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Want To Succeed In The Workplace? Do THIS To Keep Your Career On The Fast Track

If you've just landed your dream job and you're looking to take your role to the next level, these tips on how to succeed in the workplace will help fast track your career.

According to a survey , salary is not the main driver for job satisfaction in Singapore. Research suggests that the main drivers for job satisfaction include confidence in the company's senior leadership, having a helpful manager in resolving work-related issues, and receiving sufficient training. Since we spend a significant amount of time at work, here are some ways that you can rise and shine in the workplace everyday.

1. Be Clear About Your Goals

As Michelangelo once said, "The great danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark." Understanding what you aim to achieve is the first step towards succeeding in the workplace. This starts with setting achievable and measurable goals. The purpose of goal setting is to find clarity and focus about where you want to go in your career. Use these goals to motivate yourself on a daily basis to work towards creating a career that you want. Contrary to what some people may think, goals do not need to be far-fetched. They can be as simple as finding a job that makes you happy or managing your schedule to allow for better work-life balance.

2. Take Initiative To Learn And Go Beyond What Is Asked

Learning doesn’t end in the classroom. In fact, many of the real lessons start in the workplace. Whether that’s learning how to communicate effectively while working in remote teams or using a new tool for the first time, you’ll need to allocate time to learn the ropes. This is not about showing off, instead it’s about making yourself more relevant and knowledgeable to succeed in the workplace. If you ask a recruiter about the key skills that they look for in new hires, their responses often include talent that’s curious, able to adapt, and has the potential to learn and grow.

Along these lines, managers are also on the lookout for people who are willing to go the extra mile. For example, if you’re asked to review a presentation, instead of simply editing the document, consider adding helpful guiding questions, suggestions, or even research that better supports points highlighted in the presentation. While it is important to set healthy workplace boundaries, it is also a virtue to lend a hand to others in the workplace. When you choose to be part of the solution, you’ll always make a difference in the workplace.

3. Cultivate Positive Workplace Relationships

If you’re an introvert, it may feel easier to work independently. However, no matter how much you might prefer working alone, you’ll always need to collaborate with others in the workplace to accomplish team goals. For example, the key performance indicator of the marketing team might be to increase monthly leads. To achieve this broad goal, there would be one person focusing only on creating and managing paid ads, while another person focuses on email marketing and automation, and someone else focuses on managing PR and blog content. As niche as each of these marketing roles may be, they all need to align on a common marketing campaign to collectively achieve the team goal.

This showcases the importance of cultivating positive workplace relationships and nurturing different talents within the team, regardless if they are part-time staff or interns. Those who can see the big picture and work for the good of everyone rather than for individual benefits are those who will gain recognition and success along the way. Establishing authentic workplace relationships will take time, especially when working remotely. Consider organising a virtual Lunch and Learn, which is a voluntary training meeting to exchange ideas and help team members learn different skills. Another way to create positive workplace relationships is by setting up Donuts on Slack. A Donut is a way to connect team members randomly for virtual coffee chats.

4. Adopt Healthy Routines

Adopting health and wellness programmes can improve your lifestyle and decision making process, resulting in higher productivity and job satisfaction. This is why many organisations are jumping on the wellness bandwagon to provide holistic programmes to their employees to maintain healthy behaviours. When you are healthy and choose to work out regularly, your muscles are strengthened and you can think clearly. Being healthy also impacts your immune and the cardiovascular system so that you’re better able to tackle daily responsibilities and make smarter decisions. From lifting weights to practicing yoga, exercising regularly helps you stay agile in the workplace. The good news is that you don’t need to pay a fortune to stay healthy and fit; going for long walks or jogging are free of cost and just as effective.

5. Cultivate Self-Awareness

Cultivating self-awareness helps you come face-to-face with the honest disparity between how you see yourself and how others perceive you. The process allows you to learn about yourself and make improvements so that you can better align with your goals. Consider asking trusted colleagues and friends for areas of improvement. Alternatively, you might benefit from working with a coach to help you cultivate the right skills to shine in your role. However, it’s important to note that these sessions are quite steep; hiring a career coach can set you back S$180 to S$490 per session in Singapore.

Finding Success In The Workplace

Just a bit of effort and a change in mindset can help you shine in the workplace. Whether you choose to learn new skills, go beyond what is asked by your manager, or cultivate positive workplace relationships, remember that success doesn't happen overnight. Rather, it’s a long-term process that starts with understanding yourself and setting the right goals.

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