Best International Money Transfer Services 2021

Our team analysed the best online money transfer services available in Singapore to help you find the cheapest way to send funds. Use our money transfer service comparison to find the best remittance service for your needs.

Best No-Fee Money Transfer Services

Keeping your costs as low as possible is crucial when sending money overseas. TorFX, OFX, Send and WorldFirst stand out as the cheapest money transfer services in Singapore. First of all, unlike most other services, these three do not charge platform fees. Additionally, TorFX, OFX, Send and WorldFirst each offer various types of foreign exchange rate price matching, so you know you're getting the best deal possible.

Best Customer Service: TorFX

Consider this if you want a no-fee service with outstanding service

Service Fee N/A
Government Licence MAS - Major Payment Institution
Maximum Transfer N/A
Currencies 60
Transfer Speed 1-2 days

TorFX offers the best customer service among "no-fee" services. For example, when users register, they are assigned a dedicated account manager. This professional can walk new users through the process, track foreign exchange rates of interest, plan and execute transfers. Not only that, TorFX offers transfers to more than 60 currencies, most of which are completed within one business day, and a mobile app. For these reasons, TorFX is a great choice for those that would benefit from the advice of a professional for their no-fee transfers.

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Minimum TransferS$150
Maximum TransferN/A
Transfer Speed1-2 days

Best No-Fee Transfers To & From Australia: SendFX

Consider this if you want to send funds to or from Australia

Service Fee N/A
Government Licence Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL)
Maximum Transfer N/A
Currencies 34
Transfer Speed 1 day

Send is the best money transfer service for sending funds to and from Australia (AUD/SGD). The platform, which offers price matching for foreign exchange pairs and offers 1 day transfers of at least S$465 (AUD 500) to 34 different currencies. Finally, Send never charges fees, regardless of the transfer amount, making it a reliable source for affordable money transfers.

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Minimum TransferAUD 500
Transfer Speed1 day
Current PromotionNo Fees for Any Transfer

Best for Medium & Large Transfers: World First

Consider this if you want to send at least S$2,000, without incurring a transfer fee

Service Fee N/A
Government Licence MAS - Major Payment Institution
Maximum Transfer N/A
Currencies 36
Transfer Speed 1-2 days

World First is a great choice for those planning to send at least S$2,000. The platform does not charge fees, transfers funds within 1-2 days and offers price matching for transfers of at least S$2,000. While it does not have as many currency offerings as other no-fee remittance services, it is a great pick if you are planning to send at least S$2,000.

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Minimum TransferS$2,000
Transfer Speed1-2 days

Best No-Fee Market Access: OFX

Consider this if you want to send a very small or large amount of money without incurring a transfer fee

Service Fee N/A
Government Licence MAS - Major Payment Institution
Maximum Transfer N/A
Currencies 55
Transfer Speed 1 day

OFX is a great platform for transferring funds internationally. The service allows for quick (1 day) transfers from Singapore Dollars to 55 other currencies. What's more, OFX is unique as it has no minimum transfer amount.

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Minimum TransferN/A
Transfer Speed1 day

Fastest Money Transfer Services

While some individuals prefer no-fee funds transfer services, others want to be able remit money more quickly for a small fee. In this section, we highlight the best money transfer services for those who require same-day money transfers.

Best Small, Same-Day Money Transfers: WorldRemit

Consider this if you want to send S$10,000 or less, quickly

Service Fee S$1-S$4
Government Licence MAS - Major Payment Institution
Maximum Transfer S$10,000
Currencies 140
Transfer Speed Same day

WorldRemit offers the most affordable same-day fund transfers from Singapore over 150 countries. For example, the platform charges just S$1 to S$4 per transfer. Additionally, WorldRemit is offering free One downside is that individuals can only send up to S$10,000 via WorldRemit. Still, for those seeking to send smaller amounts of money more quickly, WorldRemit is the best option.

Best Large, Same-Day Money Transfers: SingX

Consider this if you want to send a large sum of money, quickly

Service Fee 0.25%-5.0%
Government Licence MAS - Major Payment Institution
Maximum Transfer S$1,000,000
Currencies 19
Transfer Speed 1 day (same day on weekdays)

SingX offers affordable money transfers and same-day delivery to most countries. It also allows for transfers of up to S$1 million to most countries, and has no limit for transfers to India. Furthermore, SingX's fees, of just 0.25-1.00% of the funds transferred, are complimented by the fact that SingX charges users the real mid-market exchange rate. This is the rate that banks use when transacting with each other, and does not include a "margin", or additional fee like most other services. Finally, SingX offers one-hour transfers to China on weekdays between 9am and 5pm, making it an ideal option for those that need to send money as quickly as possible.

