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Singlife Shield Health Insurance: Who is it Good For?

Singlife's health insurance plans can be pricey, but they may offer just the right type of coverage for families and offer a great value to those looking for affordable rider packages.

Singlife Shield Health Insurance: Who is it Good For?

Singlife's health insurance plans can be pricey, but they may offer just the right type of coverage for families and offer a great value to those looking for affordable rider packages.


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Hospital Type


  • Offers rider discounts for children
  • Has high levels of in-patient pyschiatric benefits
  • Offers rare preventative cancer treatment coverage
  • Covers overseas planned treatment


  • Plans are generally expensive (up to 35% above average)
  • Low coverage for medical aids (i.e. wheelchairs)

Singlife offers plans that are above average in cost but still provide unique family-oriented benefits. Thus, while budget conscious consumers may find other insurers to be cheaper, affluent families may find Singlife benefits to be worth the high cost. Additionally, consumers will find Singlife's base plan and rider combinations to not only cost well below the market average, but offer a high value package as well due to their plethora of benefits.

Table of Contents

Summary of Singlife Shield
Standard plan is the most expensive Standard plan for young consumers
Above average prices but offers hard to find coverage
Inpatient psychiatric treatment is covered in full
Offers preventative treatment for cancer (after cancer treatment)
Riders can be very affordable and provide high value
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Singlife Integrated Shield Plan Highlights

Singlife's Shield plans will appeal most to wealthy individuals who want personalised benefits for every member of their family. There are three plans to choose from: Plan 3 for B1 wards, Plan 2 for A wards and Plan 1 for private hospitals. Its prices range from average to 35% above average for most individuals regardless of age. However, though premiums for Singlife Shield are expensive, it is worth pointing out that Singlife's riders cost low enough to bring the total cost of a plan/rider package well below the industry average.

This graph shows the average premium of Singlife ward A plans compared to other ward A plans available

Even without the addition of riders, Singlife's base plan coverage may be comprehensive enough to convince some people to pay the high premiums. This is especially true as Singlife has positioned itself as a great option for multigenerational families. For instance, families looking to cover their young ones will benefit from its rider discounts for children, emergency and planned overseas treatment and newborn benefits (up to 6 months old). Families looking to provide cover for their older relatives may find value in Singlife's extra critical illness benefit, preventive treatment for cancer (if you've already been treated for it under Singlife's policy) and 100% coverage for inpatient psychiatric treatment. Additionally, you'll receive full coverage for the benefits listed below.

Fully Covered Treatments:

  • Daily Room and Board
  • Miscellaneous Hospital Services
  • Daily ICU
  • Confinement in Community Hospital
  • Surgical Procedures
  • Stem Cell Transplant
  • Gamma Knife
  • Pregnancy and Childbirth Complications
  • Radiotherapy/Chemotherapy/Immunotherapy
  • Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment (After 10 months of cover)

However, Singlife may not be a great fit for a few kinds of consumers. First, single, healthy individuals may end up drastically overpaying for benefits they'll never utilise. Second, cost-restricted consumers will find that they are priced out of all of Singlife's plans as its premiums are consistently above average. Lastly, individuals who want long-term care may not fare well with Singlife's below average pre and post hospitalisation coverage of 90 days and its lack of coverage for home nursing and medical aids (i.e. wheelchairs).

Singlife Shield Plan 3 Plan

Singlife Shield Plan 3 is a B1 ward plan that prices out cost-conscious consumers with premiums 7-14% above its peer average. For premiums that range between S$73 for 25-year-olds to S$1,341 for 75-year-olds, you'll get an industry average S$300,000 annual limit and slightly below average pre and post-hospitalisation coverage of 90 days. Plan 3 also provides full coverage for hospitalisation, cancer, pregnancy complications and accidental dental treatment, in addition to rarely found benefits such as cancer prevention coverage, planned and emergency overseas treatment, an extra S$50,000 inpatient benefit for 5 critical illnesses and a S$10,000 final expenses benefit.

