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Cigna Global Health Insurance: Who Is It Good For?

Cigna's global health insurance can be a great option for seniors on a budget or affluent families who want to maximise their coverage.

Cigna Global Health Insurance: Who Is It Good For?

Cigna's global health insurance can be a great option for seniors on a budget or affluent families who want to maximise their coverage.


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Optional Deductibles
Hospitalisation Accommodation


  • Seniors enjoy competitive premiums
  • Offers mental health and addiction benefits
  • Gold plan provides maternity care at no extra cost
  • Offers routine healthcare benefits


  • Plans are costly
  • Need to pay extra to have emergency repatriation benefit
  • Not much in way of plan customisation

Cigna's health insurance plans may be a good option for foreigners who need health coverage while working and living in Singapore or consumers who are looking for unlimited coverage. However, its above average price and highly comprehensive plans may dissuade budget seeking consumers or individuals looking for no-frills plans that provide coverage for frequent but short business trips.

Summary of Cigna Health Insurance
Silver plan provides below average value but costs above average
Gold & Platinum plans cost above average but provide above average value
Silver & Gold plans don't offer pregnancy complications coverage
Does not provide emergency medical repatriation in base plans
No option to pay in SGD but 10% discount if you pay premium annually
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Highlights of Cigna Health Insurance

Cigna's Global health insurance can be a good option for expats and Singaporeans working abroad who are willing to pay above average prices for very robust and thorough coverage. It is also one of the best options for seniors over 65 due to its below average premiums for this age range in Singapore. There are 3 plans to choose from: the Silver plan, the Gold plan and the Platinum plan. These plans generally cost around or above the market average. Region of coverage includes worldwide excluding USA and worldwide including USA. You can also choose to customise your plan by adding optional packages, ranging from outpatient to vision and dental.

This graph shows the cheapest international health insurance plans for expats living in Singapore and Singaporeans who need international coverage

While Cigna may not be the best choice for healthy, cost conscious consumers due to its costly basic plan, it can definitely provide value to consumers willing to spend extra to receive comprehensive coverage with no annual limits. For example, all plans receive full coverage for hospital charges, surgery, intensive care, surgeon and anaesthetists' fees and major treatments such as cancer. It is also one of the few insurers that provides coverage for treatment of mental health conditions, disorders, addiction and routine maternity care in its base plan. Thus, while Cigna is indeed costlier than some of the other international health insurers, it can benefit consumers who find value in the extra coverage it provides. Nonetheless, one potential drawback is that Cigna does not provide emergency medical repatriation in its core plans. However, it costs less than S$200 dollars extra per year to add.

Cigna Silver Plan

Cigna Global's most basic plan costs well above the average of basic tier plans, with its premiums costing between up to 85% above average per year depending on age. Thus, we wouldn't recommend this plan for consumers seeking budget plans.

PremiumsFor...Silver PlanBasic Plan Avg.
25-Year OldInt'l Expat in SG$2,155S$1,956
25-Year OldSG Expat Living AbroadS$1,497S$1,272
45-Year OldInt'l Expat in SGS$3,858S$2,086
45-Year OldSG Expat Living AbroadS$2,681S$2,104
Premiums are for plans with 0% Cost share, S$0 max out of pocket cost and a S$750 deductible. Premiums are converted from USD to SGD at exchange rates of 1:1.34.

One aspect that may potentially make this plan worth its high cost is its unique mental health and addiction treatment coverage of USD$5,000. You also have access to all of Cigna Global's optional packages—a useful feature that isn't commonly seen with basic plans from other insurers. However, if you don't absolutely require these extra benefits, we recommend more budget-friendly insurers such as MSIG, Liberty Insurance or FWD.

