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Average Cost of a Spa Treatment in Singapore 2024

The beauty and wellness industry has continued to grow in Singapore for over a decade, increasing the popularity of spas and health centres. Because of the variety of treatments and facilities, it can be difficult to set cost expectations for your next spa visit. To help you navigate the many options available, we've developed this guide on average costs for spa treatments in Singapore.

Average Cost of a Spa Treatment in Singapore

The cost of a spa treatment varies based on several factors, including treatment type, spa caliber, and session duration. After standardising these factors for even analysis, we've calculated the average cost of a spa treatment as approximately S$130 per hour.

Average Cost-Per-Hour of Treatment by Category & Spa Caliber

TreatmentLow EndStandardHigh EndLuxuryTOTAL
Body & CombinationS$73.20S$93.60S$142.20S$216.60S$131.40
N=48 spas, 12 per spa caliber tier. Please see methodology for details on categorisation and calculation methods

However, it's also useful to explore cost variations based on treatment type and quality of spa. The most prominent treatment categories are facials, massages, body rituals (scrubs, masks, wraps, baths) and combination offers (involving multiple techniques). In general, massages tend to be lowest in cost and facials tend to be most expensive. This trend holds true regardless of spa caliber. In fact, low-end spa centres (with average costs in the bottom 25th percentile) rarely offer facials and tend to focus exclusively on massage treatments. Luxury facilities (average costs in the 75th percentile) often have spa menus wherein facials make up about 1/4 of all offerings, and have treatments spread more evenly across categories.

Cost Varies with Session Length

In general, a longer treatment tends to be more cost-effective than a shorter one: cost-per-minute declines as total duration increases. However, there are some exceptions. The average cost-per-minute for body treatments actually tends to increase after the 60 minute mark, and there's a slight increase in cost for 61-90min massage sessions.

Average Cost-Per-Minute of Treatments by Session Length

Session DurationFacialBodyCombinationMassage
≤ 30minS$3.94S$2.85S$3.92S$2.38
N=48 spas. Please see methodology for details on categorisation and calculation methods

This information may, in some ways, be misleading. The average cost-per-minute for body treatments may increase for longer durations because high-end and luxury spas offer far more body treatments than low-end spas, and on average, offer longer sessions. Therefore, higher prices may have increased weight in this range.

Nonetheless, the average cost-per-minute of a 91-120min+ duration session is about equal for both body and combination treatments. This is worth keeping in mind if you're interested in a bit more variety. Keep in mind, however, that while long treatments are more cost-effective on a minute-to-minute basis, their final price is often quite high.

Variety & Duration of Offers Based on Spa Caliber

Low EndStandardHigh EndLuxury
Average Session Time68.56min72.01min79.58min78.64min
Total Facial Offers0176071
Total Body Offers4272635
Total Combination Offers061573
Total Massage Offers511068899
Total Treatments Offered55156189278
N=48 spas. Please see methodology for details on categorisation and calculation methods

Preparing for Your Spa Visit

Finally, there are a few things to keep in mind before finalising your spa appointment. If you've selected a high-end or luxury spa, consider asking about additional fees; many of these facilities add a 10% service charge as well as GST to their list price. Other spas, especially smaller or lower-end facilities, are not GST registered. If this is the case, you shouldn't be taxed for your treatment. You may also want to keep in mind that many spas offer add-ons for treatments, or small stand-alone options. These can range from S$10 to over S$200, so be sure to double check on prices before saying yes and keep a set budget in mind.


For this research, we sampled 679 pricing data points for 473 procedures from 48 spas and wellness centres in Singapore, ranging from lower-end facilities (non GST-registered) to luxury hotel spas (like CHI at Shangri-La Hotel and Remède Spa at The St. Regis Singapore). Treatment categories were limited to body (wraps, scrubs, masks, baths), combination (multiple techniques), facial, and massage treatments; hand, foot, and add-on services were not included within the primary analysis.

In order to standardise pricing across different treatments and session durations, we first calculated the cost-per-minute of each treatment at each of the selected spas, for every offered duration. Results were averaged within each spa, allowing us to rank the 48 spas (established caliber in terms of percentile placement) according to their overall average cost-per-minute. We also determined the average cost-per-minute for each treatment category, duration, and spa caliber tier. The result was multiplied by 60 to approximate average cost per hour, where indicated.

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