If you like the benefits Singlife Shield offers but can't afford Plan 1 or 2, this plan could be a good compromise. In exchange for a lower ward limit, you will save 25% on your premiums and still receive the preventative cancer, overseas treatment and final expense coverage. However, individuals looking for comprehensive family benefits will fare better with Aviva's more expensive plans as Plan 3 doesn't have newborn coverage or family discount benefits.

Premiums & CoverageSinglife Shield Plan 3Non-Standard B1 Ward Median
25-Year-Old PremiumsS$73S$69
45-Year-Old PremiumsS$180S$132
65-Year-Old PremiumsS$480S$378
Value (Coverage/S$ Premium)1,7842,070
Annual LimitS$300,000S$300,000
Inpatient PsychiatricAs Charged (after 10 months cover)S$11,250
Surgery BenefitsAs ChargedAs Charged
Daily Ward (Non-ICU)As ChargedAs Charged

Singlife Shield Plan 2 Plan

Singlife Shield plan 2 is a ward A plan that can be a good public hospital plan for affluent individuals looking for comprehensive family-oriented coverage. It costs around 16% above average regardless of your age, with premiums ranging from S$99 for 25-year-olds to S$2,107 for 75-year-olds. While the annual limit is around the average at S$600,000 and pre and post-hospitalisation is below average at 90 days each, Plan 2 offers a plethora of unique benefits. For instance, you'll receive a S$50,000 newborn benefit, a family discount for children, 100% coverage for preventive cancer treatment and S$100,000 of extra inpatient critical illness benefits.

If you are thinking of getting treated at a private hospital for some conditions, you should note that Singlife's 50% private hospital pro-ration is the lowest on the market (as in only 50% of your bill will be covered). However, wealthy families or those who have elderly dependents may benefit from Aviva's extra coverage for preventing and treating costly ailments. Additionally, those looking to combine the Plan 2 with a rider will also benefit, since Singlife's Plan 2 Option A II rider can cost up to 34% below the industry IP-rider package average.

Premiums & CoverageSinglife Shield Plan 2A Ward Median
25-Year-Old PremiumsS$99S$90
45-Year Old PremiumsS$312S$229
65-Year Old PremiumsS$773S$664
Value (Coverage/S$ Premium)2,3162,421
Annual LimitS$600,000S$600,000
Inpatient PsychiatricAs Charged (after 10 months of cover)S$6,000
Surgery BenefitsAs ChargedAs Charged
Daily Ward (Non-ICU)As ChargedAs Charged

Singlife Shield Plan 1 Plan

Singlife Shield Plan 1 is Singlife's private hospital plan and with premiums 10-35% above average, it is one of the pricier private hospital plans on the market. However, it offers quite comprehensive coverage that may appeal to those looking for preventive and family-related care. For instance, there is a S$1,000,000 annual limit, 90 and 180 days of pre and post-hospitalisation coverage respectively, a newborn benefit for S$50,000 and full coverage for hospitalisation, surgery, cancer and preventive cancer treatment. You will also be covered for planned and emergency overseas treatment up to what the same procedure would cost at Mount Elizabeth Orchard Hospital.

If you are looking for a hospital plan that has family-relevant benefits, Singlife's Plan 1 would be your best option. Though its premiums are above average, there are benefits that will come in handy both for your newborn and for your parents. Furthermore, despite the high price of the base plan, adding Singlife's rider Option A creates an IP-rider package that is 30% cheaper than other private hospital packages. Despite this, because we found Singlife's private hospital plan to cost around S$49 more than the cheapest insurer, it may not be the best fit if you are looking for the cheapest private hospital plan on the market.

