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Best CNY Deals for Hampers & Goodies in Singapore (2021)

Singaporeans’ love for delicious treats is untampered despite the Covid-19 pandemic. To get the most bang for your buck this Chinese New Year (CNY), here’s a list of the best available deals for festive hampers and goodies.

Key Highlights

  • Purchasing CNY hampers online can save you up to S$39 compared to the average price of offline hampers.
  • Buying unbranded CNY treats offline saves you roughly 50% compared to their online counterparts.
  • When purchasing CNY hampers, consumers can get their money’s worth by ensuring the bulk of their pen cai contains premium ingredients, instead of filler ingredients.

This year’s CNY celebrations will be a muted affair; families need to dine in smaller groups and stagger their house-visit timings to adhere to the Covid-19 social distancing measures. Nonetheless, this changes nothing about Singaporeans’ love for the mouth-watering spread that CNY brings. After all, in Chinese families, each CNY treat is seen as a bonding tool that enhances familial ties. So, don't expect to skip out on gift-giving (especially in the form of edible goodies) this upcoming Year of the Ox! To make the shopping experience more manageable for you, here's a list of the best CNY deals for hampers and goodies that are sure to impress.

Buy CNY Hampers Online for Highest Affordability

OnlineEu Yan Sang Riches And Wellness Imperial Treasure Box
  • Signature Premium Scallop Fish Maw Soup 425g
  • Essence of Chicken with American Ginseng, Cordyceps & Huaishan Gift Set
  • Superior Tea Flower Mushroom 100g
  • Razor Clams 425g
  • Triple Prosperity Abalone Gift Set (3pc)
OnlineNoel Gifts Golden Wishes Gift Basket
  • Skylight New Zealand Abalone 425g
  • New Moon Razor Clams 425g
  • Best Bird's Nest with Ginseng, Rock sugar & White Fungus 150ml x 4 bottles
  • New Moon Special Grade Bird's 75g x 2 bottles
OnlineFarEastFlora Prosperity Vessel
  • Diamond Prince Slice Topshell in Abalone Sauce 425g
  • New Moon Razor Clams 425g
  • Macau Choi Heong Yuen Almond Cakes 300g
  • Elit Gourmet Dragee Chocolate Fruits & Nuts 200g
  • Camel Fruit & Vegetable Chips 70g
  • Bamboo House Peanut Rice Cake 210g
  • Faiz 100% Natural Pineapple Juice 260ml
  • Sanwa Hokkaido Cuttlefish 40g
  • Double Swallow Bird's Nest with Ginseng, White Fungus & Rock Sugar 70g x 2 bottles
OfflineNTUC FUNA Chinese New Year Hamper GS118
  • Royal Select Sparkling Juice 750ml
  • 3 x New Moon Special Grade Bird's Nest with Rock Sugar
  • Flying Wheel Premium Whole Abalone in Brine 425gm
  • Flying Wheel Premium Braised Whole Abalone 170gm
  • Max's Premium Dried Flower Mushroom 120gm
  • Tip Top Tie Guan Yin (Tin) 7gm x 6pack
  • New Moon Premium Chicken Broth 400ml
  • Tip Top Classic Ginseng Candy 70gm
  • Mili Mandarin Oranges in Light Syrup 312gm
  • Max's Farm Cassava Chips Original 100gm
  • Tip Top Magic Star Honey Snacks 70gm
  • Fruit Plus Chewy Candy 150gm
  • Mili Abalone Mushroom
  • Mili Straw Mushroom 425gm
  • Mili Pineapple Slices 565gm
OfflineGiant FUNA Traditional Basket Hamper BSAS13L
  • 1x VINA AGAPIUS Zero Alcohol Tempranillo Red Wine 75cl
  • 1x NEW MOON Special Grade Bird\s Nest with Rock Sugar 6 x 75gm
  • 1x NEW MOON Australia Abalone (5-7 Abalone) 425gm
  • 1x NEW MOON Premium Broth 400ml
  • 1x CAMEL Premium Natural Pistachios 120gm
  • 1x MAX'S Dried Mushroom 50gm
  • 1x TIP TOP Classic Ginseng Candy 70gm
OfflineShangri-La Hotel Happiness Hamper
  • China Abalone (1 can), Honey Cashew Nut with Sesame (1 bottle),
  • Dried Longan Meat (500g), Honey Pomelo (1 bottle), Heinz Apple Cider
  • (1 bottle), Mandarin Orange (6 pieces), Natural Rock Salt (500g),
  • Roasted Mixed Nuts (150g), Shangri-La Chocolate Pralines (9 pieces),
  • Shangri-La Si Chuan Bakkwa (75g), Jasmine Green Tea (Teabag)
Prices obtained from brands listed above, accurate as of 2 Feb, 2021. Subject to changes.

