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Great Eastern GREAT SupremeHealth Health Insurance: What Makes it a Great Option?

Great Eastern's health insurance plans are affordable and comprehensive, making them great options for any demographic.

Great Eastern GREAT SupremeHealth Health Insurance: What Makes it a Great Option?

Great Eastern's health insurance plans are affordable and comprehensive, making them great options for any demographic.


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Hospital Type


  • A Plus plan has highest value on market
  • Riders offer hard to find benefits (mobility aids, hospice care)
  • Competitively priced
  • Offers highest private hospital limit (S$1.5m)


  • Private hospital plan is pricey for younger individuals
  • B1 ward plans are pricey compared to the average
  • Lackluster pre/post-hospitalisation coverage

Great Eastern offers plans that are high in coverage and low in cost. Thus, Great Eastern's health insurance could be a great option for everyone from healthy young individuals to seniors who will need more comprehensive coverage. Its riders also are affordable, making Great Eastern SupremeHealth plans great options for all-encompassing coverage. However, there's one exception—those looking for cheap B1 ward plans that provide full coverage may find more affordable options with other insurers.

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Summary of Great Eastern GREAT SupremeHealth

Summary of Great Eastern GREAT SupremeHealth
Standard plan costs below average
B Plus plan not competitively priced compared to other B1 Ward plans
A Plus plan is the highest value A ward plan on the market
P Plus plan costs below average but provides above average coverage
Riders offer hard to find benefits like mobility aids, inpatient hospice and home health care coverage
Offers HealthConnect: pre-authorisation for medical expenses and direct claim settlement

Great Eastern GREAT SupremeHealth Highlights

Great Eastern's affordable premiums and market beating coverage make it a great Integrated Shield Plan option for consumers who are looking to get the most coverage for their money. There are four plans to choose from: the Standard plan, B Plus for B1 wards, A Plus for A wards and P Plus for private hospitals. Great Eastern's premiums are generally 15-25% below average—with a few exceptions. Great Eastern also offers a service called HealthConnect that helps you find a specialist, get pre-authorisation for your hospital stay and help file claims directly with the hospital.

This graph shows the average premium of Great Eastern ward A plan compared to other ward A plans available

Great Eastern's GREAT-SupremeHealth is sure to entice consumers looking to maximise coverage. First, its annual limits are the highest in the market. Also, in addition to full coverage for hospitalisation and surgery, there are some unique benefits such as speech therapy and occupational therapy coverage, final expense benefits and market-beating inpatient and post-hospitalisation psychiatric coverage. At the same time, Great Eastern can also benefit consumers who are looking for cheap plans, as two of its plans have the lowest premiums on the market for their respective wards.

Fully Covered Treatments:

  • Daily Room and Board (excluding Community Hospitals)
  • Miscellaneous Hospital Services
  • Daily ICU
  • Surgical Procedures
  • Stem Cell Transplant
  • Gamma Knife
  • Pregnancy and Childbirth Complications
  • Radiotherapy/Chemotherapy/Immunotherapy

Nonetheless, Great Eastern does have some drawbacks. For instance, those who are looking for B1 ward plans that provide full coverage will find Great Eastern to be pricey. Also, young individuals on a budget may find Great Eastern's private hospital plan to be above their price points. Additionally, those looking for coverage for long term treatments may be disappointed in its lackluster pre and post hospitalisation coverage of 120 and 180 days, respectively.

Great Eastern GREAT SupremeHealth Standard Plan

Those who are looking for an affordable B1 ward plan will benefit the most with Great Eastern's Standard plan. Its premiums range from S$33 for 25-year olds to S$598 for 75-year olds, which makes it cost 20-30% below average for Standard plans. Since this is a Standard plan, its coverage is identical to other Standard plans in the market, which includes a S$150,000 annual limit, S$590-S$16,720 of surgery benefits (depending on complexity of surgery) and S$1,700 per day for non-ICU room and board.

If you are a generally healthy individual who wants an affordable B1 ward plan, this plan could be a good option. However, if you care more about having your hospital bills paid in full and aren't restricted to a tight budget, Great Eastern's other plans may be a better choice

Premiums & BenefitsSupremeHealth StandardStandard Avg.
25-Year-Old PremiumsS$33S$49
45-Year-Old PremiumsS$76S$104
65-Year-Old PremiumsS$207S$254
Value (Limit/S$ Premium)2,0151,494
Annual LimitS$150,000S$150,000
Inpatient PsychiatricS$17,500S$S$17,500
Chemotherapy for CancerS$5,200/monthS$5,200/month
Surgery BenefitsS$590-S$16,720S$590-S$16,720
Daily Ward (Non-ICU)S$1,700/dayS$1,700/day

Great Eastern GREAT SupremeHealth B Plus Plan

Great Eastern's GREAT SupremeHealth B Plus plan is less competitively priced compared to its other public hospital plans—however, it can still be a good fit for those who prioritise coverage over price. For instance, its S$500,000 annual limit is the highest on the market for B1 ward plans, and it has a plethora of benefits including 100% coverage for hospitalisation, surgery and cancer, in addition to S$20,000 of living organ donor coverage, S$1,000 of occupation or speech therapy coverage and a S$3,600 final expense benefit. Its premiums range from S$69 for 25-years olds to S$1,121 for 75-year olds, which is around the market average for non-Standard B1 ward plans.

