The Cheapest & Most Expensive Areas in S'pore For HDB Resale Flats

Looking to buy a new home and decided to go for a resale flat because it's spacious? Here are the average prices of resale flats in different HDB estates across Singapore, and the best mortgage loans in Singapore to help you with your purchase.
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The Cheapest & Most Expensive Areas in S'pore For Resale Flats

Are you in the process of choosing your next HDB home? If you’re trying to choose between BTO flats and resale flats, the price of the property will be a key factor to consider.

BTO flats generally offer cheaper prices than resale flats. This is especially true now, as resale flats’ prices have been on a consistent upward trend over the past 2 years.

However, BTO flats also come with long waiting times and the size of BTO flats have reduced over the years. It has also been reported that the prices of certain types of resale flats, such as 3-room apartments, have actually dropped slightly last month.

To help you understand the range of prices offered for resale flats across Singapore, we summarise the average prices for resale flats in each area and highlight the areas with the cheapest and the most expensive prices.

Average Prices Per HDB Apartment Across Singapore

Here are the average prices per HDB apartment type across all of the 27 HDB towns and estates in Singapore:

Ang Mo KioN.A.$233,242$339,311$494,537$685,887$913,941N.A.
Bukit BatokN.A.N.A.$326,235$457,919$632,793$713,299N.A.
Bukit Merah$201,428$277.323$414,914$713,572$816,485$785,666N.A.
Bukit PanjangN.A.$276,154$344,076$456,776$566,548$686,606N.A.
Bukit TimahN.A.N.A.$412,230$636,241$863,859$1,060,937N.A.
Central AreaN.A.$273,518$435,283$866,802$1,053,599N.A.N.A.
Choa Chu KangN.A.$270,153$365,126$456,278$543,857$632,060N.A.
Jurong EastN.A.$273,222$337,560$446,175$567,137$758,319N.A.
Jurong WestN.A.$267,421$316,664$446,206$519,507$619,680N.A.
Marine ParadeN.A.$240,000$393,496$498,802$810,222N.A.N.A.
Pasir RisN.A.$311,750$437,803$496,580$584,898$710,523N.A.
Toa PayohN.A.$237,568$319,987$612,014$811,606$878,432N.A.
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While 4-room and 5-room flats are the most common types of flats available, 5-room flats have a larger variation in prices as compared to 4-room flats. Out of all the different types of HDB flats, 3-room flats have the lowest variable in their prices.

This means that if you are looking for a home in a popular location and do not mind a smaller home, a 3-room flat might be a feasible option for you.

The 3 Most Affordable HDB Towns & Estates

Based on the table above, the 3 estates which have the most consistently affordable prices across all apartment types are Jurong West, Sembawang, and Woodlands.

Let’s take a deeper look at each of these estates to give you a better understanding of whether it would be suitable for you.

1. Jurong West

Jurong West has some of the cheapest prices for 3-room, 5-room, and Executive HDB resale flats in all of Singapore, with its prices for 2-room and 4-room flats faring at the lower end of the spectrum as well.

As the largest residential estate in the Western region of Singapore, Jurong West is home to up to 6 shopping malls, 2 hospitals, and the National University of Singapore. It’s also located near the upcoming Thomson-East Coast MRT line, making it a comfortable location that has well-rounded amenities.

The upcoming Jurong Regional Line is also promising, increasing convenience for travelling within the region.

2. Sembawang

Sembawang offers the cheapest rates for 5-room and Executive HDB resale flats, and also has some of the lowest prices for its 4-room flats. The prices for its 2-room and 3-room flats, however, are only around the national average and are not as cheap as their other resale flats.

While Sembawang may not be as well-equipped as other popular HDB estates, it has become better connected with the recently built Canberra MRT station, and also has neighbourhood shopping centres and nature parks.

3. Woodlands

Woodlands has the cheapest 4-room resale flat prices and also has highly affordable rates for its 3-room and 5-room flats that are considerably cheaper than other HDB towns. The prices for its 2-room and Executive flats are near the national average.

Woodlands has large shopping centres and is home to several schools such as Republic Polytechnic and the Singapore Sports School. Its connectivity has also been dramatically enhanced with the building of the Thomson East-Coast MRT line.

The 3 Most Expensive HDB Towns & Estates

On the opposite end of the spectrum are these 3 estates, which generally have the steepest prices for HDB resale apartments: Bukit Timah, Central Area, and Queenstown.

1. Bukit Timah

Bukit Timah has some of the highest prices for 5-room and Executive HDB flats. The prices of its 3-room and 4-room flats are also on the higher end.

In addition to the several schools, shopping centres, and nature parks that it houses, Bukit Timah is also highly well-connected with the Downtown MRT line that directly connects the different areas of this HDB town.

2. Central Area

The Central Area has the highest prices in all of Singapore for 4-room and 5-room HDB resale flats, with the prices for its 3-room resale flats only narrowly missing this mark. The prices for its 3-room flats are also above the national average.

The high prices for HDB resale flats in Central Area are to be expected considering its location in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District. Surrounded by Singapore’s largest shopping centres and bustling office buildings, this HDB town is part of the busiest area in the city.

3. Queenstown

Queenstown’s 3-room, 4-room, 5-room, and Executive HDB resale apartments are all some of the most expensive resale flats in Singapore, and the prices of its 2-room flats are well above the average too.

Prices for resale flats in Queenstown have been driven up by the extreme well-connectedness of the area with the East-West MRT line. Another factor is the presence of several primary and secondary schools in the vicinity.

Prices by Apartment Type

While the estates listed above offer the cheapest or most expensive prices on average, they do not have the most affordable or steepest prices across all types of HDB apartments.

Here are the 3 cheapest and most expensive options for resale flats in Singapore based on the type of apartment.

2-Room Flats3-Room Flats4-Room Flats5-Room FlatsExecutive
Ang Mo Kio$233,242Jurong West$316,664Sembawang$434,392Jurong West$519,507Jurong West$619,680
Geylang$218,965Toa Payoh$319,987Woodlands$424,074Sembawang$504,491Sembawang$577,415
Toa Payoh$237,568Woodlands$321,468Yishun$436,059Woodlands$505,115Sengkang$627,906
Most Expensive
Clementi$335,841Central Area$435,283Bukit Merah$713,572Bukit Timah$863,859Bishan$979,548
Pasir Ris$311,750Pasir Ris$437,803Central Area$866,802Central Area$1,053,599Bukit Timah$1,060,937
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Mortgage Loans in Singapore

Mortgage loans are a common way to achieve big-ticket purchases like a new home in land-scarce Singapore. For resale flats, you can decide between an HDB loan which allows you to pay monthly with CPF funds or a home loan from banks and loan providers. Depending on your risk appetite, preferred loan tenure and income level, you can find different types of loans available in Singapore that are most suitable for your needs.

Click here for a more detailed guide on the best mortgage loans in Singapore and how to pick the one that’s best for you.

Buying a new home is a huge purchase that can kick start the next chapter of your life. Nonetheless, it can be a challenging process that requires a lot of big decision-making. Knowing the cheapest prices offered and the best mortgage loan options available to you can make this process much easier.


To calculate the cheapest and most expensive HDB resale rates in Singapore, we looked at the prices of all HDB resale flat transactions made in the 27 HDB towns and estates over the past 12 months. The average cost of each type of resale flat in each HDB town or estate was then derived, and the top 3 lowest and highest average prices for each type of property were identified as the cheapest and most expensive areas.

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