Best Personal Accident Insurance 2018

Personal accident insurance can be a great way to protect your family from financial hardship should you get into an accident while travelling or at work. Read our guide below to find the right personal accident insurance policy for your budget and needs.

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Best Personal Accident Plans in Singapore

We found that the best personal accident (PA) plans in Singapore came from insurers such as Aviva, FWD, NTUC Income and Tokio Marine. These plans proved to not only offer a high value of coverage per dollar of premium, they offered above average coverage and highly competitive premiums. Below, you'll find our analysis of we chose these plans out of the 70+ options we compared.

This graph shows the cost of the cheapest personal accident insurance policies in Singapore

Cheapest Personal Accident Insurance Plan

Aviva Personal Accident

Consider this if you are an average office worker looking for the cheapest plan

Region of Coverage Worldwide
Total Disability Coverage 100% of Sum Assured

The cheapest personal accident insurance is Aviva's Personal Accident Lite plan, with premiums costing 30-37% below average for basic personal accident plans. Additionally, its coverage includes S$100,000 of death or disablement coverage and S$3,000 of medical expense coverage, which is significantly higher compared to other basic-tier plans. There is also liability coverage, which can be beneficial if your accident involved another person. Furthermore, this plan's competitive price means you can top off your coverage by purchasing one of its riders and still end up with premiums that are 20% below average for basic personal accident plans. Due to the low cost and simple coverage, this plan could be a good fit for the average consumer working in a low-risk, skilled or semi-skilled profession.

Premiums & CoverageAviva LiteBasic-Tier Plan Avg.
Annual Premium (Class 1 Occupation)S$85.50S$136.00
Accidental Death & DisabilityS$100,000S$86,842
Medical ExpensesS$3,000S$2,211
Daily Hospital IncomeS$50/dayS$61/day
Personal LiabilityS$100,000S$83,333

Best Personal Accident Insurance for the Elderly

As you get older, insurance usually becomes more expensive while the risk of a medical emergency or accident increases. In this case, you may want to forego very expensive private health insurance plans and instead opt for a personal accident plan to fill any gaps in your hospitalisation coverage. For those cases, we found FWD and Tokio Marine to provide the best coverage for seniors, provided that they enroll before age 65.

Cheapest Personal Accident Insurance for Seniors

Consider this if you are a senior looking for affordable personal accident coverage

Region of Coverage Worldwide
Total Disability Coverage 100% of Sum Assured

FWD's Personal Accident plan with S$100,000 of coverage is a good option for consumers on a tight budget. This is because its premiums cost 35% below the basic accident plan average. While it only provides coverage up until age 75, its benefits make it a good option for consumers looking for post-accident benefits. For instance, its home modification installation, mobility aids/prosthetics and physiotherapy coverage make this plan a good option for seniors who live alone, since home modifications are a costly but necessary endeavour to make mobility easier after an accident.

Promotion Codes

  • 25% off with "BestPA"
Premiums & CoverageFWD 100K
Annual Premium (Class 1 Occupation)S$90.00
Accidental Death & DisabilityS$100,000
Medical ExpensesS$2,000
Daily Hospital IncomeN/A
Mobility Aids/ProstheticsS$500
Home ModificationsS$10,000
Max. Age Covered75

Best Personal Accident Insurance for Long-Term Retirement Coverage

Tokio Marine TM365

Consider this if you are approaching retirement and want to secure a personal accident plan until you turn 85

Region of Coverage Worldwide
Total Disability Coverage Up to 150% of Sum Assured

On the other hand, Tokio Marine's TM 365 Plan A lets you renew your plan until you turn 85, making it a good option for those who want coverage for a longer period of time. It is one of the cheaper options on the market, costing 10% below average for S$50,000 sum assured PA plans. The TM365 A plan also includes a couple of notable benefits. For instance, it offers trauma support coverage for when you need counseling after your accident. It also offers up to 150% of the sum assured for certain types of permanent disability. Lastly, the TM 365 A plan provides a weekly income benefit and daily hospital income income, which can be a beneficial benefit for seniors who are still working and would like a small stipend while hospitalised or temporarily disabled.

Premiums & CoverageTM TM365
Annual Premium (Class 1 Occupation)S$90.95
Accidental Death & DisabilityS$50,000
Medical ExpensesS$2,000
Daily Hospital IncomeS$50/day
Mobility Aids/ProstheticsS$1,500
Home ModificationsS$2,000
Max. Age Covered85

Best Personal Accident Plans for Hazardous Occupations

It may be difficult to find a personal accident plan if you work in a risky or heavy machinery-involved occupation (class 4 occupation) since most insurers don't provide coverage for you. These jobs include oil-rigging, police work, firefighting, construction and unskilled labor. However, there are a few personal accident plans that will still allow you to purchase coverage even if you work these occupations. We found FWD and NTUC Income to be the best insurers for individuals working in these occupations.

