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HL Assurance Enhanced Maid Protect360 Insurance: Is It Worth Getting?

HL Assurance stands out with its medical coverage and domestic worker's effects protection, however its uncompetitive premiums and below average value may not offer the type of protection some employers want.

HL Assurance Enhanced Maid Protect360 Insurance: Is It Worth Getting?

HL Assurance stands out with its medical coverage and domestic worker's effects protection, however its uncompetitive premiums and below average value may not offer the type of protection some employers want.


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Hospitalisation Coverage
Outpatient Expense Coverage
Third Party Liability Coverage


  • Provides coverage for domestic worker's possessions
  • Offers coverage for a variety of medical treatments
  • Optional medical check-up add-on can save you 50% on semi-annual medical exams
  • HLAS member rates for outpatient GP and dental visits


  • Basic plan is below average value
  • Below average liability coverage for all 3 plans
  • Not the highest value plans on the market

Even though HL Assurance's Enhanced Maid Protect360's plans are uncompetitive in price and value, there is a good scope of medical coverage and it has the highest coverage for domestic worker personal effects on the market. However, due to the very modest silver plan and lack of liability protections for the employer, buyers looking for high value basic or liability-focused plans may find better options elsewhere.

Summary of HL Assurance Enhanced Maid Protect360
Silver plan provides modest coverage and below average value
Platinum and Diamond plans cost above average but provide above average coverage for medical benefits
Below average liability protection across all plans
HLAS member rates for outpatient GP and dental visits
Optional medical check-up add-on can save you 50% on semi-annual medical exams

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HL Assurance Enhanced Maid Protect360: What You Need to Know

Due to its expensive premiums, HL Assurance's Enhanced Maid Protect360 has a low average value even though it offers a wide range of coverage for things like termination and re-hiring, physiotherapy and dental expenses, maids personal belongings and hospital cash expenses. There are also optional add-ons for the waiver of counter indemnity for S$5,000/year and S$7,000 Philippines Overseas Labour Office bonds and medical check up coverage for 1 or 2 years. HL Assurance's Enhanced Maid Protect360 plans come in 4 options: Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond either for 26 or 14-month periods.

HL Assurance Enhanced Maid Protect360 Insurance premiums compared to other insurers

HL Assurance's plans could be a good fit for people who are not on a budget, want coverage for a variety of medical treatment options and want to protect their domestic worker's personal belongings. This is because HL Assurance offers a scope of medical sublimits that aren’t as common: including clinical visits, dental, physiotherapy. There is also coverage for hospital recuperation cash expenses. The most notable aspect of HL Assurance is its above average coverage for your domestic worker's personal belongings (even though it's only offered for the Enhanced and Premier plans), making it a choice insurer if you want to offer your domestic worker some security or if you want to protect the gifts that you give her.

The Enhanced Maid Protect360 plans may not be ideal for people who are on a tight budget, are looking for value or want extensive liability protection. This is because HL Assurance's Basic plan doesn't go far beyond the Ministry of Manpower's required coverage amounts of S$15,000 for hospitalisation and S$60,000 for personal accident. Additionally, HL Assurance's plans are not the best choice if you are looking for coverage against lawsuits or theft committed by third parties or your worker. Instead, we suggest you evaluate other plans which may be a better fit due to their cheaper price and higher liability claims coverage.

HL Assurance Enhanced Maid Protect360: Silver

HL Assurance's Basic plan costs about average at S$245 (without bond waiver) for a 26-month policy but has a low value, making it unideal for consumers who are in the market for comprehensive basic plans. This is because there is very little coverage beyond hospitalisation, accident and repatriation expenses and it covers almost none of the sub-limits that the Enhanced and Premier plans provide. While it does offer a S$50 sub-limit for clinical visit expenses (per visit) and S$200 of termination and rehiring expenses, these amounts are lower compared to other basic plans we found. Overall, if you can afford to do so, you can find better value with HL Assurance's other plans or opt for high value basic plans such as FWD.

HL Assurance Enhanced Maid Protect360: Gold

We’d recommend HL Assurance's Gold or Platinum plans for those looking for above average medical expenses. The Gold policy costs around the average for mid-tier plans, while the Platinum plan (nestled between a top-tier and mid-tier plan) costs 16% above the top-tier average. Due to these prices, they end up with below average value. However, the above average benefit limits for hospitalisation, daily hospital cash, domestic helper's personal belongings, wage compensation benefits may sway those who aren't as restrained by price. As is offered for every plan, you will also be eligible for preferred rates for outpatient medical and dental visits and you will also have a teleconsultation benefit should a medical enquiry arise. If you're willing to pay the higher price for the Premier plan, you'll also receive a S$100 sub-limit for TCM treatment and a S$250 sub-limit for physiotherapy.

