AXA SmartHelper Maid Insurance: Who It is Good For

AXA's low value is attributed to its high cost and low liability coverage. However, it has some of the rarest medical coverage you can currently find on the market, making it ideal for the medically-conscious consumer.
AXA SmartHelper Standard
AXA SmartHelper Standard

AXA SmartHelper Maid Insurance: Who It is Good For

AXA's low value is attributed to its high cost and low liability coverage. However, it has some of the rarest medical coverage you can currently find on the market, making it ideal for the medically-conscious consumer.


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Hospitalisation Coverage
Outpatient Expense Coverage
Third Party Liability Coverage


  • Provides psychiatric and dental coverage
  • Offers extensive medical coverage
  • Unlimited repatriation benefit with AXA's medical provider
  • Plus plan covers suicide and unexplained causes of death/disablement


  • Lackluster liability and theft coverage
  • Plans can be pricey, especially with add-ons
AXA SmartHelper Standard
AXA SmartHelper Standard

AXA's SmartHelper maid insurance policies aren't the best options in the market in terms of price or value. However, AXA offers some unique medical add-ons and policy coverages that may be beneficial for a niche market of consumers. Unfortunately, the premiums for these add-ons can get expensive, rendering them affordable only to people with very flexible budgets.

Summary of AXA SmartHelper Insurance
Standard plan is below average in coverage and above average in cost
ComprePlus and Ultimate Plus offers lackluster 3rd party liability coverage
Unlimited repatriation coverage if using AXA's medical provider
Only insurer to offer psychiatric and non-surgical dental coverage
Plus plans cover suicide and unexplained causes of death/disablement

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AXA SmartHelper Maid Insurance: What You Need to Know

If you need to make sure that you are covered for a large variety of medical expenses or if you have a maid who suffers from certain special medical conditions, AXA could provide an ample amount of protection, though at a high cost. AXA offers medical coverage that is hard to find with any other policy. Though not available for the Standard plan, AXA's plans are unique in offering coverage for critical illness such as cancer, kidney failure and strokes (provided none of these happened within the first 90 days of coverage). The wide disparity in coverage between the Standard and -Plus plans means that to get the most out of AXA's maid insurance, you should focus on their -Plus plans as they offer greater value and coverage than the Standard plan. The only thing that all three policies share in common is their repatriation coverage and the option to top-up hospitalization expenses. Overall, however, due to the variety of medical coverage offered, AXA has a clear leaning towards giving consumers a comprehensive and unique coverage for medical concerns. AXA's SmartHelper maid insurance is separated into three plans: Standard, Compre-Plus and Ultimate-Plus. To apply for AXA's plan online, you have to go through its partner site, Anda.

AXA SmartHelper Maid Insurance basic plan premium compared to other maid insurance basic tier premiums
Premiums shown are taken from cheapest plans offered by the insurer.

While AXA stands out due to its variety of medical coverage, it disappoints in liability and theft coverage, bringing down its value considerably. For instance, there is no coverage for fidelity (coverage for theft by your maid) and maid's personal belongings. The only liability coverage available is third-party liability (coverage for legal expenses due to a third party suing your maid) with amounts that are meager compared to the market averages. Additionally, these plans are costly, with all three policies being more expensive than their peer averages. Thus, these plans are definitely not recommended for consumers who need either a well-balanced/liability-focused policy or who are cost-conscious.

AXA SmartHelper Standard

AXA's Standard maid insurance plan offers none of the benefits that make AXA stand out among its competitors. It is the lowest value plan on the market due to its above average price and below average coverage. For example, it offers only the minimum required hospitalization, personal accident and medical expense coverage. Also, AXA's unique psychiatric and dental add-ons are not available to be purchased with this plan, nor will you get a payout if death or permanent disablement occurs because of suicide or unexplained causes. This plan's repatriation coverage is unlimited if using AXA's emergency medical assistance provider, otherwise the maximum coverage is S$3,000.

There are a plethora of better options for basic plans on the market than AXA's Standard plan, whether you are looking for modest or comprehensive coverage. The price is high for very little coverage, making it difficult to recommend it as a viable basic plan. If you are looking for a basic plan that offers great value or is comprehensive in coverage, there are other options that may suit your needs better like Etiqa or FWD.

AXA SmartHelper Compre-Plus

With a cost of S$342, AXA's SmartHelper Compre-Plus plan costs above the mid-tier average but has a below average value. The low value seems to stem from the uncompetitive price and poor liability coverage (the only liability coverage offered is S$3,000 of third party liability coverage). On the other hand, its medical coverage is competitive with a S$2,000 in personal accident expense coverage and S$1,000 each for outpatient and critical illness coverage. Special grant and maid replacement coverage are above average as well. To really maximise your medical protection, you can purchase psychiatric and dental add-ons and top-up your hospitalisation coverage.

If your maid needs a particular medical condition covered, you can save money by purchasing the Compre-Plus plan in lieu of its top-tier plan. By doing this, you will still get AXA's comprehensive medical coverage and may even be able to afford an add-on or two. This can give you a tailored, medically-focused mid-tier plan. However, even though your scope of medical coverage will be wide, the amount of coverage will be on the smaller side. If you are looking for a well-balanced or liability focused mid-tier plan, there are other options such as Insured United or FWD that may suit your needs better. The same holds true if you are looking for a budget mid-tier option.