Cheapest Personal Accident Insurance for Hazardous Occupations

Consider this if you work in a hazardous or high-risk job and need affordable but low-coverage protection

Region of Coverage Worldwide
Total Disability Coverage 100% of Sum Assured

FWD is the cheapest option for individuals in high-risk occupations. It is especially a good option for those looking for low level coverage (S$300,000 and under) because its premiums cost 45-50% below the average of similar plans. Despite its low price, FWD even includes several benefits that usually cost extra. These include a funeral grant benefit, a guardian angel benefit for your kids should you pass away, medical aids coverage and home modification coverage. There are also some unique benefits such as physiotherapy coverage and a daily taxi allowance that you can use for taxi rides up to two weeks after you are released from the hospital.

Promotion Codes

  • 25% off with "BestPA"
Premiums & CoverageFWD 100k PlanBasic-Tier Plan Avg.
Annual Premium (Class 4 Occupation)S$180.00S$350.00
Accidental Death & DisabilityS$100,000S$86,842
Medical ExpensesS$2,000S$2,211
Daily Hospital IncomeN/AS$61/day
Mobility Prosthetics/AidsS$10,000S$4,000
Child Support BenefitS$100,000S$32,538
Personal LiabilityS$100,000S$83,333

Best High Coverage Personal Accident Insurance for Hazardous Occupations

NTUC Income PA Assurance

Consider this if you work in a hazardous or high-risk job and need high levels of accidental death & disability coverage

Region of Coverage Worldwide
Total Disability Coverage Up to 150% of Sum Assured

While FWD is the cheaper option for individuals working in hazardous occupations who are looking for lower levels of death and disability coverage, NTUC Income's PA Assurance Plan 4 becomes the cheapest option if you are looking for coverage of at least S$1,000,000. Out of the 4 plans that offer million dollar coverage for class 4 occupations, Income's Assurance plan costs about 10% less. Furthermore, it offers a S$5,000 physiotherapy benefit, a weekly income if you suffer temporary disablement and can't work, a daily hospital income that gives you a small daily stipend while you are hospitalised and up to S$25,000 for the purchase mobility or prosthetics aids. One potential drawback is that the NTUC Income Assurance plan does not offer liability coverage, meaning you won't be covered for legal liabilities if a third party was involved in your accident.

Premiums & CoveragePA Assurance Plan 4Top-Tier Plan Avg.
Annual Premium (Class 4 Occupation)S$1,900S$2,105
Accidental Death & DisabilityS$1,000,000S$537,500
Medical ExpensesS$20,000S$7,975
Hospital IncomeS$400/dayS$280/day
Mobility Prosthetics/AidsS$2,000S$1,880
Personal LiabilityN/AS$433,333

Best Personal Accident Plans for Comprehensive Coverage

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If you are looking to maximise your personal accident coverage regardless of cost, FWD's Personal Accident plan with S$1 million dollars of accidental death and disability coverage can be a good fit. For instance, the base plan automatically includes ambulance fee, daily taxi allowance, personal liability and a S$500,000 child support benefits. It also offers S$50,000 of home modification coverage—the highest on the market. This is quite unique as other plans make you pay extra to get these benefits. Though it is slightly pricier compared to other PA plans that provide S$1 million worth of coverage, all the extra benefits could very well be worth the price.

NTUC Income's PA Assurance Plan 4 can be a good fit for families looking for comprehensive disability and childcare coverage. It offers S$1 million of accidental death coverage, 150% of the sum assured should you get a total and permanent disability, above average coverage for your child's education should you pass away from your accident, weekly income benefits and a daily hospital income benefit. Furthermore, it also covers miscarriage, food poisoning and hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) and diagnostic tests for broken/fractured bone procedures. It also costs just slightly under the average of other PA plans that offer S$1 million of coverage and offers a 40% discount on premiums for your children, making it a high value plan.