BenefitsSilver PlanBasic Plan Avg.
Annual LimitS$1,340,000 (USD$1,000,000)S$1,079,091
HospitalisationFully Covered (semi-private room)Fully Covered
CancerFully CoveredS$1,004,545
ICUFully CoveredS$1,024,545
Hospital CashUSD$100/dayS$140/Day
Organ & Stem Cell TransplantFully CoveredFully Covered
Kidney DialysisFully CoveredFully Covered
Mental HealthUSD5,000N/A
Parent AccommodationUSD1,000N/A

Cigna Gold Plan

Cigna's Gold plan may a good option for affluent Singaporean families abroad and expats in Singapore. Compared to Silver plan premiums, the Gold plan's premiums are considerably closer to the average cost of its peers, making it more affordable for consumers looking for a mid-range plan. It is also especially appealing to seniors over 70, as its premiums are 30-40% below average for this age group.

PremiumsFor...GoldMid-Tier Plan Avg.
25-Year OldInt'l Expat in SG$2,767S$1,847
25-Year OldSG Expat Living Abroad$1,922S$2,302
45-Year OldInt'l Expat in SG$4,952S$3,151
45-Year OldSG Expat Living Abroad$3,442S$3,923
Premiums are for plans with 0% Cost share, S$0 max out of pocket cost and a S$750 deductible. Premiums are converted from USD to SGD at exchange rates of 1:1.34.

The Gold plan offers plenty of benefits ranging from full coverage for cancer, hospitalisation, ambulance services and ICU to miscellaneous benefits that are sure to please families such as homebirth, maternity complications and routine maternity care coverage. Furthermore, whereas other insurers may charge thousands of dollars extra for these maternity benefits, Cigna bundles them into their core plan, making the Gold plan relatively affordable. On the other hand, due to its high price, we would not recommend this option to young, price-sensitive consumers. While its benefits are plenty and there are some unique coverages such as mental health treatment and maternity care, healthy individuals may simply end up overpaying for benefits they do not need.

BenefitsGoldMid-Tier Plan Avg.
Annual LimitUSD$2,000,000S$1,906,176
HospitalisationFully Covered (private room)Fully Covered
CancerFully CoveredS$1,878,919
ICUFully CoveredS$1,847,353
Parent AccommodationUSD1,000N/A
Hospital CashUSD100/dayS$208
Mental HealthUSD10,000N/A
Routine Maternity CareUSD7,000N/A

Cigna Platinum Plan

If you are willing to pay extra to get unlimited coverage with no annual limit, Cigna's Platinum plan will be your best option. It has no annual limit, full coverage for almost all of the benefits Cigna Global provides like medical imaging, cancer treatment, organ and stem cell transplants, physiotherapy, home nursing, rehabilitation and much more. For all of these added benefits, the Platinum plan's premiums cost only around 25% above the top tier plan average, with seniors over 70 seeing premiums that are actually 20% below the top tier average.

Premium & BenefitsFor...PlatinumTop Tier Plan Avg.
25-Year OldInt'l Expat in SGS$3,641S$2,984
25-Year OldSG Expat Living AbroadS$2,529S$3,766
45-Year OldInt'l Expat in SG$6,515S$4,676
45-Year OldSG Expat Living Abroad$4,528S$5,941
Premiums are for plans with 0% Cost share, S$0 max out of pocket cost and a S$750 deductible. Premiums are converted from USD to SGD at exchange rates of 1:1.34.

Cigna Platinum also provides routine and emergency maternity care and home birth coverage and full coverage for parent hospital accommodation, making the Platinum plan comprehensive enough for a multi-generational family without the need for costly add-ons. As with other Cigna plans, the Platinum plan is not a good option for consumers who are on a tight budget or only need basic coverage against medical emergencies or accidents. Instead, due to the benefits offered, this is definitely a plan that is geared towards families that need to relocate due to a long-term work project.

BenefitsPlatinumTop-Tier Avg.
Annual LimitUnlimitedS$3,386,374
HospitalisationFully CoveredFully Covered
CancerFully CoveredS$3,045,454
ICUFully CoveredS$3,716,667
Parent AccommodationFully CoveredN/A
Hospital CashUSD200/dayS$275/day
Mental HealthFully CoverageN/A
Routine Maternity CareUSD14,000N/A

Cigna's Optional Benefits

Cigna Global offers a few optional add-on packages with benefits that change depending on your base plan. The four add-on packages are: Outpatient, International Medical Evacuation, Health and Wellbeing and Vision & Dental. All four packages vary significantly in price, with the medical evacuation package costing less than S$200 per year to the US and outpatient cover costing a few extra thousand dollars per year. Because each package can get quite costly, we recommend them only consumers who will require the coverages offered in these packages.

