Insured United Domestic Maid Insurance: Who Should Get It

InsuredUnited Domestic Maid Insurance Plan 1A
InsuredUnited Domestic Maid Insurance Plan 1A

Insured United Domestic Maid Insurance: Who Should Get It

InsuredUnited's prices may be uncompetitive, but it boasts some of the highest value plans on the market with impressive liability coverage.

Good for

  • High-income employers with expensive household items
  • Consumers looking for high value top-tier plans
  • Employers looking for high liability and theft coverage

Bad for

  • Consumers looking for cheap basic-tier plans
  • Consumers who want termination or temporary help coverage
  • Online-shoppers

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Insured United's Domestic Maid Insurance is one of the most comprehensive and top value options for maid insurance in Singapore. With above market average coverage across all 3 plans, it beats out its competition with its depth of liability and medical coverage. However, given its relatively high price range, it may not be a good fit for everyone.

Summary of Insured United Domestic Maid Insurance
One of the most comprehensive and best value plans
Above average coverage for lawsuits and theft
Great option for high income families

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Insured United Domestic Maid Insurance: What You Need to Know

If you have a flexible budget, Insured United's Domestic Maid Insurance can offer some of the best coverage money can buy. While priced around the market average, Insured United provides comprehensive coverage spanning cancer/kidney dialysis outpatient treatment, third party liability, maid's hospital recuperation, maid replacement, fidelity (theft by your maid), special grants, maid's personal belongings, and wage reimbursement. There are optional add-ons for the waiver of counter indemnity and for both S$2,000 and S$7,000 Philippines P.O.L.O. bonds. Insured United's plans come in 3 options: Plan 1A, Plan 2A, and Plan 3A, either for 26 or 14-month periods.

Insured United Domestic Maid Insurance premiums compared to other insurers

Insured United's plans are an ideal fit for people who want maximum protection against losses from theft or lawsuits. Due to its high coverage amounts for third-party liability (protection against third-party lawsuits against your maid), Insured United's plans benefit families whose maids come into contact with many strangers on a daily basis. Additionally, it is the one of the two insurers that offer protection for both your belongings and your maid's belongings. This means that families who have expensive or rare household items can view the fidelity and maid's protection options as a valuable safety net against theft, either from their own worker or outsiders. Insured United doesn't skimp on medical coverage either. It offers some of the highest coverage amounts for hospitalization, repatriation, and outpatient expenses.

These plans may not be ideal for people who are on a tight budget and don't need liability protection in the tens of thousands. While coverage is high, the cost of Insured United's Plan 1A is 50% higher than the cheapest basic plan on currently on the market. Also, Insured United doesn't cover termination expenses or temporary help benefits. If you are someone who needs either of those two options, there may be other plans like Etiqa that could be better suited to your needs. Another potential drawback could be that Insured United's policies aren't available for purchase online. In order to apply you have to mail or fax your application.

Insured United Plan 1A

Insured United's basic plan costs around its peer average at S$294.25 for a 26-month policy. However, compared to some of its cheaper competitors, this plan doesn't have as much coverage per dollar of premium. We believe this is mainly due to the price. The plan offers a great variety of coverage options with above average coverage amounts compared to other basic tier plans. It is one of two basic plans on the market that offer fidelity coverage and one of three basic plans that offer outpatient expense coverage for cancer or kidney dialysis. It is also above average for third-party liability, recuperation and personal accident expenses.

Insured United's Plan 1A could be a good choice for families with a flexible budget who want a comprehensive basic plan. Alternatively, it may be a good option to consider this plan if you have been looking for a budget mid or top-tier plan that offers great scope but not necessarily high coverage amounts. However, for those looking for a good value plan, there are other options out there that are cheaper and offer better value like FWD. If you like what Insured United's maid insurance offers and can afford to do so, you may also want to consider its other two plans as you may get a better value for your dollar.

Insured United Plan 2A

Insured United's Plan 2A policy is where we start to see Insured United offer great value. The 2A policy costs S$315.65 for a 26-month plan which is a little less than the mid-tier market average, but offers 20% more medical and non-medical coverage than its peers. This includes above average coverage for hospitalization expenses, outpatient expenses, personal accident expenses, third-party liability, maid recuperation, and special grants. It is also at the median for wage reimbursement. It is worth mentioning, however, that coverage for theft of your or your maid's belongings is slightly below the mid-tier market average.

Plan 2A could be a great fit for those who want a high value and comprehensive mid-tier plan rather than a budget value one. Even though it is already below the average cost for a mid-tier plan, it is competing against budget-friendly insurers like Etiqa and FWD whose mid-tier plans cost in the S$200 range. However, you could argue the value of this plan makes up for the cost with its excellent medical and liability coverage. This makes it ideal for people who want a mid-tier plan that provides top-tier coverage amounts.

Insured United Plan 3A

For those who are looking for the greatest value top-tier plan, Insured United's Plan 3A is a clear winner. It offers 30% more coverage than its top-tier competitors and 242% more liability coverage than the overall market average. This is due to some of the highest possible payouts in the industry with third-party liability of S$75,000 and repatriation benefit of S$20,000. Its outpatient expenses are above market average, as are its personal accident, maid's recuperation, maid replacement, special grant, fidelity, maid's personal belongings and hospitalization coverage.

If you are someone who is looking for a very comprehensive plan that maximizes third-party liability and medical coverage, this is a great option. The coverage amounts that were below their respective market averages in Plans 1A and 2A are now raised to competitive amounts, making the policy's value be worth the cost. Plan 3A provides maximum protection against lawsuits, theft and high medical costs, making it an ideal choice for wealthy families that could stand to lose a significant sum.

Insured United Domestic Maid Insurance Features and Coverage

InsuredUnited Domestic Maid Insurance Plan 1A
InsuredUnited Domestic Maid Insurance Plan 1A

Based on our independent research, Insured United's Domestic Maid Insurance comes out on top as one of the most comprehensive and best value plans. Below, we have compiled a chart to show you how its price and coverages compares to those of other plans. If you think it could be a match for you or you want to compare it to other plans in the market, you can read our guide on the best maid insurance policies in Singapore.

Premiums & BenefitsPlan 1ABasic Tier AvgPlan 2AMid-tier AvgPlan 3ATop-Tier Avg
26-month PremiumS$294.25S$295.07S$315.65S$329.97S$369.15S$365.68
14-month PremiumS$234.05S$211.57S$250.11S$238.52S$290.24S$270.03
Value Ratio (Benefits/S$Premium)1.050.981.550.961.791.02
Personal AccidentS$1,500S$1,236S$2,000S$2,176S$2,500S$2,808
Re-Hiring ExpensesS$250336S$350S$400S$500S$489
Outpatient ExpensesS$1,000N/AS$2,500S$2,143S$5,000S$3,500
Liability to 3rd PartiesS$10,000S$8,643S$50,000S$14,231S$75,000S$20,889
Maid's BelongingsS$250S$289S$250S$413S$500S$720
Special GrantS$2,000S$1,591S$1,000S$1,933S$2,000S$2,545
Wage ReimbursementS$600S$805S$900S$947S$1,200S$1,053
Alternative Maid ServicesN/AN/AN/AS$694N/AS$975
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