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Raffles Health Integrated Shield Plan: Is It Enough For Your Medical Needs?

Looking for a reliable health insurance plan with increasingly affordable premiums and high deductible options? This one might be for you.

Raffles Health Integrated Shield Plan: Is It Enough For Your Medical Needs?

Looking for a reliable health insurance plan with increasingly affordable premiums and high deductible options? This one might be for you.


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Hospital Type


  • Affordable premiums for older age
  • Waiver of premium for insured (Child)
  • Accepts pre-existing conditions subject to underwriting


  • Pricey for younger age

Table of Contents

Raffles Health Integrated Shield Plan gives you the option to enjoy the benefits of a hospitalisation plan at a lower premium via either high deductibles or by being admitted to Raffles Hospital to enjoy private ward benefits for A plan customers via (A+RH) plans. Despite having an slightly above-average premium for their standard plans for those aged 65 years old and above, Raffles Health insurance is one of the most affordable for higher-tier IPs.

Summary of Raffles Shield
Basic plan costs are above average and provide average benefits.
B ward, A ward, and private hospital plans are less affordable than average for younger ages but lower as age increases, with a high deductible option to lower premiums.
A plans provide an option to be warded in Raffles Hospital (Private) as an affordable alternative to private plans (A+RH),
Providing foreigner premiums lower than the average for foreigners.

What You Need to Know About Raffles Health Integrated Shield Plan

Raffles Shield is split into five different plans; each plan is named after the wards that they have full comprehensive coverage on The standard plan for B2 wards, the B plan for B1 wards, the A plan for A wards, the A+RH plans for A wards in public hospitals plus a private ward in Raffles Hospital, and the Private plans covering hospitalisation for both public and private wards.

While it lacks in benefits other plans provide, such as video consultation and mobility aids, it provides a more affordable alternative. From the B plan covering B1 wards onwards, they cover the following benefits as charged:

  • Daily Room & Board and Medical-related Services
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and Medical-related Services
  • Surgical Benefits
  • Surgical Implants and Approved Medical Consumables
  • Gamma Knife and Novalis Radiosurgery
  • Waiver of premium for insured (Child)
  • Pre- and Post-Hospitalisation Treatment: As Charged (90 Days)
  • Accidental Inpatient Dental Treatment
  • Kidney Dialysis with(i) External or SuperƬcial Radiotherapy; (ii) Brachytherapy With Or Without External Radiotherapy; (iii) Hemi-Body Radiotherapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • Stereotactic Radiotherapy
  • Immunosuppressants for Organ Transplant
  • Erythropoietin for Chronic Kidney Failure
  • Post-Hospitalisation Psychiatric Treatment
  • Emergency Overseas Medical Treatment W
  • Major Organ Transplant
  • Stem Cell Transplant
  • Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy
  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Due To Blood Transfusion And Occupationally Acquired HIV

Despite the affordability from B1 plans onwards, their standard shield plan does not hold as much value in terms of cost and benefits compared to the other standard shield plans out there in the market. However, they provide high deductible options to lower the cost of premiums and allow less overlap between the customer’s employee health insurance coverage.

What is the Cost?

Raffles Health Shield premiums fluctuate between 20% below average and 30% above average, depending on age. However, Raffles Shield does provide a high deductible option to lower the cost of premiums and a plan between full private and public A-ward hospitals called the A+RH plan.

This graph shows the average premium of Raffles health ward A plan compared to other ward A plans available

Premiums of Standard Plans can range from S$39 to S$2,368 depending on your age, and the premiums for Raffles Shield B can range from S$56 to S$3,099.

Standard plans will get marginally more expensive compared the average standard plans the older you get, with the premiums for 65 year olds being about 8% more expensive than the market average. The premium for Raffles Shield B on the other hand will fluctuate around the average.

AgePlanComparison to Market
Raffles Shield StandardStandard Plan Median
Raffles Shield B PlanNon-Standard B1 Ward Median

Raffles Shield A plans provide one of the most affordable shield plans in the market of around S$79 to $4,621 as your age progresses to 100 years old. Premiums for 65 year olds can be an estimated 20% below average. Their private plans currently have the best growing premium gap against the other IP plans, with around 20% below average.

AgePlanComparison to Market
Raffles Shield A PlanA Ward Median
Private PlanPrivate Hospital Median

Raffles Shield provides an option for people who want to enjoy the benefits of private wards at a cheaper cost with the A + RH plan that allows full coverage for all A wards in public hospitals and Raffles Hospital.

AgeA PlanA + Raffles HospitalPrivate Plan

Raffles Health also provides high deductible options for those who want to enjoy a higher coverage at a lower cost by increasing deductibles to S$10,000; this makes premiums significantly lower. The high deductible option is also suitable for those with overlapping coverage with their employee health insurance.

