FWD Maid Insurance: What Makes it a Great Value?

FWD Maid Insurance: What Makes it a Great Value?

FWD's low cost and comprehensive coverage offers a little bit of something for everyone with their highly customizable policy.

Good for

  • Consumers looking for high value plans
  • Shoppers who want a customizable policy
  • Consumers looking for flexible cancellation policies
  • Consumers looking to save money on fees and bonds

Bad for

  • Consumers who want everything included in the policy already
  • Consumers who are looking for extensive medical coverage

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If you want a customizable policy with comprehensive coverage for cheap, FWD's Maid Insurance policies can be a great option. While offering some of cheapest premiums on the market, FWD's Maid Insurance policies offer greater breadth of coverage than their competitors. They are also easily customizable with a variety of optional add-ons like home contents cover and daily hospital allowance.

Summary of FWD Maid Insurance
Essential Plan offers great coverage for a very low cost
Exclusive Plan offers high medical and liability coverage
Includes waiver of indemnity and refunds maid agency fees
100% refund for policy if cancelled within 30 days
Free Special Benefit from now till 31 Dec 2020: If you opt for the outpatient medical expenses rider add-on, your helper can consult a doctor online from the comfort of your home using the Doctor Anywhere app.
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FWD Maid Insurance: What You Need to Know

FWD's plans are a great option for first-time buyers who want a little bit of coverage from everything in order to test out their possible future expenses. What makes FWD maid insurance plans a great value is that even though they consistently land as one of the top 3 cheapest policies, they do not skimp on coverage. We also believe that FWD's several optional add-ons further enhance its value. The insurance is available to be purchased for 26 or 14-month periods and comes in three different levels of coverage: Essential, Enhanced, and Exclusive.

FWD Premiums Compared to Other Insurers

Regardless of the plan you choose, FWD has great money-saving perks that aren't offered by other companies. They are the only insurer that will refund your maid agency fees, provide a 100% refund policy within the first 3 months, and include the MOM Waiver of Indemnity in their premium price; collectively these benefits can easily be worth hundreds of dollars. Also, all three plans come with equal payouts for accident expenses, repatriation expenses, funeral expenses, wage and levy expenses, Dengue, Zika, ambulance fees, and alternative maid services. For those worried about possible abuse of their children or elderly, there is a S$5,000 maid liability payout that will reimburse medical costs in the event abuse happens.

FWD does fall short if you are looking for if you are looking for high payout potential for medically related costs: its medical coverage, while extensive in scope, offers low payouts. For example, outpatient expenses due to illness are an optional add-on and have a maximum payout of S$1,000 (in the Exclusive plan), below the market average of S$2,446.15. This is also an offer that is available only if you use their network of clinics. Medical payouts that are included in the plan are below average as well.

FWD Essential Maid Insurance

FWD's Essential Maid Insurance policy has one of the best rates in the market. It has a base premium of S$238.29, which is 20% below the average market rate for basic policies. One of the most notable things about FWD is that, unlike other insurers, it doesn't exclude its basic plan from providing coverage for things like re-hiring, third party liability, wage reimbursement during hospital stays, temporary help costs, and damage or theft of maid's belongings.

Given its below average cost, we found this policy to be a great option for first-time maid employers who want to test the waters without overspending. This is because while you are getting to know your new domestic worker, you will be covered for a variety of risks without paying an expensive premium. The value of this plan is high enough that even if you don't choose their optional add-ons, you will still be getting a great scope of coverage for an almost unbeatable price.

FWD Enhanced Maid Insurance

FWD Enhanced Maid Insurance is the company's mid-tier plan with the base price of S$284.99. Its value remains consistent with other FWD policies in being higher than the market average. It covers up to S$2,000 of medical accident expenses, S$4,000 in third party liability, and S$500 in annual outpatient expenses.

This plan may be a good idea for people who like FWD's policy structure already and want more coverage than the basic plan. However, it may make more sense to purchase either the Essential or Exclusive plan or a different plan entirely. Unlike the other two plans, the Enhanced plan simply doesn't offer large enough policy payouts relative to its cost to make it a strong contender among its mid-tier peers.

