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UOB Mortgage Review: One of Singapore's Cheapest Home Loan Options

UOB provides very competitive home loan options for HDB and private residences.

UOB Mortgage Review: One of Singapore's Cheapest Home Loan Options

UOB provides very competitive home loan options for HDB and private residences.


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  • Individuals seeking competitive home loan interest rates


  • Not able to refinancing your home loan loans of less than $250,000

UOB's strong reputation and consistently competitive interest rates make it one of the best sources of home loans for Singaporeans. For instance, the bank is one of the largest in Singapore and tends to offer some of the best fixed and floating rates for all types of home loans. Moreover, it is one of the few home loans available for foreigners, making it a convenient option for some consumers.

Summary of UOB's Home Loans
Generally offers some of the best home loan interest rates in Singapore
Minimum loan principal: S$250,000
Loans available for foreigners

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What Makes UOB Home Loan Stand Out to Borrowers

As a well-established home lender, with more than S$88.6 billion in total home loans globally, UOB is a great source of home loans in Singapore. The bank's low interest rates for all types of home loans make it a great option for prospective homeowners as well as borrowers seeking to refinance their home loans.

UOB HDB Home Loans Interest Rates as of January 2024

UOB tends to offer some of the cheapest HDB housing loans. In terms of total interest cost and fixed and floating interest rates, UOB is typically one of leaders in Singapore. Below, we display UOB's Home Loan current rates for floating loans. The interest rates for UOB fixed home loans and combination fixed-floating home loans are dependent of your loan amount and tenure.

Floating Home Loan
Year 13M Compounded SORA + 0.70% p.a.
Year 23M Compounded SORA + 0.70% p.a.
Year 33M Compounded SORA + 0.80% p.a.
Year 4 and thereafter3M Compounded SORA + 1.00% p.a.
Lock in period2 years
Min Loan SizeS$250,000

UOB Refinancing Home Loan Interest Rates as of Janurary 2024

UOB has typically offered very competitive refinancing interest rates for both HDB and private residences. The bank's floating and fixed rates have both been competitive with the rates of other lenders. You are able to refinance your existing home loan with UOB at the same rates as a new UOB home loan.

Find the Cheapest Home Loans in Singapore

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How to Apply for a UOB Home Loan: Application Process

Most mortgage applications are complicated and long. Typically, applications require several processes and more than 10 documents. Therefore, we recommend that individuals interested in UOB's home loan products consult our home loan broker partner by clicking any of the "Check Rates" buttons on this page.

Documents Needed to Apply for a UOB Home Loan

  • Completed duly signed UOB Property Loan Application Form
  • Copy of NRIC/Passport of applicants
  • Income documents
  • Option to purchase
  • Latest CPF statement of account (if CPF usage is involved)
  • Latest CPF withdrawal statement for existing property (if applicable)
  • Option of sale for existing property (if applicable)

How Does UOB Home Loan Compare to Other Mortgage Lenders?

Home loan interest rates change every few days in Singapore. This makes it important to compare the best rates in the market. The table below features updated interest rates for Singapore's top banks, as of January 25, 2024.

Bank1st Yr InterestLock-in PeriodApply Now
No offerings at this time

Home mortgage rates showcased on this page are derived from the mortgage loan aggregator Redbrick Mortgage Advisory, our mortgage loan partner.

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