AXA SmartHelper Ultimate-Plus

If you are willing to invest in a very comprehensive medical insurance, AXA's SmartHelper Ultimate-Plus plan may be a good fit. Its cost of S$374.50 is around the average cost of top-tier plans but its coverage for personal accident, special grant, outpatient and terminal illness expenses (both S$3,000 each) and maid replacement are all above the peer average. There is also a quite high sub-limit of S$200 for traditional Chinese practitioner coverage per accident. However, similarly to AXA's Compre-Plus plan, its third-party liability coverage is lackluster, which brings down its value of coverage amount/premium dollar. If you are opting for a very comprehensive, top-tier medically-focused plan, AXA's Ultimate-Plus plan combined with its medical add-ons could provide you with protection from pretty much any possible medical expense.

Though its value is below average, Ultimate Plus's competitive price and combination of above average medical coverage and add-ons will make this the plan worth considering. Since AXA covers health problems most insurers leave out, its Ultimate-plus plan can be a respite for those who have maids who are suffering from medical issues like dental, psychological and terminal conditions. However, because it is the most expensive plan out of the three, purchasing the additional add-ons will make it costly and therefore not ideal for someone looking for a budget top-tier plan.

AXA SmartHelper Add-ons

AXA offers several add-ons that differentiate it from other plans on the market. Whereas other insurers do not cover psychiatric or non-accident related dental coverage, AXA covers both, albeit not for the Standard package. For the psychiatric care add-on, you can purchase either a S$3,000 or S$5,000 coverage option for around S$64.20 to S$80.25. This option covers inpatient psychiatric treatment at a hospital only, so it won't cover things like outpatient therapy sessions. If you worry that your maid may need emergency psychiatric care, this may be a good option to purchase since no other policy will cover health or accident expenses relating to mental health.

AXA's dental insurance is also unique in that it covers non-surgical dental services, but you should be prepared to pay a very high additional premium. For S$1,000 of coverage, you will be responsible for an additional premium of S$321 to your 26 month policy. If you want coverage of S$3,000, this cost will increase to S$428. Unfortunately, while this is a great option that other companies don't cover, the price of this add-on is more expensive than the total cost of AXA's most expensive plan. If you find that your maid's main medical concern is dental, this add-on may be worth the cost if you find yourself spending more than what this premium costs. For instance, the average cost for a crown ranges from S$400 to S$2,140. However, if you don't know your maid's dental needs, it may not be worth spending extra to receive this coverage.

The third add-on that AXA offers is additional top-up hospitalisation coverage. This is fairly common among maid insurance and AXA offers coverage of up to S$15,000 for Standard and Compre-Plus plans and up to S$20,000 for Ultimate-Plus plans. This is a good idea to get if you feel like you want more hospitalisation coverage than what is offered. The add-on premiums for this coverage is below average for both the smallest additional option (S$5,000 of additional coverage) at a cost of S$42.80 and for the most expensive (S$20,000) at a cost of S$107.

Add-On OptionsCoverage Amount26-Month planPremium 14-Month Plan
Psychiatric Care3,000S$64.20S$42.80
Dental Care1,000S$321.00S$235.40
20,000 (for Ultimate-Plus)S$107.00N/A

Claims & Contact Information

You must notify Anda Insurance Agencies Pte Ltd within 21 of any claimable event occurring. You can submit your claim for AXA's SmartHelper online via their online form. Please make sure you have all the required documents including hospitalisation forms, police reports, death certificates (if applicable). For more information, you can reach out to AXA via the methods below.

Contact Information
Customer Hotline (General)1800 880 4888
Domestic Helper Hotline (Ms. Katherine Goh)6534 2288
[email protected]
Filing a claimClaims Procedure

AXA SmartHelper Coverage & Benefits

AXA SmartHelper Standard
AXA SmartHelper Standard

AXA stands out with its unique medical coverage but due to its cost and specific focus, it may not be the right choice for everyone. Below, we've compiled a table that compares AXA's SmartHelper insurance benefits and cost to the market averages. If you want to learn more about how it compares to other plans on the market, you can read our guide to the best maid insurance policies in Singapore.

Benefits & FeaturesStandardBasic Tier AvgCompre-PlusMid-tier AvgUltimate-PlusTop-Tier Avg
26-month PremiumS$310.30S$318S$331.70S$338S$363.80S$389
14-month PremiumS$246.10S$216S$262.15S$255S$286.23S$304
Value Ratio (Benefits/S$Premium)0.710.950.771.070.780.001.05
Personal Accident/DeathS$60,000S$60,000S$60,000S$61,765S$60,000S$63,462
Outpatient Injury/AccidentS$1,000S$1,181S$2,000S$2,147S$3,000S$3,231
Outpatient Critical IllnessN/AS$1,500S$1,000S$2,333S$3,000S$4,500
Re-Hiring ExpensesN/AS$317S$500S$371S$750S$545
Wage Reimbursement (annual)N/AS$855S$900S$1,041S$900S$1,329
Special GrantN/AS$1,550S$2,000S$2,036S$3,000S$2,909
3rd Party LiabilityN/AS$7,833S$3,000S$12,700S$5,000S$24,727
Premiums include bond waiver add-on and any prevailing promotion

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