While this plan may benefit those looking to upgrade to B1 wards and receive 100% coverage, it may be overpriced for healthy consumers who prioritise price over coverage. For these consumers, we'd recommend considering Great Eastern's Standard plan.

Premiums & BenefitsSupremeHealth B PlusNon-Standard B1 Ward Median
25-Year-Old PremiumsS$69S$69
45-Year-Old PremiumsS$123S$224
65-Year-Old PremiumsS$441S$378
Value for 25-Year Olds (Coverage/S$ Premium)3,6112,070
Annual LimitS$500,000S$300,000
Pre & Post Hospitalisation BenefitsAs ChargedAs Charged
Inpatient PsychiatricS$20,000S$11,250
Surgery BenefitsAs ChargedAs Charged
Daily Ward (Non-ICU)As ChargedAs Charged

Great Eastern SupremeHealth A Plus Plan

Great Eastern's GREAT SupremeHealth A Plus plan is the highest value IP available on the market, enticing both budget-restricted consumers and those looking to maximise coverage. Its premiums are typically around average or 5-10% below average. Its coverage is above market average with an annual limit of S$1,000,000 that is 60% above average and full coverage for hospitalisation and surgery. Additionally, its miscellaneous benefits include S$40,000 living organ donor coverage and S$1,500 speech and occupational therapy coverage. Lastly, its 70% pro-ration for treatment at private hospitals is the highest percentage you'll find among IPs.

Those who want affordable, comprehensive coverage for Class A wards will find no better plan than Great Eastern's A Plus plan. It offers market beating coverage, competitive prices and unique benefits. Thus, we would recommend this plan to anyone regardless of health conditions and age. The only possible drawback would be its slightly uncompetitive pricing for 75-year olds—its premiums are just below average for this age and its possible to find other insurers like NTUC Income who offer cheaper A ward plans.

Premiums & BenefitsSupremeHealth A PlusA Ward Median
25-Year-Old PremiumsS$84S$90
45-Year-Old PremiumsS$233S$229
65-Year-Old PremiumsS$799S$664
Value for 25-Year Olds (Coverage/S$ Premium)4,9152,421
Annual LimitS$1,000,000S$600,000
Pre & Post Hospitalisation BenefitsAs ChargedAs Charged
Inpatient PsychiatricS$22,000S$6,000
Surgery BenefitsAs ChargedAs Charged
Daily Ward (Non-ICU)As ChargedAs Charged

Great Eastern GREAT SupremeHealth P Plus Plan

Those looking for an IP plan with the highest possible coverage will find it with Great Eastern's P Plus plan. This private hospital plan offers a market beating annual limit of S$1,500,000 and the highest psychiatric coverage of S$25,000. You will also receive S$2,500 of speech and occupational therapy coverage along with 100% hospitalisation and surgery expense coverage. Its premiums are 5-10% below average for individuals over 25 years of age, but increase to 7% above average for 25-year olds.

Thus, while Great Eastern's P Plus plan will be a great option for everyone who wants maximum private hospital coverage, younger individuals who are looking for affordable private hospital plans may not fare as well. Thus, we would recommend those who are under 35 to consider other insurers, such as Prudential, for cheaper private hospital plan alternatives.

Premiums & BenefitsSupremeHealth P PlusPrivate Hospital Median
25-Year-Old PremiumsS$204S$300
45-Year-Old PremiumsS$649S$1,061
65-Year-Old PremiumsS$1,567S$1,907
Value (Coverage/S$ Premium)2,8242,379
Annual LimitS$1,500,000S$1,000,000
Pre & Post Hospitalisation BenefitsAs ChargedAs Charged
Inpatient PsychiatricS$25,000S$6,000
Surgery BenefitsAs ChargedAs Charged
Daily Ward (Non-ICU)As ChargedAs Charged

Great Eastern GREAT SupremeHealth Riders

Great Easter has three riders to choose from: GREAT TotalCare Classic, GREAT TotalCare Elite and GREAT TotalCare Plus. Their prices fluctuate depending on the insured's age and the corresponding base plan. For example, while the the Elite rider can cost up to 20% above the rider plan average, the other riders cost 40-70% below average. In fact, due to the low cost of combinations of the riders and base plans, most individuals can afford to pair their GREAT SupremeHealth plan with its corresponding rider. Additionally, these riders can offer unique benefits to those who want coverage for serious illnesses that may require hospice or nursing care.

