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Guide to Your Insurer's Health & Wellness Apps

Some insurers provide wellness apps along with their health or life insurance products that track your healthy habits. The reward for meeting a certain threshold of good behaviors or simply even being a member of the wellness app results in discounts on your insurance premiums, store and airline discounts, cashback and points for a variety of institutions. Below, we provide a guide to the health and wellness tracking apps provided by insurers like AIA, Income (formerly NTUC Income), Great Eastern and Prudential.

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Who Are Wellness Tracking Apps Good For?

Wellness and health tracking apps come with a lot of incentives to entice people into signing up. However, people who are okay with sharing their health with a corporation and are motivated to stay on a wellness journey are the ones who will mostly benefit from these types of programs. This is because most rewards require such a high enough number of points that you would have to work out and improve your health and wellness habits on a consistent basis. Otherwise, you may end up paying money for an app that you won't use or your points may expire without acquiring enough for a redemption.

AIA Vitality

AIA Vitality is a health and wellness tracking app provided by AIA in which you earn points for completing certain wellness activities. The program costs S$8 per month (S$96 annually) and is split up into 3 sections. The first section is the health assessment portion. This typically takes place when you first sign up for the app, with the aim being to see your current health status. AIA Vitality provides the option to take a few online assessments or you can get health screenings at AIA's partner clinics. Each online assessment is worth a certain number of points, ranging from 500 to 2,000. In-person clinic appointments range from fitness assessments to basic physicals. They're worth up to 6,000 points per year.

The next portion of the app involves improving the results of your assessments and completing challenges to actively improve your health. There are fitness, diet, health assessment, stress and sleep categories. You'll need to link your fitness device or app to the My AIA SG app to complete weekly fitness challenges, which are personalised to match your health, performance and activity level. Please note that the annual limit for physical activities is capped at 15,000 points. Targets are adjusted based on your goals and fitness abilities.

There is also a dietary portion that assesses your eating habits and nutrition to help you improve your diet. Lastly, there are other miscellaneous trackers and assessments for sleeping habits, stress and even health check-ups. Each time you complete a challenge or assessment, you will get points that you can redeem at selected partners for various rewards. You should submit your results and receipts for any health screening, vaccination, and other wellness assessments via email to earn points.


AIA Vitality partners range from grocery stores to health clinics. Some partners are available once you accumulate a certain number of points. Other partners help you on your wellness journey. In the toggle below we outline AIA's major health partners that provide discounted rates for health screening, vaccinations and dental assessments. Please see their terms and conditions for the full list of notes and terms of use.

CategoryPartnersDiscounted CostPoints EarnedNotes
Health Screening^FullertonS$21.40 - S$353.101,000 p.a.
  • Executive Screen not available at Bedok Heartbeat or Changi City Point

HealthwayS$19.26 - S$37.45Up to 6,000 p.a.
OneCareS$19.26 - S$55.64Up to 6,000 p.a.
Vaccinations^^FullertonS$116.63 - S$612.041,000
HealthwayS$23.45 - S$630.01Up to 1,000
  • Vaccines only applicable when taken with basic health screening

OneCareS$25.00 - S$360.00Up to 1,000
Dental Screening^^^HealthwayS$74.90 - S$160.501,000 p.a.
Q&MS$82.751,000 p.a.
  • Additional S$12.80 for sterilisation and disposable fee/visit

Health ImprovementAllen Carr's EasyWayS$100 offUp to 1,000
  • Point eligibility depends on quitting smoking for 3 months and completing assessment for add'l 500 points
NutritionHealth Can Be FunS$49.00 - S$65.001,000 p.a.
^Max. 6,000 AIA vitality points per year for health screenings ^^Hepatitis A vaccine not eligible for points; Eligibility per vaccine depends on individual's age and sex; Max 1,000 points per year ^^^Dental fees are estimates and don't include medication, exams or products


As you earn points, you will be able to redeem them for following rewards like discounts and cashback. The more points you earn, the more rewards become available as you move up the levels. At Platinum (30,000 points and higher), you will be eligible for all the rewards. The list of partners and their rewards are listed below:

GymsFitness First, Gravity, Virgin Active20-30% off gym memberships
FitnessFitbit, Garmin, Polar25% off fitness devices
NutritionCold Storage, Jasons, Market Place20% Cashback on HealthyFood™'; up to 375 Vitality points/month
WellnessGNC, Health Can Be FunGNC: Free VIP membership; HCBF: S$85 webcook session
EntertainmentGolden VillageS$3 off x 2 on Movie Tickets/Zen Zone Admissions
TravelEmirates, Singapore Airlines, Royal Caribbean Cruiseline20% rebate on airfare; 50% off cruise fares
TravelThanyapura Resort30% off room rate^; 20% off selected online Wellness Services^; 10% off Food & Beverages^
ShoppingAmazin' Grace, Noel Gifts10% off^
Boxgreen, Eu Yan Sang, Samsung (select items)15% off^
Jabra GNUp to 30% off^
AgodaUp to S$50 off^
Discount until 05/31/2021

If you are doing the weekly challenges, you will earn Vitality coins. These can be redeemed for rewards from the following partners:

  • Cold Storage
  • Grab
  • GrabFood
  • Singtel
  • Starbucks
  • Ya Kun Kaya Toast

How to Sign-Up for AIA Vitality Membership

To sign up for AIA Vitality, you should create a My AIA SG account online. Afterwards, you can sign up for AIA Vitality online, speak with your financial representative, or visit an AIA Customer Service Centre. To be eligible for AIA Vitality, you have to be an AIA policyholder or insured (besides Travel & Lifestyle plans) and 16 years of age or older.