AgePlanComparison to Market
Raffles Shield B PlanHigh Deductible Option
Raffles Shield A PlanHigh Deductible Option
Raffles Shield A+RH PlanHigh Deductible Option
Private PlanHigh Deductible Option

What are the Benefits?

So to break down each plan, we found that the Raffles Shield Plan Integrated Shield Standard Plan provides an annual limit of S$150,000, S$2,250 daily room and board benefit, S$5,200 chemotherapy coverage per month and S$6,680 ICU coverage per day. Since Standard plans have the same benefits regardless of the insurer, we can't recommend Raffles Standard plan to those on a budget since it costs above average.

Similarly, the Shield B Plan offers a standard set of coverages for a non-Standard B1 ward, including a S$300,000 annual limit, 100 days each of pre and post-hospitalisation coverage, pregnancy complications, accidental dental and organ transplant coverage. Despite the relatively high premiums for lower ages, the premium gap is lower than the average, with premiums being lower than the average for older ages.

Standard PlanBenefit LimitsMarket Average (Standard)
Value (Coverage/S$ Premium)1,8312,421
Annual LimitS$150,000S$150,000
Inpatient PsychiatricS$40,800S$S$17,500
Surgery BenefitsS$590-S$21840S$590-S$16,720
Daily Ward (Non-ICU)S$2,250/dayS$1,700/day
B PlanBenefit LimitsMarket Average Limits (B1 Ward)
Value (Coverage/S$ Premium)1,8312,421
Annual LimitS$300,000S$300,000
Inpatient PsychiatricS$5,000S$11,250
Surgery BenefitsAs ChargedAs Charged
Daily Ward (Non-ICU)As ChargedAs Charged

Raffles Shield A plan, in contrast to its above-average pricing, offers an annual limit of 50% below the A ward plan average and below average pre- and post-hospitalisation coverage. However, the benefits of getting the A plan are that there is complete coverage for some medical procedures like chemotherapy, erythropoietin for chronic kidney failure, stem cell transplant and even a premium waiver for those insured under 21 years old.

Pre-hospitalisation treatment is fully covered up to 180 days, and post-hospitalisation treatment is fully covered up to 365 days. You can also tailor your plans according to your needs.

A PlanBenefit LimitsMarket Average (A Ward)
Value (Coverage/S$ Premium)1,8312,421
Annual LimitS$300,000S$600,000
Inpatient PsychiatricS$6,000S$6,000
Surgery BenefitsAs ChargedAs Charged
Daily Ward (Non-ICU)As ChargedAs Charged
Private PlanBenefit LimitsMarket Average (Private Plans)
Value (Coverage/S$ Premium)1,8312,421
Annual LimitS$1,500,000 for panel; S$600,000 for non-panel.S$1,000,000
Inpatient PsychiatricS$8,000S$6,000
Surgery BenefitsAs ChargedAs Charged
Daily Ward (Non-ICU)As ChargedAs Charged

The Raffles Shield Private plan is recommended for older folks without a shield plan at the moment as their premiums are below the average. It covers most inpatient and outpatient treatments with an annual limit of S$1,500 000 for in-panel and S$600,000 for non-panel treatments. It is recommended for policyholders to make full use of the panel of medical specialists when insured under this plan.

Similar to Raffles Shield A, Raffles Shield Private also provides pre-hospitalisation treatment is fully covered up to 180 days, and post-hospitalisation treatment is fully covered up to 365 days. You can also tailor your plans according to your needs, and there is a premium wavier for those insured under 21 years old.


Key Rider

There are two riders from Raffles Shield that can enhance your coverage: The first is the Key Rider, which covers up to 95% of your medical expenses by replacing your deductible and co-insurance with a 5% co-payment on every claim instead. This co-payment is capped at S$3,000 per policy year for pre-authorised treatment under extended panel or treatment by a specialist who is on the panel or is a Government Restructured Hospital (GRH) Specialist. However, there is no cap on co-payment for treatments that are not pre-authorised by Raffles Health Insurance or treatment by a specialist who is not on the list of Raffles Shield Panel/Extended Panel of Specialists or not from GRH.

You are responsible for paying 5% of the co-payment for every claim. The claim must first be approved under your Raffles Shield Policy. Where the annual cap on co-payment is applicable, all co-payment made for benefits that the 5% co-payment is applied to will contribute towards the co-payment cap amount.

Premier Rider

The second rider is the Premier Rider, which supplements your Raffles Shield Plan with additional benefits such as accommodation expenses for an immediate family member, post-hospitalisation Traditional Chinese Medicine, post-hospitalisation home care, emergency outpatient treatment due to accident and ambulance services.