To get the most bang for your buck, ensure the bulk of your hamper consists of premium products, like canned abalone, dried oysters, bird’s nest, and scallops – instead of ‘filler’ (i.e. cheaper) options like pineapple tarts and butter cookies. Also, don’t shortchange yourself by buying fruits-only hampers. Take, for instance, this Source: FarEastFlora, which costs a whopping S$96.19, yet only contains 18 oranges and artificial flowers. For comparison’s sake, paying S$1.81 more for Source:Eu Yan Sang entitles you to a can of abalone, premium fish maw soup, razor clams, and premium mushrooms.

An important takeaway: retail store options (i.e. offline) may not necessarily be better deals than online options. You’ll need to do your due diligence in ensuring that a particular hamper’s contents justify its price tag.

Buy Unbranded CNY Snacks Offline for Highest Affordability

Brand/Product NamePricePiecesPrice/Piece
OnlinePineapple Tarts Singapore Melt In Your Mouth Pineapple TartsS$29.920S$1.50
OnlineDiing Bakery Award-Winning Premium Melt-In-Your-Mouth Pineapple TartS$22.932S$0.72
OnlineKele Golden Pineapple BallsS$29.830S$0.99
OfflineLe Café Confectionery & Pastry Golf Ball TartsS$109S$1.11
OfflineNTUC Pineapple Tart RollS$8.930S$0.30
OfflineGiant Yakim Pineapple TartsS$7.242S$0.17
Prices obtained from brands listed above, accurate as of 2 Feb, 2021. Subject to changes.

Consider sourcing your treats and goodies from the nearest grocery store in your neighbourhood. These 'unbranded' snacks tend to be a lot cheaper than their 'branded' counterparts from famous home bakeries or bakery chains. Additionally, you could head to wholesale distributors for even more savings. At DJ Bakery's exclusive factory discount bazaar located in Source: Seedly, you can find all the traditional CNY goodies priced at S$11+, instead of the typical S$15+.

Ultimately, retail store options may be better deals than online options (i.e. home bakeries/bakery chains). Despite their lack of aesthetic appeal when it comes to packaging, buying unbranded CNY treats offline comes with an affordable price point – at roughly 50% off compared to their online counterparts.

Save Time and Effort by Ordering Ready-To-Eat Pen Cai

Restaurant/HotelPen Cai NameDetailsPrice
Pan PacificPremium Wealth Treasure PotEight Head Whole Abalone, Dried Oysters, Sea Cucumber, Dried Fish Maw, Pork Knuckle, Lobster, Goose Web, Dried Scallops, Boiled Chicken, Dumplings, Bean Gluten, Chinese Mushrooms, Black Moss, Sliced Lotus Roots and BroccoliFrom S$508
The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore“Treasures In A Pot" Pen CaiAbalone 10 head, sea cucumber, fried fish maw, oysters, black moss, flower mushrooms, roasted duck, pork knuckles, cabbage, lotus root, yam, bean cake, black fungus, dried scallops and succulent prawnsFrom S$286.76
YanYÀN HARVEST PEN CAI6 head whole abalone, sea cucumber, live prawns, whole conpoy, fish maw, king grouper fillet, scallops, roast pork, soya chicken, roast duck, black mushroom, yam, lotus root, tianjin cabbage, beancurd skin, sea moss, ginkgo, broccoliFrom S$300
Prices obtained from restaurants/hotels listed above, accurate as of 2 Feb, 2021. Subject to changes.

One of the best CNY goodies for families who are not keen on hours of cooking for the reunion dinner is undoubtedly the pen cai – a braised one-pot dish packed with everything from baby abalones and sea cucumbers to roasted duck. Do note that there are no 'online' options for pen cai as it’s typically only available in restaurants/hotels. Regardless, as with purchasing CNY hampers, you want to get your money’s worth by ensuring the bulk of your pen cai contains premium ingredients, like dried oysters, abalones, dried fish maw, instead of ‘filler’ ingredients like bean curd, lotus root, and cabbage.

Remember to be Socially Responsible as You Celebrate CNY

There’s nothing quite like filling your belly with delectable goodies and catching up with your relatives from every part of Singapore. However, there is still a real risk of sparking large coronavirus clusters during the festive season. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe by adhering to the Source: Seedly.

Connect digitally with loved ones whenever possible— and, of course, show your love with the CNY hampers and goodies mentioned in this article. For an additional bonus, put your purchases on a rewards credit card (preferably cash-back, in these Covid-19 times where travel is still out of the picture) if you’re looking to save some money in the Year of the Ox!