GREAT TotalCare Premiums & BenefitsB PlanA PlanP Plan
TotalCare Classic 45-Yr Old PremiumS$61S$100S$200
TotalCare Elite 45-Yr Old PremiumS$209S$290S$620
Emergency Accidental OutpatientS$1,000S$1,500S$2,000
Ambulance ServicesS$100S$150S$200
Inpatient Hospice Care (per day)S$200S$250S$300
Home Health CareS$6,000S$8,000S$10,000
Alternative TreatmentS$4,000S$5,000S$6,000
Medical AidsS$1,500S$2,000S$3,000
Companion Accommodation BenefitS$400S$600S$800

The GREAT TotalCare Classic plan will reduce patient responsibility to 5% of the eligible bills or the deductible incurred under your base plan (whichever one is higher). It also provides miscellaneous benefits like an ambulance coverage, emergency outpatient coverage, hospice care and home benefit coverage. The GREAT TotalCare Elite plan will reduce patient responsibility to just 5% of the eligible bill and offers the same benefits as the GREAT TotalCare Classic plan. The GREAT TotalCare Plus plans offer worldwide coverage for overseas medical, surgery or cancer treatment.

GREAT TotalCare Plus Premiums & CoverageEssentialAdvance
25-Year-Old PremiumsS$67S$213
45-Year-Old PremiumsS$79S$298
65-Year-Old PremiumsS$216S$671
Overseas Emergency Medical TreatmentFully CoveredFully Covered
Overseas Non-Emergency Medical TreatmentFully CoveredFully Covered
Cancer TreatmentS$10,000S$30,000
Emergency AssistanceNoYes

Policy Exclusions

Great Eastern doesn't provide coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, experimental or pioneering medical or surgical techniques, self-inflicted injuries and suicide, pregnancy and childbirth (non-complicated), elective cosmetic and plastic surgery, non-accidental dental, routine physicals and sex-change operations. There is also no coverage for injuries incurred due to participating in riots/civil commotion/strikes or professional sports.

Claims & Contact Information

Great Eastern offers a service called HealthConnect that helps you settle your claims directly with the hospital. If you utilise a specialist from Great Eastern's selected panel of doctors, HealthConnect will give you pre-authorisation (saving you from a hospital admission cash deposit) and will make Great Eastern settle the claim directly with the hospital upon discharge. For all other claims, you can visit Great Eastern's claims page (linked below) and follow their instructions to submit your medical or hospitalisation claim.

Contact Information
Customer Service Number (Local)1800 248 2888
Customer Service Number (Int'l)65 6248 2888
Address1 Pickering Street #01-01, Great Eastern Centre, Singapore 048659
Medical Claim Enquiry E-mail[email protected]
Medical Claims General InformationClaims Page

Great Eastern GREAT SupremeHealth Cost & Features

While Great Eastern is a great option for supplemental health insurance, individual needs and budgets vary. Thus, it is vital that you compare plans diligently and get professional advice before purchasing a supplemental policy. Below you'll see a summary table of Great Eastern's premiums and benefits. For more information on IPs, you can read our guide to the best Integrated Shield Plans currently available.

Premiums & BenefitsStandardB PlusA PlusP Plus
25-Year-Old PremiumsS$33S$69S$81S$233
45-Year-Old PremiumsS$76S$132S$228S$638
75-Year-Old PremiumsS$598S$1,121S$1,924S$3,550
Annual LimitS$150,000S$500,000S$1,000,000S$1,500,000
Daily Room & BoardS$1,700As ChargedAs ChargedAs Charged
SurgeryS$590-S$16,720As ChargedAs ChargedAs Charged
Inpatient PsychiatricS$17,500S$20,000S$22,000S$25,000
Pre-Hospitalisation Benefits (Days)N/A120120120
Post-Hospitalisation Benefits (Days)N/A180180180
Pregnancy Complications BenefitN/AAs ChargedAs ChargedAs Charged
Accidental Dental BenefitsAs Per SurgicalAs ChargedAs ChargedAs Charged
Deductible B1 WardS$2,000S$2,500S$2,500S$2,500
Deductible A WardS$2,500S$3,500S$3,500S$3,500
Deductible Private HospitalS$2,500S$3,500S$3,500S$3,500

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