BenefitsRaffles Shield Plans
Raffles Shield PrivateRaffles Shield ARaffles Shield B
Immediate Family AccommodationStandard charges for an additional bed (up to 30 days at Raffles Hospital (RH) & Government Restructured Hospitals (GRH), up to 10 days in other hospitals)RH or GRH - Standard charges for an additional bed (up to 30 days) ; Other Private Hospitals – capped at $70 / day (up to 10 days)RH or GRH - Standard charges for an additional bed (up to 30 days); Other Private Hospitals – capped at $70 / day (up to 10 days) Post-Hospitalisation
Follow Up Traditional Chinese Medicine (“TCM”) Treatment$6,000 / year (within 180 days, TCM clinics at RH or GRH only)$5,000 / year (within 180 days, TCM clinics at RH or GRH only)$3,000 / year (within 180 days, TCM clinics at RH or GRH only)
Post-Hospitalisation Home Care$100 / day, up to $3,000 / year$100 / day, up to $2,000 / year$100 / day, up to $1,500 / year
Emergency Outpatient due to Accident$2,500 / year$1,500 / year$1,000 / year
Ambulance Services$200 per hospitalisation$150 per hospitalisation$100 per hospitalisation

These riders are applicable for Raffles Shield B, A, A+RH and Private plans. The premiums payable under the Premier Rider are also covered under the waiver of premium for insured benefit as detailed in your Raffles Shield Policy.

Before You Buy: Policy Eligibility & Exclusions

You can buy Raffles Shield plans if you are a citizen, permanent resident or foreigner. The last entry age is 75, but it is possible to renew this plan in perpetuity until your death.

Raffles Health Insurance does not cover treatments for the following:

  • Treatment before Policy Start Date;
  • Pre-existing illness;
  • Serious illness;
  • Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery, except for breast reconstruction after a mastectomy due to breast cancer, or cosmetic or plastic surgery due to an accident;
  • Congenital disease;
  • Developmental conditions;
  • Organ transplant;
  • Dental treatment or surgery;
  • Eye / ear examination, correction, aids;
  • Overseas treatment;
  • Psychological disorders, personality disorders, mental conditions, etc.;
  • Pregnancy and fertility treatments;
  • Treatments for menopause;
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS);
  • Sex reassignment surgery;
  • Items purchased or rented for outpatient uses, such as braces, prostheses and hospital beds;
  • Non-hospitalisation care, such as hospices and nursing homes; • Private nursing charges and nursing home services;
  • Occupational and Speech Therapy;
  • Alternative or complementary treatments, including Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM);
  • Weight management;
  • Experimental or pioneering medical or surgical techniques and medical devices;
  • Off-label use of medicine;
  • Elective/optional medications, investigations, and treatment;
  • Vaccination(s);
  • Preventive screening, health-enhancing treatments such as vitamins and health supplements;
  • Medical check-ups, including X-rays, health screenings etc.;
  • Examinations and services for educational purposes, such as blood tests for food allergies;
  • Transport related services, including ambulance services;
  • Non-medical items such as parking fees and medical report fees;
  • Illnesses / Injuries resulting from sports risks;
  • Illnesses / Injuries resulting from civil commotions, illegal activities etc.;
  • Illnesses / Injuries resulting from nuclear events, terrorism, war; and
  • Other costs which are not directly related to the medical treatment, such as litigation,
  • Underwriting is extremely strict and pre-existing conditions will not be covered. However, you should note that while these treatments are excluded, your MediShield life may already be covering some of them.

Being a Policyholder: Claims, Contact & More

All claims must be e-filed by participating medical institutions whenever possible. Suppose the claim is not eligible for electronic filing by the participating medical institutions. In that case, You must send the claim to Raffles Health insurance by post or online submission within 90 days from the incurred date or discharge, whichever is the latter.

Contact Information
General Contact PageContact & Appointments
Hotline+65 6286 2866
Address25 Tannery Lane Singapore 347786
Medical Claims FormsClaims Page

Is Raffles Shield Right For You?

Considering the rising medical expenses and health insurance in general, Raffles Shield provides a more affordable premium with high deductible options. However, the trade-off of having high deductibles options is that while other plans have a deductible of roughly S$3,000 a year, the option will inflate the your cost with an additional S$10,000, masking it unsuitable for smaller medical expenses.


To help you find the best health insurance plans for your needs, we analysed benefits and premium data for all the insurers who offer Integrated Shield Plans. We looked at unique value-adds like rare benefits, market-beating coverage or add-ons and compared them to the premiums you would have to pay. Premiums were gathered based on 25, 35, 45, 55 and 65-year-olds with no pre-existing conditions.

The ratings you see above reflect the average coverage limits of the plans as well as how cheap or expensive the premiums are. The claims information refers to how easy it is to make a claim (for instance, whether you have to file online or visit a branch), how many providers the insurer works with, and how easy it is to get in contact with a plan representative. If there is data on how quickly claims are typically processed, we will take that into consideration as well.

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