Guide to Your Domestic Worker's Medical Examinations

To ensure that your maid is healthy and ready to work, there are a couple of different types of medical examinations that she must complete to satisfy the government requirements. The first exam is done before she starts working and the other exam is a recurring semi-annual one. These medical checkups are an integral part of your responsibilities as an employer, since keeping your maid healthy will result in a better quality of life for you and her.

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Pre-employment Medical Examination

Two weeks before your maid can begin working for you, you have to send her to a Singapore-registered doctor to complete the pre-employment medical examination. This exam will cost the employer S$80, and tests for tuberculosis, HIV, syphilis, malaria and general mental & physical health. You can request the copy of the medical report if you want to know the results. If you do not get the medical examination completed, then your maid will not get her work permit and will be sent home.

Six-Month Medical Examination (6ME)

Every 6 months, you will be responsible for sending your maid to get additional medical examinations. General testing will be for tuberculosis, HIV and Syphilis and pregnancy. If you want, you can also talk to your maid about getting a mental health, cancer or dental check up, though you should be aware that you will be responsible for all of these medical costs. Immunizations are also especially important if your maid will be working with children or handling food; they cost anywhere from S$35 for one vaccine to S$93 for a bundle. The average annual cost of the 6ME is around S$60 to S$80, but you may be able to find a clinic that offers subsidized rates for maids. If your maid fails the 6ME, you have to cancel her work permit and repatriate her. However, if your maid is over 50 years old, she does not need to go for her 6ME.

Medical ExamAverage CostFrequency
Pre-employment Medical ExamS$80Once per hire
Pregnancy & Syphilis ExamS$35Semi-annual
HIV ExamS$15Every 2 years
Tuberculosis ExamS$25Every 2 years
Dental Check-upS$60Semi-annual to annual
Immunizations Package (Pertussis, Diptheria, Tetanus)S$75Once per hire

You will receive a notification by post for the six-month medical check up each time your maid is due for one. There are a couple of conditions where you can postpone or cancel the exam. For instance, if your maid is on holiday leave, you can submit a form to postpone. If you are planning on not extending her work permit, you are not obligated to send her to do her 6ME if it is due within one month of her termination. If you are worried about accumulating medical bills once you have hired your domestic worker, consider purchasing maid insurance. There are a variety of plans that help cover the cost of any unexpected medical emergency.

If her employment is ending soon but is not within one month of the 6ME, then you should apply for a waiver. If you fail to send your maid for her 6ME checkup, then her work permit may be revoked. To avoid this, you should inform the Ministry of Manpower of the delay as quickly as possible.

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