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DBS/POSB Renovation Loan Review: How Competitive are the Banks' Rates?

DBS and POSB offer affordable long-term home renovation loans.

DBS/POSB Renovation Loan Review: How Competitive are the Banks' Rates?

DBS and POSB offer affordable long-term home renovation loans.


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Maximum Principal
Rest Rate
Cashier Fee


  • Low rates for renovationloans of 4-5 years
  • Great for current DBS and POSB home loan customers


  • Not the cheapest renovation loan available
  • Not the best rates for short-term renovation loans

DBS and POSB offer the most competitive interest rates for 4 and to 5 year renovation loans and 1-3 year loans of less than S$10,000. However, they charge higher fees than other banks and their interest rates are are less competitive in other circumstances.

Summary of DBS/POSB's Renovation Loans
Rest rates: 4.88% (DBS Renovation Loan) & 4.68% (DBS Green Renovation Loan)
Higher fees than competitors: 1% processing fee + 1% insurance premium
Low minimum income requirement: S$24,000
Low minimum loan requirement: S$5,000

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What Makes DBS/POSB's Renovation Loans Stand Out to Borrowers

DBS and POSB's renovation loans' rest rates of 3.88% are the lowest interest rates among lenders for 4 and 5 year renovation loans. The banks also offer renovation loans to individuals with incomes as low as S$24,000, which is a lower requirement than many other banks. Finally, DBS and POSB offer insurance coverage to borrowers in the case of death or permanent disability and a relatively inexpensive cashier fees of S$5.

However, DBS and POSB's renovation loans are less competitive for other durations and loan amounts. For example, CIMB offers cheaper rates of 2.98% to 4.18% with tenures of 1 to 3 years, though CIMB does not offer renovation loans of less than S$10,000. Additionally, DBS and POSB charge an insurance fee and a processing fee, making their mandatory fees twice as expensive as other renovation lenders. Therefore, DBS and POSB are only cheaper for longer-term renovation loans.

Summary of DBS/POSB's Renovation Loan

MaturityFeesInterest RateMonthly InstalmentTotal Cost
1 Year2%4.88%S$1,283.29S$399.45
2 Years2%4.88%S$657.27S$774.36
3 Years2%4.88%S$448.76S$1,155.20
4 Years2%4.88%S$344.62S$1,541.98
5 Years2%4.88%S$282.24S$1,934.67
*Assuming loan of S$15,000

Who Can Apply: Eligibility Criteria

Consider this if you are interested in a large renovation loan or currently have a home loan with DBS
  • Maximum Principal
    • 6x Monthly Income or S$30,000
    • Rest Rate
      • 4.68% (DBS Green Renovation Loan), 4.88% (DBS Renovation Loan)
      • Cashier Fee
        • Free 1st, S$5 fee after, max 4

        To be eligible for DBS or POSB's renovation loans, individuals must be Singaporean Citizens or Permanent Residents of 21 to 65 years old. Successful applicants must earn at least S$24,000 in annual income. Loan amounts vary from S$5,000 to S$30,000 or 6 times monthly salary, whichever is lower.

        Other Charges and Fees

        DBS and POSB's fees are more expensive than those of other renovation lenders. The banks charge a 1% processing fee and a mandatory insurance premium of 1, while other banks tend to only charge a 1% fee. However, the insurance program can be beneficial as it covers outstanding loan balances for borrowers in the case of death or total permanent disability. DBS and POSB also charge several standard fees for cashier orders, loan cancellation, early full repayment and late payments.

        Processing Fee1% of approved loan amount
        Insurance Premium1% of approved loan amount
        Cashier OrderS$5, first is free
        Cancellation Fee1% of approved loan amount
        Pre-payment Fee1% of outstanding loan amount
        Late Payment FeeS$35 for each month of part thereof

        How to Apply: Application Process

        In order to apply for DBS or POSB's renovation loans, applicants must submit documentation detailing of the renovation, proving homeownership, income and relationship to primary applicant in the case of a joint application. To prove their annual income, salaried employees need to submit their latest computerised payslip, salary crediting into a DBS/PSB bank account or their latest 6 months' CPF Contribution History. Self-employed individuals must submit their latest 2 years' Income Tax Notice of Assessment and variable income commission-based employees must submit their latest 12 months' CPF contribution history and their latest 2 years' Income Tax Notice of Assessment.

        Other Required Documents:

        • NRIC photocopy (front & back)
        • Original invoice or quote from contractor, signed by applicants and contractor
        • Property tax bill
        • CPF Housing Withdrawal Statement
        • HDB Letter of Approval
        • Sales and Purchase Agreement
        • Renovation Permit
        • Birth Certificate
        • Marriage Certificate

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