Optional Package (Additional Annual Cost)Benefits
Outpatient (S$2,000-S$5,000)Annual routine tests, Child Immunisation, Child tests, Durable Equipment Rental, Alternative Medicine, Osteopathy/Chiropractor, Pathology/Radiology, Physiotherapy, Adult Vaccinations, Dental Accidents, Pre/Post-Natal Care*, Specialist Consultation, 60+ Care (senior care)*, Restorative Speech
Int'l Medical Evacuation (~S$200)Medical Evacuation/Repatriation, Repatriation of Mortal Remains, Accompanying Travel Costs, Compassionate Visitor Travel, Compassionate Visit Living Allowance
Health & Wellbeing (~S$1,000)Routine Physicals, Pap Smears, Prostate Cancer Screening, Mammograms, Bowel Cancer Screening, Bone Densitometry, Diabetic Consultation**, Life Mgmt Assistance/Online Health Education
Vision & Dental (S$1,000-S$3,000)Eye Exams, Lenses/Contacts, Preventative Dental, Routine Dental, Major Restorative Dental, Orthodontic Treatment (<18 years)
* Only for Gold & Platinum Plans; ** Only for Platinum Plans

Policy Exclusions

Cigna has standard policy exclusions (listed below) but they may be able to cover you for conditions that are listed under general exclusions. This includes certain pre-existing medical conditions. Their exclusions list is also on the smaller side compared to other insurers, which can benefit those who are looking for a policy that is fairly lax on exclusions.

Pre-existing conditions (Unless otherwise mentioned)Self-inflicted injuries
Contraception/Family planningObesity conditions
Cosmetic treatmentConditions resulting from substance abuse

Claims & Contact Information

You can submit a claim with Cigna by contacting their Customer care team prior to your treatment in order for them to arrange a direct payment. They will work with you to find the right hospital and medical care practitioner. If you paid for your treatment and want to be reimbursed you can go to their claims page (linked below) and fill out the applicable forms. You can then fax, email or mail them. Claims will usually take around 5 working days to process.

Contact Information
Customer Care (Singapore)800 186 5047
Customer Care (Worldwide)+44 (0)1475 788182
Customer Email[email protected]
Mailing AddressCigna Global Health Options, Customer Service, 1 Knowe Road, Greenock, Scotland, PA15 4RJ
ClaimsClaims Forms and FAQ

Cigna Health Insurance Cost and Features

Getting the right health insurance can mean you'll be well protected in the event of a medical emergency, regardless of what kind it is. That's why it is so important that you choose the right plan for your medical needs and compare costs to know you're getting the best value for your money. Below we summarised Cigna's benefits and coverage and if you want to compare it to other plans on the market, you can read our guide to the best international health insurance.

Annual LimitUSD1,00,000USD2,000,000No Limit
Advanced Medical ImagingUSD5,000USD10,000Fully Covered
Treatment for Mental Health/AddictionsUSD5,000USD10,000Fully Covered
PhysiotherapyUSD2,500USD5,000Fully Covered
Home Nursing, Hospice & PalliativeUSD2,500USD5,000Fully Covered
Routine Maternity BenefitN/AUSD7,000USD14,000
Hospital ChargesFully Covered
ICUFully Covered
Surgeon FeesFully Covered
Cancer TreatmentFully Covered
Specialist Consultation FeesFully Covered
Organ/Bone/Stem Cell TransplantFully Covered
Kidney DialysisFully Covered
Internal ProstheticsFully Covered
Local Ambulance/Air ServiceFully Covered
Emergency Inpatient DentalFully Covered
Cost Share0%-30% (USD2,000-USD5,000 maximum)

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