Premiums & CoverageSinglife Shield Plan 1Private Plan Median
25-Year Old PremiumsS$232S$218
45-Year Old PremiumsS$714S$638
65-Year Old PremiumsS$1,957S$1,592
Value (Coverage/S$ Premium)2,0312,379
Annual LimitS$1,000,000S$1,000,000
Inpatient PsychiatricAs ChargedS$6,000
Surgery BenefitsAs ChargedAs Charged
Daily Ward (Non-ICU)As ChargedAs Charged

Singlife Shield Riders

Singlife offers 2 types of riders to choose from — Singlife Health Plus Private or Public — for each of its Singlife Shield plans: Private rider for Singlife Shield Plan 1 only, and Public rider for Singlife Shield Plans 2 or 3.

Policy Exclusions

Singlife excludes treatment for non-accidental or emergency procedures including cosmetic or plastic surgery, general physicals, vaccinations, examinations for employment or travel, rest cures and services and non-complicated pregnancy. Additionally, you will not be covered for treatment occurring form drug or alcohol abuse, self inflicted injuries and attempted suicide. There is also no coverage for medical aids for home or outpatient use (kidney dialysis machines, wheelchairs, etc.).

Singlife may cover your pre-existing condition if you have chosen the full medical underwriting option and you have declared your pre-existing condition. If you choose the moratorium underwriting option, your pre-existing condition will be covered if you have not experienced any symptoms, sought advice for the condition or required/received treatment for the condition during the moratorium time period.

Claims & Contact Information

Singlife offers a letter of guarantee that will prevent you from having to pay large upfront costs when you are admitted to the hospital if you use one of their selected medical providers. Upon discharge, Singlife will settle the claim directly with the hospital. If the hospital is not partnered with Singlife, then you will responsible for the deposit and you'll have to E-file your claim to Singlife. If you need additional forms or want to send an enquiry into your claim, you can visit Singlife's website (linked down below).

Contact Information
Customer Service Number+65 6827 9933
Support Pageon_current="true" url="https://singlife.com/en/contact-us" target="blank_"Singlife Contact Us Page[[/link]
Address4 Shenton Way, #01-01, SGX Centre 2, Singapore 068807

Singlife Shield Cost & Features

While MediShield Life guarantees medical coverage, it may not be enough for your future needs. This is why supplemental policies like Singlife Shield can become invaluable additions to your health coverage. However, policies become more expensive as you age and thus, you should take care to examine both the benefits offered and your future financial state. If you want to compare Singlife to other Integrated Shield Plans current available, you can read our guide to the best IPs currently available.

Premiums & CoveragePlan 3Plan 2Plan 1
25-Year-Old PremiumS$73S$99S$232
45-Year-Old PremiumS$180S$312S$714
65-Year-Old PremiumS$480S$773S$1,957
Annual LimitS$150,000S$300,000S$600,000S$1,000,000
Pre-Hospitalisation Benefits (Days)N/A909090
Post-Hospitalisation Benefits (Days)N/A9090180
Daily Room & BoardS$1,700As ChargedAs ChargedAs Charged
SurgeryS$590-S$16,720As ChargedAs ChargedAs Charged
Inpatient PsychiatricS$17,500As ChargedAs ChargedAs Charged
Pregnancy Complications BenefitN/AAs ChargedAs ChargedAs Charged
Accidental Dental BenefitsAs Per SurgicalAs ChargedAs ChargedAs Charged
Deductible B1 WardS$2,000S$2,500S$2,500S$2,500
Deductible A WardS$2,500S$3,500S$3,500S$3,500
Deductible Private HospitalS$2,500S$3,500S$3,500S$3,500

Protected up to specified limits by SDIC. This is only product information provided. You may wish to seek advice from a qualified adviser before buying the product. If you choose not to seek advice from a qualified adviser, you should consider whether the product is suitable for you. Buying an insurance product that is not suitable for you may impact your ability to finance your future financial needs. If you decide that the policy is not suitable after purchasing the policy, you may terminate the policy in accordance with the free-look provision, if any, and the insurer may recover from you any expense incurred by the insurer in underwriting the policy.

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