However, both plans offer below average third party liability coverage, which means they won't be the best choice if your main concern is protection against possible theft or lawsuits. Based on our analysis, if you want a plan that covers you for a variety of medical expenses and offers extra protection for your domestic worker's possessions, these plans can deliver. Alternatively, if you are looking for budget mid to top-tier plans or prefer plans that offer comprehensive liability coverage, you may find better options with other plans.

HL Assurance Enhanced Maid Protect360 Platinum

The Platinum is one of the priciest plans on the market, breaching S$449.50 for a 26-month plan if you include the bond waiver add-on (necessary if you want to reduce your bond liability from S$5,000 to S$250). However, it has one of the best medical coverages on the market. There's a S$60,000 annual hospitalisation limit, which is 54% higher than the top-tier average as well as sub-limits for rarely seen medical treatments like physiotherapy. Benefits that relate your domestic worker's health are also above average, like the daily hospital cash sub-limit, re-hiring expenses and wage compensation.

HL Assurance Enhanced Maid Protect360 Diamond

To fully round out your plan you can also spend an extra S$88 to get an additional S20,000 of hospital expenses, infectious disease coverage and critical illness coverage (for major cancer, heart attack, stroke, CABP and kidney failure).

However, as we've seen with the other Enhanced Maid Protect360, liability coverage isn't that high nor are there fidelity benefits. This means while this is a great option for employers looking to maximise medical benefits, it won't be the best choice for people prioritising liability and theft coverage.

Policy Exclusions

As is common with all insurance plans, there are some things that you will not be able to file a claim for. You should also do whatever you can to avoid having to file a claim in the first place. In addition to exclusions that apply to specific benefits (for instance, you can only apply for the termination/re-hiring benefit if your maid dies or becomes permanently disabled), there are also general exclusions that apply to the entire policy. We've listed these below.

  • Suicide/deliberate self-harm
  • Pregnancy/childbirth/abortion/miscarriage
  • Mental disorders
  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Participation in hazardous activities/sports (rafting, canoeing, etc.)
  • Radioactivity or damage from nuclear fuel/waste
  • Strike, riot or civil commotion
  • Consequences of war, acts of terrorism

Claims & Contact Information

You or your domestic worker should notify HL Assurance within 30 days of a claimable event happening. You can submit your claim online by downloading their claim form, filling it out and sending it along with supporting documents to their claims email listed below.

Contact Information
Customer Hotline+65 6702 0202
24-Hour Emergency Hotline+65 6922 6009
Claims e-mail[email protected]
File a claimClaim forms

HL Assurance Enhanced Maid Protect360 Insurance Features and Coverage

After analysing and comparing 50 maid insurance policies, we found that HL Assurance's Enhanced Maid Protect360 may be a good fit for those who aren't in the market for budget plans or who want to protect their worker rather than themselves. If you want to know the plans' specifics, the chart below outlines the price and coverage offered compared to the industry averages. If you wish to compare HL Assurance to other maid insurers in Singapore, you can read our guide to some of our top maid insurance picks.

Premiums & BenefitsSilverBasic Tier AvgGoldMid-tier AvgPlatinumDiamondTop-Tier Avg
26-month PremiumS$245.00S$318S$303.00S$338S$396.00S$484.00S$389
14-month PremiumS$189.00S$222S$233.00S$282S$305.00S$372.00S$333
Value Ratio (Benefits/S$Premium)0.880.950.891.070.820.001.05
Medical ExpensesS$1,000S$1,181S$2,000S$2,147S$3,000S$4,000S$3,231
Re-Hiring ExpensesS$200S$317S$300S$371S$500S$600S$545
Liability to 3rd PartiesN/AS$7,883S$3,000S$12,700S$5,000S$7,000S$24,727
Special GrantN/AS$1,550S$2,000S$2,036S$3,000S$5,000S$2,909
Wage Reimbursement (annual)N/AS$855S$30S$1,041S$50S$60S$1,329
Maid's BelongingsN/AS$286S$1,000S$411S$2,000S$3,000S$1,133
Premiums include bond waiver add-on
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