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ValuePenguin SG Rebrands into ValueChampion

ValuePenguin SG is now called ValueChampion SG. Here's the background story of why we're making this change.

Hello Singapore!

Some of you may have noticed already. After 2 years of diligently serving Singaporean consumers to help them make better and more educated financial decisions, we recently decided to rebrand our Singapore site from ValuePenguin to ValueChampion. As with any rebranding, this was not a random decision we made lightheartedly. In fact, it is not going to be an easy transition for us, as we will have to sacrifice some of the business and the brand we've been building for the last 2 years. Still, we wanted to write this short blog post to explain why we decided on the name ValueChampion.

First, we wanted to instill our goal and sense of responsibility into our name. While the word "champion" is more often used to mean "a winner," it also means to defend and advocate. As a team, our goal is to champion the value of carefully evaluating every financial decision in our lives. We want to be advocates of consumers receiving full value for their money, so that they can do more of what they want with what they have. When we are conducting research to solve difficult financial questions consumers are facing, we want to keep this perspective on top of our minds so that we rigorously fulfill the pursuit of good solutions that are simple to understand.

Another meaning of the word "champion" includes "a warrior." By renaming ourselves into ValueChampion, we wanted not only to become warriors that fight to maximise the value of people's wallets, but also to rally and engage other "value champions" in our community. Whether you are looking for new ways to find better value in your purchases or you have your own expertise and tricks in personal finance, please share your concerns, questions and tips with our community. We would love to hear and learn from you, and continue to grow with you.

Thank you for reading our articles and conversing with us over the past 2 years. We look forward to serving you better in years to come!


ValueChampion Team

Duckju Kang

Duckju (DJ) is the founder and CEO of ValueChampion. He covers the financial services industry, consumer finance products, budgeting and investing. He previously worked at hedge funds such as Tiger Asia and Cadian Capital. He graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics with honors, Magna Cum Laude. His work has been featured on major international media such as CNBC, Bloomberg, CNN, the Straits Times, Today and more.