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MSIG Prestige Health Insurance: A Good Option for Expats in Singapore?

MSIG Prestige is a great option for expats living in Singapore due to its value for money for the ASEAN region and its policyholder assistance services.

MSIG Prestige Health Insurance: A Good Option for Expats in Singapore?

MSIG Prestige is a great option for expats living in Singapore due to its value for money for the ASEAN region and its policyholder assistance services.


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Optional Deductibles
Hospitalisation Accommodation


  • Below average cost
  • Intuitive hospital claim settlement process
  • Could appeal to business travellers
  • Offers good maternity benefits
  • 5% family discount


  • Doesn't offer long-term coverage outside of Singapore (90 days max)
  • Doesn't offer vision or dental coverage

MSIG's Prestige international health insurance plans are an affordable option for foreigners living in Singapore. It could also be beneficial for Singaporeans who require a medical plan for short but frequent business trips worldwide. However, those who are looking for specific treatment coverage for things such as chronic conditions or dental may fare better with other insurers. Also, Singaporeans who expect to be living and working abroad for a significant amount of time may not find the 90 day limit on coverage outside of Singapore to be adequate.

Summary of MSIG International Health Insurance
Below average cost
Offers high limit hospitalisation coverage
Male and Female premiums are different
No option to get coverage outside of Singapore unless trip is < 90 days
Offers 5% family discount
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Highlights of MSIG Prestige's International Health Insurance

Healthy expats who live in Singapore will find the most value out of MSIG's Prestige international health insurance due to its medical assistance services. Although it is available only to those whose usual place of residency is in Singapore, MSIG's premiums are 40-60% below average for international health insurance plans. There are three plans to choose from: the Elite Plan, Deluxe Plan and Platinum Plan.

This graph shows the cheapest international health insurance plans for expats living in Singapore and Singaporeans who need international coverage

Where MSIG Prestige international health insurance excels is in its premiums and no-frills Singapore-focused coverage. It is tailored to the healthy expat in Singapore by providing helpful services such as its Medical Assistance and International Travel Assistance benefit. This benefit is aimed at helping you navigate Singapore's healthcare system, providing arrangement of payment guarantees for inpatient hospitalisation and offering administrative services for visas, immunisations and retrieval of lost luggage or travel documents. This is a great feature for foreigners who are unfamiliar with working in the ASEAN region. Furthermore, MSIG's coverage includes cancer, ICU, hospitalisation, home nursing care, inpatient psychiatric treatment and local ambulance services. If you opt for the Platinum plan, you will also be able to get S$25,000 of outpatient services, which includes the General practitioner (GP) services, Specialists, diagnostic treatment and prescription drugs.

BenefitsElite PlanDeluxe PlanPlatinum Plan
Hospital ServicesS$300,000S$500,000S$1,000,000
Cancer Treatment
Accidental Dental
Local Ambulance Services
Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment
Outpatient Alternative TreatmentS$750S$1,000S$2,000
Outpatient ServicesN/AN/AS$25,000
Compassionate TravelN/AFully CoveredFully Covered
Emergency Medical Advice and Travel AssistanceProvidedProvidedProvided

However, MSIG's Prestige international health insurance benefits can also be considered as its drawbacks. While healthy expats may appreciate its low premiums that are 30-45% below average, Singaporeans who are looking for an international plan to cover them for long work assignments abroad will not be able to take advantage of this insurer. This is because MSIG will only cover you for the first 90 days when you are outside of Singapore. Furthermore, it doesn't provide options to add vision or dental—which means that some expats in Singapore may not find the coverage to be enough. Thus, we recommend this MSIG's plan to those who have supplemental coverage through their corporation or only need basic emergency hospitalisation services. Consumers who need comprehensive international insurance can consider either FWD or the more expensive but fully fleshed out Cigna.

Table of Premiums by Age and Gender

PremiumsElite PlanDeluxe PlanPlatinum Plan

MSIG Prestige International Health Insurance Optional Features

MSIG Prestige International Health Insurance offers only one optional package: the maternity package. This provides simple coverage for pre/post-natal treatment and delivery (routine and complicated). It is only available for the Deluxe and Platinum plans. Because this maternity package is significantly cheaper, foreign expats living in Singapore may find this to be a cheaper alternative to FWD's plan and maternity package, as MSIG's package costs around 50% less.

Premiums & BenefitsDeluxe & Platinum Plan
Ages 21-39S$1,594.77
Ages 40-45S$2,422.43
Normal DeliveryS$6,000
Complicated DeliveryS$15,000

Policy Exclusions

MSIG's policy exclusions are quite extensive and include certain conditions that other insurers may include as part of their coverage. This includes pre-existing conditions, psychiatric treatment and routine medical examinations. Thus, you may be better off with a different insurer if you want coverage for commonly excluded conditions such as mental health, dental or pre-existing conditions.

Pre-existing conditionsPsychiatric Treatment
Routine medical examsCosmetic Surgery
HIV/AIDSFamily Planning/Fertility Treatments
Birth defectsSleep disorders
Behavioral disordersSubstance Abuse
Self-inflicted injury/SuicideOcular issues & related costs (i.e. glasses)
Stem cell transplantsAdventurous activity

Claims & Contact Information

MSIG settles claims directly with your healthcare provider. If you need emergency assistance, you can contact their number (listed below) for immediate service. When you need to file a claim, contact your agent at the 24-hour claims hotline (below) and download a copy of the claim form you require. You can request a Letter of Guarantee for an upcoming operation.

Contact Information
24-Hour Healthcare Emergency Hotline+65 6323 8388
24-Hour Claims Hotline+65 6827 7660
Customer Service+65 6827 7602
Mailing Address4 Shenton way #21-01 SGX Centre 2, Singapore 068807
Claim FormsClaims FAQ
Customer Service E-mail[email protected]

MSIG Prestige International Health Insurance Cost and Features

Because international health insurance can be very expensive, it is important to make sure your plan covers you for everything you need. Below, we summarised MSIG Prestige's international health insurance benefits and coverage. If you want to compare MSIG to other insurers on the market, you can read our guide to the best international health insurance plans.

BenefitsElite PlanDeluxe PlanPlatinum Plan
Annual LimitS$900,000S$1,500,000S$3,000,000
Hospital ServicesS$300,000S$500,000S$1,000,000
Cancer Treatment
Kidney Dialysis
Organ Transplant
Day Care Surgery
Accidental Dental
Home Nursing Care
Accidental Dental
Outpatient Alternative TreatmentS$750S$1,000S$2,000
Artificial LimbsS$500S$1,000S$1,500
Post-Hospital Diagnostic Services120 days120 days180 days
Increased International CoverS$600,000S$1,000,000S$2,000,000
Compassionate GrantS$3,000S$5,000S$8,000
Outpatient ServicesN/AN/AS$25,000
Compassionate TravelN/AFully CoveredFully Covered
Emergency Medical Advice and Travel AssistanceProvidedProvidedProvided

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