FWD Exclusive Maid Insurance

As one of our top choices for the best comprehensive maid insurance policies, FWD Exclusive Maid Insurance is a great option for those with a flexible budget looking for extensive protection. It costs $335 for 26 months before optional add-ons and is one of the cheapest top-tier policies on the market. Coverage for maid replacement and maid's belongings are S$500, which makes the policy sit comfortably with its peers. Compared to other plans that tend to lean towards either high medical or liability coverage, FWD's Exclusive Maid Insurance plan has a good balance of both.

If you want a cheap top-tier policy and your budget can accommodate for picking and choosing different policy add-ons, you can end up with a very tailored comprehensive plan with FWD. If, on the other hand, the reason why you want to invest in a top-tier plan is due to anticipating high expenses, you may want to look elsewhere. Even though the Exclusive policy is a great comprehensive value plan, the payouts compared to other top-tier plans are a bit lacking. For instance, their liability coverages go up to a maximum of S$5,000, whereas other plans go into the tens of thousands.

Additional Options

Though FWD has a great value for its price, being tempted by all the additional options can increase your premium past your desired budget. However, because of the already low price, FWD allows for some wiggle room to customize your plan with add-ons without pricing yourself out. Add-on options include topping your hospitalization coverage up to S$30,000, daily hospital allowance, outpatient medical expenses (for doctor's visits due to illness), coverage for the pregnancy and syphilis testing fees and a letter of guarantee for the $7,000 Philippines embassy bond (for Filipino maids).

Outpatient medical expensesS$300S$500S$1,000
Daily hospital allowanceS$300S$300S$300
Home contents coverS$3,000S$4,000S$5,000
Top up hospitalisation & surgical expensesS$5,000-S$25,000S$5,000-S$25,000S$5,000-S$25,000

The ability to pick and choose extra coverage is a great way to customize your policy. If you have a flexible budget, you can choose whatever level of coverage you want and still be able to add whichever additional options aren't normally covered. There are also some budget-friendly add-ons that will give you additional protection for a minimum increase in cost, such as the hospital stay allowance for S$4.

FWD Modular Maid: Independent Add-ons

FWD also offers a few independent add-ons you can add to your pre-existing maid insurance, even if you are insured by another company. The add-ons consist of outpatient medical expense coverage, a six month medical examination (6ME) package and the Philippine embassy performance bond coverage.

The outpatient medical expense coverage will cover up to S$500 worth of outpatient doctor visits (S$30 per visit after you pay the first S$10). You can choose this benefit to last between 6 and 26 months. The six-monthly medical examination will cover the cost of the Ministry of Manpower's mandatory 6-month medical tests. You can choose to be covered for up to 4 medical examinations, done either at one of FWD's clinics or at home. Lastly, the Philippine embassy performance bond benefit is beneficial for Filipino maid employers if they need to renew their domestic worker's passport or if she's going on home leave. It will cover the cost of the bond if it is called.

Outpatient Medical ExpensesS$81.47
6-Monthly Medical ExamS$25.00
Performance bond for Philippine EmbassyS$60.75

FWD Maid Insurance Summary

Choosing a maid insurance policy can be a daunting task due to the dozens of options. To make it easier, below we have prepared a table that shows how FWD's maid insurance compares in price and coverage to the market averages. If you think that FWD is a great choice or you want to compare it to other plans, you can find out more information by reading our best maid insurance guide.

Premiums & BenefitsEssentialBasic Plan AvgEnhancedMid-Tier Plan AvgExclusiveTop-Tier Plan Avg
26-month PremiumS$238.29S$294.67S$284.99S$330.98S$335.01S$374.17
14-month PremiumS$150.60S$211.57S$197.65S$238.52S$232.94S$270.03
Value Ratio (Benefits/S$Premium)1.130.971.240.961.371.02
Outpatient Personal AccidentS$1,000S$1,236S$2,000S$2,176S$3,000S$2,808
Re-Hiring ExpensesS$300S$335.71S$400S$400S$500S$489
Liability to 3rd PartiesS$3,000S$8,643S$4,000S$14,231S$5,000S$20,889
Maid's BelongingsS$300S$289S$400S$413S$500S$720
Special GrantS$2,000S$1,591S$2,000S$1,933S$2,000S$2,545
Wage ReimbursementS$900S$805S$900S$947S$900S$1,053
Alternative Maid ServicesS$600N/AS$600S$694S$600S$975
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