How to Cancel AIA Vitality Membership

To cancel your AIA Vitality membership, you should fill out the AIA Vitality termination form. It will take up to 14 days to process your request. Please note you can only terminate your AIA Vitality membership at the end of the membership year and with 30 days notice given to AIA.

Income (NTUC Income) Orange Health

Income's Orange Health is a free health and wellness program that you can use on your Income insurance app. There, you'll be able to track your fitness and wellness activities and earn Oh! Points that you can redeem for vouchers. Income also provides Orange Health Screenings at a variety of facilities for a flat fee of S$20.

If you are already insured under an Income Shield plan and you pass all your check-ups during the Orange Health Screening, you'll be entitled to receive a S$50 CapitaVoucher.

Rewards & Partners

You can earn Oh! points in a number of ways. First, you can sync your Fitbit, Garmin or phone's step counter to record your steps and sleep tracker, log your workouts at participating fitness centres and track your healthy meals. You can also take part in group or individual challenges to earn extra points. Income has paired with the following partners to help individuals earn points:

FitnessActiveSG, Barre 2 Barre, Platinum Yoga, The Yoga Space, Yoga Inc.
GroceryFairPrice Online

You can also redeem up to S$20 worth of rewards from CapitaVoucher, Wang, Gamina and NTUC Fairprice from the Oh! points that you earn. You have the opportunity to redeem twice a year: between January 1st to June 30th and between July 1st and December 31st.

How to Sign-Up for Income Orange Health Membership

To register for Orange Health, you will have to download the Income Insurance App. Anyone who has an IncomeShield plan can sign up for Income's Orange Health plan.

How to Cancel Income Orange Health Membership

If you'd like to terminate your account, you can email Income at [email protected].

Great Eastern GETGREAT

Great Eastern's GETGREAT is a free wellness tracking app that provides fitness and diet tracking, tips and programmes. To get started, you need to download the app from your phone, sign up and take a health assessment test. After you're set up, you'll complete challenges in order to earn (experience points) XP or STARS that can be used to redeem rewards from Great Eastern's UPGREAT partners. XP points are earned by completing Quests (ex. daily great walkathon, 7-day programme activities), which can be done alone or with a friend. Great Eastern also has a feature called FitAge that is calculated based on the number of daily steps you take, the amount you sleep and your heart rate.

You can earn more rewards by improving these three factors. Unless you are a Great Eastern policyholder, you will be limited to 500 STARS redemption per month. STARS also expire monthly, so you will have to redeem them before they expire. On the other hand, XP points expire and help you level up to earn more STARS.


You can redeem your STARS for rewards from the following Great Eastern partners:

PartnerRewardCost in UPGREAT Points
X-MiniS$60 e-Voucher4,200
EAMartS$50 e-Voucher4,850
BestS$50 Best Denki Voucher4,900
ZaloraS$30 e-Voucher2,790
ShellS$10 Shell Fuels Voucher880
GrabFoodS$10 Voucher930
On all rewards except EAMart: Valid until 10/20/2020, until stocks last

How to Sign-Up for GETGREAT Memberships

You can sign-up for GETGREAT by downloading the app on Google Play or the App Store. You don't need to be a Great Eastern policyholder to sign up for the app. dd

How to Cancel GETGREAT Memberships

There aren't explicit details on how to cancel your membership. We advise you to reach out to Great Eastern for more details.

App Data & Effect on Premiums

One of the greatest concerns you may have with linking your health habits to an insurer's app is the effect your habits will have on your premiums. All insurers above mention that their wellness tracking apps are separate from your policy account and your habits will not affect your premiums.

Other Ways to Earn Rewards Through Your Insurer

If you're a policyholder of a particular insurance company, you may be eligible to receive rewards without signing yourself for their wellness program. For instance, Great Eastern lets you shop and earn UPGREAT points via RebateMango. You'll be able to earn points from places like Agoda, AliExpress, EAmart, Brands, Amazon and Lazada. Income also lets their policyholders get discounts on certain brands and stores. For instance, you can get discounts at stores like FairPrice Online, Shopee, Rack85 and Vitamin Mall and a few maternity stores. There are also discounts at restaurants like Cat & the Fiddle Cheesecakes and Lobby Lounge @ Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza. Lastly, Income also provides discounts for certain wellness treatments like massages, facials, yoga classes and chiropractic treatment.

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