Best Same-Day Money Transfer from Singapore to India: CurrencyFair

Consider this if you want to send money to India, quickly

Service Fee 0.45%
Government Licence MAS - Major Payment Institution
Maximum Transfer S$200,000
Currencies 20
Transfer Speed 1-2 days

CurrencyFair charges different fees depending on the country. However, the platform does not charge fees for remittances from Singapore to India. Additionally, CurrencyFair allows individuals to send up to S$200,000 in less than one day. For these reasons, it is worth considering CurrencyFair if you need to send money from Singapore to India quickly.

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Best Traditional Bank Money Transfers: DBS Remit

Consider this if if you prefer to transfer funds with a bank

Service Fee N/A (S$10 for incoming funds)
Government Licence MAS
Maximum Transfer S$200,000
Currencies 17
Transfer Speed Within one business day

When it comes to online international transfers, DBS is the best traditional bank for sending and receiving funds. First of all, the bank does not charge fees for sending money from Singapore to 16 countries, including Malaysia, India and more. It transfers to those countries are also available within one business day. It is worth noting that DBS does charge a S$10 fee for incoming money transfers and has a maximum transfer limit of S$200,000, which is lower than other services. Still, DBS Remit is an efficient way to send funds to several countries.

  • Australia (AUD)
  • Canada (CAD)
  • Eurozone (EUR)
  • Hong Kong (HKD)
  • India (INR)
  • Indonesia (IDR)
  • Japan (JPY)
  • Mainland China (CNY)
  • Malaysia (MYR)
  • Myanmar (MMK)
  • New Zealand (NZD)
  • Philippines (PHP)
  • Thailand (THB)
  • United Kingdom (GBP)
  • United States (USD)
  • Vietnam (VND)

Honorable Mention

The following services are not the best of the best, but are still worth considering. This is especially true if their distinguishing features are particularly relevant to your money transfer needs.

Competitive Rates & Exclusive Promotion: InstaRem

Consider this if you prefer a money transfer service with a loyalty programme and cashback promotion

Service Fee 0.25%-1.00%
Government Licence Licensed in: Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, US, EU and Canada.
Maximum Transfer Unknown
Currencies 55
Transfer Speed 1-2 days

InstaRem is not the cheapest, nor the fastest money transfer service. However, the platform is offers transfers to 55 currencies and is transparent about their foreign exchange rates (which are sourced from Reuters). Additionally InstaRem's users automatically earn loyalty points upon joining and for each transfer, which can be redeemed against future transaction costs. Finally, users can further decrease their costs by signing up through ValueChampion and earning an additional $10 by using the buttons on this page and the code VALUEC.

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Minimum TransferS$200
Fee0.25% to 1%
Transfer Speed2 days
Current PromotionUSD 10 bonus with code VALUEC

Remittance Service with Best Market Access: WesternUnion

Consider this if you want to send a country not served by another service on this list

Service Fee 0.50%
Government Licence MAS - Major Payment Institution
Maximum Transfer S$3,000
Currencies 151
Transfer Speed Same day

WesternUnion Money Transfers do not charge the lowest fees, and it only allows transfers of up to S$3,000; however, it lets users transfer money from Singapore into more than 150 other currencies. This range of market access is unparalleled by other international money transfer services. Additionally, unlike some online money transfer services, WesternUnion has many locations where individuals can deposit cash to be sent or receive transfers. It is worth noting that WesternUnion does not let Singaporeans transfer money within the country. Still, for those seeking to transfer money to a country not accessible with another service, WesternUnion could be a good fit.

Remittance Services: Frequently Asked Questions

In order to ensure that you are getting a good deal, it is important to know the market foreign exchange rate for your currency pair. While many international money transfer services charge low fees, some charge higher exchange rate margins than others. Therefore, in addition to avoiding service fees, we recommend comparing your preferred service's exchange rates to those of other banks and money transfer companies. Below is a table with recent SGD exchange rate currency pairs.

Currency PairExchange Rate
Last updated February 10, 2020

When comparing money transfer services, it is important to know the following:

  • How much money you plan to send
  • How frequently you plan to transfer money
  • The destination of your funds
  • How soon you need the money transferred

These factors are important as they will impact the total cost of each service. For example, money transfer apps and websites offer different interest rates, fees, and transfer minimums and maximums for different markets. For example, a money transfer service might offer same-day no-fee transfers to India or offer limited transfer amounts to Malaysia.

Once you have a good understanding of your transfer habits, you can compare the cost of each service. We expect that most consumers will save the most money with a platform that does not charge fees and offers reasonable exchange rates (i.e. market exchange rates or price matching). That being said, other individuals may need to pay a little more in order to find a service that fits their needs. For example, some platforms charge slightly more, but offer quicker transfers, transfers to specific countries not accessible by other services, or have more flexible transfer terms (e.g. no limit to transfer size).

It depends. Some platforms offer same-day transfers to a range of countries. However, many services require 2-4 business days to transfer funds to your desired international location.

Money Transfer Services in Singapore
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