Promotion Codes

  • 25% off with "BestPA"
Premiums & CoverageFWD 1000K PlanPA Assurance Plan 4
Annual Premium (Class 1 Occupation)S$1,000.00S$950.00
Accidental Death & DisabilityS$1,000,000S$1,000,000
Medical ExpensesS$15,000S$20,000
Daily Hospital IncomeS$500/dayS$400/day
Home ModificationS$50,000S$25,000
Weekly IncomeS$500/weekS$500/week
Child Support BenefitS$500,000S$35,000

Best Personal Accident Insurance for Personal Transport Users

NTUC Income Personal Mobility Guard

Consider this if you commute by bicycle or electric skate-scooter

Region of Coverage Singapore
Total Disability Coverage 100% of Sum Assured

NTUC Income's Personal Mobility Guard plan can be a good option for bicycle, hoverboard or electric skate-scooter riders who want tailored protection for them and their two-wheeled vehicles. It offers S$200,000 of personal accident coverage and S$2,500 for medical expenses due to the accident. It also offers up to S$1,000,000 of personal liability coverage, should your accident involve a third party. However, unlike other personal accident plans it doesn't offer miscellaneous benefits such as a weekly income benefit (payment while you're out of work) or mobility aids/prosthetic benefits. Furthermore, it is important to mention that this plan does not cover injuries not related to you riding your bicycle or personal mobility device, nor does it cover motorcycles. Nonetheless, it can still be beneficial for consumers who utilise their bike or electric scooter for daily commuting.

Premiums & CoverageNTUC Income Personal Mobility Guard
Annual PremiumS$96.00
Accidental Death & DisabilityS$200,000
Medical ExpensesS$2,500 (S$100 Excess)
Personal LiabilityS$1,000,000
Etiqa eProtect Personal Mobility

Consider this if you want damage and loss coverage for your bicycle

Region of Coverage Singapore
Total Disability Coverage 100% of Sum Assured

Etiqa's eProtect Personal Mobility Essential can be a good option for recreational cyclists who also want to protect their bike against loss and damage. While its premium of S$188 for one year of coverage is above average for personal accident plans, we found the Essential plan to offer unique coverage that could be worth the price. For instance, not only does it offer S$150,000 of coverage should you get into an accident while on your e-scooter or bike, but you will also get S$300,000 of personal liability coverage, S$3,000 of medical coverage and be fully covered in the event your bicycle gets stolen or damaged.

Premiums & CoverageEtiqa eProtect Personal Mobility Essential
Annual PremiumS$188.00
Accidental Death & DisabilityS$150,000
Medical ExpensesS$3,000 (S$200 deductible)
Theft/Loss/Damage CoverageFull cost of Bicycle (S$1,500-S$3,001)
Personal LiabilityS$300,000

How to Choose the Best Personal Accident Plan

Personal Accident insurance is an optional insurance plan, which means you should only purchase it if you believe you will truly benefit from the coverage it offers and you will be able to afford the annual premiums. With that being said, choosing the right plan depends on several factors including your occupation, your desired benefits and your budget.

First, your occupation plays a key role in choosing the right plan. For instance, if you the average office worker and the sole provider for your family, you may want to look for plans that have a weekly income benefit and a child support benefit in order to keep your children financially protected. Luckily, because all plans cover this occupation, you will have the most choice and it will be slightly easier to find a plan based on your budget and desired coverage. On the other hand, retirees who have a higher risk of slips and falls should look for plans provide coverage well after age 65 and that offer post-accident recovery benefits such as home modifications and mobility aid coverage.

Furthermore, you should carefully read what occupations fall under which category for different insurers because they are not standardised across all insurers. For instance, one insurer may consider a nurse as a Class 3 occupation, while another may consider a nurse to be a Class 2 occupation, resulting in an average annual premium difference of around S$200. However, if you have a class 4 occupation (e.g. police officer, construction worker, paramedic and other occupations that are hazardous or require use of heavy machinery) you first need to find plans that will provide you suitable coverage. This is because we found that most plans do not offer coverage for these types of occupations, making it less likely to have a wide range of options to pick from.

Lastly, it is important to consider your coverage needs and budget regardless of your occupation. You should carefully review your current coverage to see if a personal accident plan would add new coverage or simply act as an expensive duplicate. If you find that most of the coverage would be a duplicate, it may be worth skipping it. However, should you really need the coverage a PA plan provides, you should consider whether you can afford to pay for the plan. In some cases, you may have to sacrifice the amount of coverage you want for a simpler, but more budget-friendly alternative. This means you should carefully compare multiple plans to see which one offers the coverage you need for the price you can afford.


To get to our decision, we analysed over 100 personal accident policies on the market from 16 different insurers. We took into consideration the benefits offered, the premiums for each occupation class and any miscellaneous benefits consumers would find to be a valuable addition to their coverage. We then looked at the ratio of benefits offered per dollar premium paid. This helped us see which plans would give consumer the best value. Next, we tried to segment plans based on the demographics they would fit best. For instance, knowing that seniors are mostly retired and have a limited income, we looked at plans that not only provide benefits seniors would need such as mobility coverage and home modifications, but that are also affordable.

Insurance Companies Sampled
NTUC IncomeFWDAvivaEtiqa
Tokio MarinePrudentialAIAGreat Eastern
China TaipingIndia International InsuranceErgoLiberty Insurance
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