MSIG MaidPlus Insurance: What Makes It Unique

MSIG MaidPlus Insurance: What Makes It Unique

MSIG has one maid insurance plan option which most closely resembles the average mid-tier plan. However, it impresses with its 1 million dollar employer liability coverage and covers your maid when she goes home on holiday.

Good for

  • Those who want high employer liability protection
  • Consumers who want an average plan
  • Employers who want coverage from when they are parted from their maid

Bad for

  • Employers who need 14-month maid insurance plans
  • Consumers who want either high value basic plan or comprehensive top-tier plan
  • Those who need extensive medical coverage

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MSIG MaidPlus's maid insurance policy is situated most closely to the market average of mid-tier plans in terms of its price and value. However, it provides an extraordinary liability coverage potential due to its employer liability add-on. Also, this plan may appeal to consumers who value protection against expenses resulting from parting with their maids, either temporarily or permanently. However, because of its cost, it may not be an ideal match for those who are looking for low cost plans.

Summary of MSIG MaidPlus Insurance Plan 1
Benefits and price most closely resemble an average mid-tier plan
Add-on coverage for employer’s liability goes up to S$1 million
The only plan to provide medical and hospital coverage even when maid goes home for the holidays
Not available to be purchased for 14-months
Promotion: S$20 shopping voucher + medical package worth S$70 (1 medical checkup + 1 flu vaccination)

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MSIG MaidPlus Insurance: What You Need to Know

MSIG MaidPlus offers one maid insurance plan for a cost of S$321 (waiver of counter indemnity included) for a 26 month period. The price, core coverage, and value ratio of benefits to dollar of premium are all around the mid-tier average. However, MSIG presents a couple of notable policy-related to customize your plan a bit further, such as employer's liability and hospitalization top-ups. MSIG also has options to purchase S$2,000 or S$7,000 insurance guarantee bonds for the Philippine Overseas Labor Office and the waiver of counter indemnity. However, there is no option to buy the plan for a 14-month period.

MSIG MaidPlus Insurance cost compared to other companies

In terms of protection, MSIG's maid replacement, special grant, temporary domestic help (which was recently increased to $50/day) and termination expense coverages are above average compared to other mid-tier plans. However, its coverage amounts for hospitalization and personal accident expenses are highly lacking compared to other mid-tier plans, which is the cause for the plan's uncompetitive value for price. Based on this, it seems like MSIG invested more in protection for when you lose your maid (i.e. firing costs, re-hiring costs, covering alternative maid costs, payment to her family upon her death or permanent disablement) rather than in protection against expenses incurred during her time with you.

Thus, if you are concerned about possible expenses you may incur due to loss or termination of your maid, this plan holds an advantage compared to other mid-tier plans. However, if you want a more well-rounded maid insurance, there may be better options like FWD's Exclusive maid insurance plan. Also, because MSIG MaidPlus's price is around the market average, those who are cost conscious could find cheaper options with plans like Etiqa.

MSIG MaidPlus Add-ons

MSIG stands out with its employer's liability add-on where you can purchase up to S$1,000,000 in coverage, which is the highest amount available in the market. The purpose of employer's liability coverage is to protect you should your maid get sick or injured and decide to pursue legal action against you. There are three levels of coverage available: S$300,000 for S$26.75, S$500,000 for S$37.45 and S$1,000,000 for S$69.55. If you feel like the core policy lacks liability protection and you are worried about potential lawsuits from your maid or her family, this add-on is your best bet for maximum protection.

The other add-on is something that we see with a several other maid insurers: hospital and surgical expense increases. For an additional premium of S$53.50 per S$5,000 sum insured, you can increase your hospitalization coverage by up to S$15,000. While this add-on doesn't make or break the policy, it is worth mentioning that there are cheaper mid-tier plans like FWD or Insured United who have higher hospitalization expenses already included in their premiums. For those who are on a budget and are concerned with maximizing medical coverage, those plans may be a better fit.

PriceCoverage Amount
Hospital Add-OnS$53.50S$5,000
Employer's LiabilityS$26.75S$300,000

MSIG MaidPlus Insurance Features & Coverage

While MSIG doesn't offer different types of plans to choose from, its policy may still be the right fit for you. Below, we have compiled a chart that shows how its price and benefits compare to those of other maid insurance plans. For more information about what is available on the market, we have created a guide to some of the best maid insurance policies in Singapore.

Benefits & FeaturesPlan 1Industry Avg.
26-month Premium$321.00S$328.06
Value Ratio0.941.00
Medical ExpensesS$1,000S$1,985
Re-Hiring ExpensesS$500S$408
3rd Party LiabilityS$5,000S$13,135
Maid's BelongingsS$300S$436
Special GrantS$2,000S$2,013
Wage ReimbursementS$900S$937

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