MSIG MaidPlus Insurance: What Makes It Unique

MSIG MaidPlus Insurance: What Makes It Unique

MSIG's maid insurance plans provide above average coverage for market average premiums, making them some of the highest value plans on the market.

Good for

  • Those who want high employer liability protection
  • Consumers looking for generous medical coverage
  • Employers looking for a high value plan

Bad for

  • Employers who need 14-month maid insurance plans
  • Consumers who are looking for a budget plan
  • Employers who want high 3rd party liability coverage

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MSIG MaidPlus's maid insurance plans provide above average coverage for average premiums, making it one of the higher value plans on the market. The extensive benefits MaidPlus provides, including its unique employer liability add-on can make it a high value option for consumers prioritising benefits over cost. This is in addition to appealing to consumers who value protection against expenses resulting from parting with their maids, either temporarily or permanently. However, customers seeking budget plans with simple protection may end up paying too much for coverage they won't utilise.

Summary of MSIG MaidPlus Insurance
Coverage is above average for most benefits
Premiums are below average for Standard plan but around average for Classic and Premier
Provides above average medical coverage, including accidental dental injuries
Only offers 26-month plans
Promotion: 20% off + Free Medical Check-up for Classic & Premier plans

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MSIG MaidPlus Insurance: What You Need to Know

MSIG's MaidPlus plans can be a good fit for people who are looking for above average coverage without paying an extra premium for them. There are 3 plans to choose from, the Standard, Classic and Premier plan. When comparing 26-month premiums, the Standard plan costs 12% below average, making it one of the cheaper options on the market. The Classic and Premier plans cost around the average. However, despite premiums ranging on the lower to middle end, the benefits provide consistently above average coverage, whether it's hospitalisation expenses or alternative help coverage.

MSIG MaidPlus Insurance cost compared to other companies

In terms of benefits, MaidPlus provides a variety of necessary and peace of mind benefits that may entice value maximising consumers. You'll receive the necessary S$60,000 of personal accident coverage and at least S$15,000 of hospitalisation treatment. MSIG's medical coverage is one of the best on the market, with hospitsalition, medical expense and even dental/TCM benefits having average or above average limits. Furthermore, your domestic worker's medical expenses will even be covered if she is travelling with you. Beyond that, you will get coverage for wage reimbursement, alternative domestic help (if you need a temporary replacement while your worker is in the hospital) and even replacement for your domestic worker's damaged belongings in the event of a fire or flood. However, it's not just the breadth of coverage that is impressive. The benefit limits are consistently above average, making all 3 plans a good option for value-seeking consumers.

However, MSIG's MaidPlus plans do have a few drawbacks. First, because MSIG MaidPlus's pricing is around the market average, so cost-conscious consumers will the cheaper premiums offered by insurers like Etiqa a better fit. Furthermore, people who are concerned about liability coverage may not feel like they're getting enough coverage with the below average third party liability benefit limit as the limits to this benefit are between 4-42% below the industry average. Lastly, FDW employers looking for one year coverage plans will not be able to purchase MSIG's MaidPlus, as it only offers 26-month plans.

MSIG MaidPlus Add-ons

MSIG stands out with its employer's liability add-on where you can purchase up to S$1,000,000 in coverage, which is the highest amount available in the market. The purpose of employer's liability coverage is to protect you should your maid get sick or injured and decide to pursue legal action against you. There are three levels of coverage available: S$300,000 for S$26.75, S$500,000 for S$37.45 and S$1,000,000 for S$69.55. If you feel like the base plans lack liability protection and you are worried about potential lawsuits from your maid or her family, this add-on is your best bet for maximum protection.

There are also two waiver of indemnity and bond guarantee benefits. The waiver of counter indemnity for the insurance guarantee bond you owe to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) will cover you in the event you need to pay the S$5,000 security bond. The second insurance guarantee bond you can purchase is if you hired a new Filipino domestic worker and need a letter of guarantee for the S$7,000 security bond to the Philippine Overseas Labour Office. This benefit will have MSIG submit the letter of guarantee on your behalf.

BenefitPriceCoverage Amount
Waiver of Counter IndemnityS$53.50S$5,000 (excess: S$250)
Employer's LiabilityS$26.75S$300,000
Insurance Guarantee Bond (Philippines Labour Office)S$80.25S$7,000

Claims & Contact Information

“To file a maid insurance claim with MSIG, you have to notify your agent or broker as soon as possible and file the relevant police reports if there is fatal or serious injury or criminal activity. If you do not use the services of an agent or broker, please file your claim directly with MSIG by completing the claim form available on their website or call MSIG at 6827 7660 during business hours for assistance.

Contact Information
Customer Centre4 Shenton Way #21‑01 SGX Centre 2 Singapore 068807
Customer Service Hotline65 6827 7602
Emergency Claims Hotline65 6827 7660
SMS Enquiry9158 1660
Filing a claimClaim Procedure & Forms

MSIG MaidPlus Insurance Features & Coverage

Below, we have compiled a chart that shows how MSIG's maid insurance plans compare to those of other products in the market. For more information, we have created a guide to some of the best maid insurance policies in Singapore.

Benefits & FeaturesStandardClassicPremierIndustry Avg.
26-month PremiumS$256.80S$333.84S$376.64S$328.06
Personal AccidentS$60,000S$60,000S$60,000S$60,000
Medical ExpensesS$1,000S$2,000S$3,000S$1,985
Re-Hiring ExpensesS$500S$500S$750S$408
3rd Party LiabilityS$5,000S$10,000S$20,000S$13,135
Maid's BelongingsS$300S$300S$500S$436
Special GrantS$2,000S$3,000S$3,000S$2,013
Wage ReimbursementS$900S$1,350S$1,800S$937
Premium includes Maid Insurance Guarantee Bond - MOM
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