price27.11¢S$101.66
Easy PeasyN/ANo-Contract28.60¢ + 50¢/dayS$122.25
Sunny Side-Up24 monthsFixed Price27.22¢S$102.08
Estimated bill assumes 375 kWh, typical usage for 4-Room HDB Flat

Not only that, PacificLight's "green", Sunny Side-Up plan offers households the opportunity to earn complimentary Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) based on their consumption. Customers receive RECs because a portion of their bill is directed towards investment in renewable energy. RECs represent one megawatt hour (1,000kWh) of energy generated from a clean and renewable energy source. This plan is competitively priced, too. In fact, at 27.11¢ per kWh, it's among the cheapest plans available in Singapore.

However, while still cheaper than average, it is necessary to note that PacificLight's tariff discounted rates for 24-month contracts are not the best deals available in Singapore. Still, due to its other great plans, PacificLight is a great choice for most individuals seeking an electricity retailer. To further sweeten the deal, PacificLight is offering S$60 bill rebate with the promotion codes: 24VALUE$60 and 36VALUE$60.

How to Enroll: Sign-Up Process

Consider this if you seek an affordable electricity plan with a competitive promotion

Those interested in signing up for an electricity plan with PacificLight can sign-up online using any of the buttons on this page. PacificLight's sign up process will ask you a few questions about your current housing and electricity situation. It will then confirm that your desired plan is available to you. PacificLight also offers a handy feature that estimates how much you'll save by switching to their service. Make sure to enter your promotion code (see below) on this page.

PacificLight Promotion Codes:

PacificLight offers a referral bonus to existing customers that refer their friends. Simply refer your friends and family and earn $32.10 (incl. GST) bill rebate! Your friend gets $21.40 (incl. GST) too. Enjoy this deal when you sign up for a 24-month home plan.

Other Required Information:

  • Postal Code
  • NRIC / FIN Number
  • Contact Information

Other Notes: Charges and Fees

PacificLight is currently waiving all registration fees. Please note that the company does impose exit penalties for customers that cancel their plan before the end of their contract periods.

PacificLight Fees:

  • Security Deposit (fully refundable, set up recurring card payment to waive security deposit)
  • Registration (currently waived)
  • SP Closing Fee (S$10)
  • Exit Penalty

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