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SBI Home Loan Review: How Competitive Are SBI's Rates?

SBI offers competitive introductory interest rates and refinancing subsidies, though its start cost and total cost of borrowing is generally less competitive.

SBI Home Loan Review: How Competitive Are SBI's Rates?

SBI offers competitive introductory interest rates and refinancing subsidies, though its start cost and total cost of borrowing is generally less competitive.


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  • Individuals looking for stable interest rates
  • Individuals willing to refinance their home loan every few years
  • Borrowers seeking to refinance their existing home loan


  • Borrowers seeking home loans with the lowest total interest cost
  • Individuals seeking loans for BTO units
  • Individual with loans less than S$750,000 that are looking for a stable interest rate

The State Bank of India's (SBI) Singapore arm generally offers competitive introductory home loan interest rates. The bank's rates tend to increase substantially after 1 to 3 years, so it is best to consider SBI's loans if you are willing to refinance every few years.

Summary of SBI's Home Loans
Competitive introductory rates
Minimum loan principal: S$250,000

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What Makes SBI Stand Out to Borrowers

SBI is a decent option for borrowers that plan to refinance their loans after a few years. This is because the bank offers some competitive introductory interest rates and less competitive rates following the first few years of its loan tenure. It is also a good option for borrowers seeking to refinance their home loans due to its combination of credits offered to these borrowers.

SBI HDB and Private Home Loan Interest Rates as of January 2024

SBI tends to offer reasonably competitive fixed and floating first-year interest rates HDB loans. While the bank's rates tend to increase in later years of loan tenures, borrowers that would be willing to refinance their loans every few years may want to consider SBI. For this reason, it is worth comparing SBI's rates to other top banks before choosing a home loan. Below is a table of SBI's current first-year interest rates.

SBI is not typically the cheapest lender for loans for homes under construction. However, if this is the type of loan you require, it is important to compare rates from as many lenders as possible to ensure that you secure the best deal. Below are SBI's current rates for loans for private residences under construction.

SBI home loan rates
Source: SBI
SBI home loan rates
Source: SBI

Applicable Fees

SBI charges a few fees that are standard among home lenders. These fees include partial repayment fee, full redemption penalty and cancellation fees. The table below details SBI's fees by home loan type.

Loan TypePartial Repayment FeeFull Redemption PenaltyCancellation Fee
Tracker (Lock-In)1.5%1.5%1.0%
Fixed Rate1.5%1.5%1.0%

How to Apply: Application Process

Find the Cheapest Home Loans in Singapore

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The home loan application process can be very complicated. For this reason, we suggest that individuals consult our home loan broker partner by clicking any "Check Rates" button on this page.

Applicants are required to provide several documents, including proof of identification, personal debt information and proof of income. Foreigners must provide their employment pass, work permit or dependent pass and proof of address.

Applicants must provide payslips from the last 3 months or a letter from their employer certifying their employment. Applicants must also submit their latest IRAS Notice of Assessment and past 12 months CPF contribution statement. Self-employed applicants must provide their ACRA Search +Business Profile/License of business and most recent 2 years IRAS Notice of Assessments. Commission-based individuals must provide their most recent 12 months commission statement, latest 2 years IRAS Notice of Assessment and last 12 months CPF contribution history.

  • NRIC / Passport
  • Copy of tenancy agreement (if applicable)
  • Option to purchase (new purchase)
  • Last 6 months loan statement (refinance)
  • CPF withdrawal statement for existing property (if applicable)
  • CPF statement of account (if applicable)

Eligibility: Who Can Apply for SBI's Home Loans?

Prospective applicants must be between 21 and 65 years old. Singaporeans and Permanent Residents must have annual incomes of at least S$30,000 while foreigners must earn S$50,000 annually. Additionally, foreigners' properties must have minimum values of at least S$500,000.

How Do SBI's Home Loan Rates Compare to Other Banks' Rates?

Home loan interest rates can change daily in Singapore. Therefore, it is important to compare the rates before applying for a loan. The table below features updated interest rates for Singapore's top home lenders.

Bank1st Yr InterestLock-in PeriodApply Now
No offerings at this time

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