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Average Cost of Gym Memberships in Singapore 2024

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With dozens of gyms to choose from in Singapore’s quickly growing fitness industry, finding the one that matches your interests and budget can be a challenge. This is especially true when you are not able to see membership prices without signing up for a trial. Whether you are looking for a boutique fitness center that has a variety of amenities, a gym that has a myriad of locations, or you just want to try out a new workout regime, we have compiled a guide of some of Singapore’s top gyms and their projected monthly costs below.

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Average Cost of Gym Memberships

The average cost of a monthly gym membership in Singapore is S$193.97. This cost can vary depending on the type of gym you choose to attend, the frequency of your visit, and the payment methods or promotions that the gym offers. After sampling 23 different brands of fitness centres, we found out that you can expect to pay around S$200.00 per month if you choose to either buy a monthly membership or exercise two times per week.

Type of GymNumber of Gyms SampledS$/Month
Big Chain Gyms7132.67
Boutique Gyms5244.73
Specialty Gyms5176.80
Yoga Studios6237.50
Overall Monthly Average Cost193.97

How to Save on Gym Membership Costs

Since a gym membership in Singapore can cost well over a couple of thousand dollars per year, it can be beneficial to find ways that you can save on gym costs. Below are a few tips that can help you save up to hundreds of dollars per year on gym memberships.

Earn Cash Rebate on Your Monthly Bills with Credit Cards

The easiest way to shave a couple percentage off your gym membership cost right off the bat is to make sure you have the right rewards credit card. Some credit cards like the ones featured below even provide discounts specifically on monthly bills.

UOB One Card
  • Annual Fee: S$194.40 (waived for 1 year)
  • Stand-Out: Up to 5% cashback on nearly all spend (up to S$300/quarter)
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OCBC 365 Card
  • Annual Fee: S$194.40 (waived for 2 years, and in subsequent years with S$10,000 annual spend)
  • Stand-Out: 6% rebate on dining, 3% on groceries, transport, recurring bills, online travel
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UOB One Card

  • Annual Fee: S$194.40 (waived for 1 year)
  • Stand-Out: Up to 5% cashback on nearly all spend (up to S$300/quarter)
  • Promotion:
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OCBC 365 Card

  • Annual Fee: S$194.40 (waived for 2 years, and in subsequent years with S$10,000 annual spend)
  • Stand-Out: 6% rebate on dining, 3% on groceries, transport, recurring bills, online travel
  • Promotion:
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Annual Discounts and Promotions

Most of these gyms offer yearly or monthly promotions based on either a set number of sessions or a percentage off your monthly fee. Once you choose a gym, you should keep an eye out for promotions appearing on their web or social media pages. Additionally, there have been reports of some people getting steep discounts just by haggling or negotiating with lenient salesmen after their trial periods are over. Doing so can help you save up to 50% of the monthly membership costs - if you’re lucky. Bear in mind, however, that boutique, specialty, and yoga fitness centres have a fixed price and will usually charge per sessions and their prices are available on their website. They are still privy to promotions, but you will most likely end up paying for whatever class schedule suits you best, rather than on a monthly basis.

Off-Peak & Location Based Discounts

Also consider looking at whether or not gyms offer off-peak discounts. This means that you will only be able to go during certain off-peak hours, but you can still see some considerable savings. Some gyms like Ritual Gym offers a drastically lower off-peak fee fee of S$279.00 per month, which saves you around $120.00 dollars compared to their $400.00/10 session fees, representing a 30% discount. Other gyms, like GymmBoxx will offer different rates based on location and the amount of access you want per fitness centre.

Hidden Fees

Last but not least, be wary of any hidden fees. Gyms that put their costs on their website will usually list any additional fees and taxes, but those that do not may charge you additional fees such as registration fees, cancellation fees, late fees, membership fees, and other fees associated with additional costs. Keep in mind that all prices are subject to change on a year to year basis and are subject to local taxes.

Average Cost of Gyms by Type

For those who are interested in learning about different types of gyms and their costs, we've compiled a more detailed analysis below, breaking down the cost for big-chain gyms, boutique gyms, yoga studios and specialty gyms like bootcamps, barre and kickboxing.

Average Cost of Big-Chain Gyms

On average, a monthly membership to a big-chain gym in Singapore costs around S$132.67 per month. These gyms are large-scale fitness centres that have the most locations across Singapore, offer a variety of classes and are known to be some of the most popular. These types of fitness centers include brands such as True Fitness, ActiveSG, Fitness First, and Anytime Fitness where you can expect to attend classes, work with a personal trainer, or just use the equipment at your leisure. They also offer basic amenities in the forms of saunas, showers, lockers, and some health and wellness perks. Even though monthly payment options are available, expect to be locked into a year or two subscription in advance, with monthly membership fees varying based on your negotiating skills.

GymTotal Number of LocationsS$/Month
Amore Fitness10S$130
Anytime Fitness40S$98
Fitness First19S$185
Pure Fitness*3S$200
True Fitness8S$99.5
Virgin Active Fitness3S$186.2

*Does not include True Yoga Centers

Average Cost of Boutique Gyms

On average, a monthly membership to a boutique gym in Singapore costs around S$244.73 per month. True to their name, boutique gyms are fitness centres that have one or two locations (usually found in the downtown core). They offer specialized services, smaller classes or 1 on 1 training sessions, and plenty of top of the line amenities including swimming pools, new equipment, refueling stations, saunas, and other perks and gear. Due to their personalized services, their monthly memberships come at a premium, which is ideal for those who wish to indulge in their fitness experiences where some membership fees can be as pricey as over S$400.00 per month.

GymTotal Number of LocationsS$/Month
Energia Fitness1S$68
Genesis Gym3S$480
Ritual Gym3S$400

Average Cost of Specialty Gyms: Barre, Bootcamps & Kickboxing

A monthly membership to a gym which specializes in certain activities, including anything from outdoor-only bootcamps to barre classes costs around S$176.80 per month. Due to an increasing trend of these specialty gyms and an influx of new workout trends popping up all over Singapore, these fitness centres are a great option if you are interested in learning something new. The prices for these classes can range from budget-friendly to more luxurious experiences ranging from S$89.00 to upwards of S$250.00 per month.

GymTotal Number of LocationsS$/Month
Barre 2 Barre1S$240
Contours Express11S$89
Evolve MMA4S$250
Fiesta Fitness2S$130
UFIT Singapore3S$175

Average cost of Yoga Studios

For the growing population of Yogis in Singapore, we found that the average monthly membership to a Yoga studio costs around S$237.50 per month. Those who lean towards yoga as their preferred workout regime, there are a variety of workshops and yoga centres that offer everything from Hot Yoga to Ashtanga. The average price for joining a Yoga studio is slightly more expensive than joining a speciality or chain fitness centre, however, these yoga studios come with amenities such as healing courses, retreats, certifications courses, and private sessions.

GymTotal Number of LocationsS$/Month
Como Shambhala1S$330
Hom Yoga2S$295
Tirisula Yoga1S$100
True Yoga1S$150
Yoga Inc4S$300
Yoga Mala1S$250


Since there are so many options to choose from when it comes to picking a fitness program, we focused on separating fitness centres into four distinct categories and then choosing the top rated or most popular ones ones to analyze the average price. Since some rates were per session or used different pricing methodologies, we assumed that a typical person exercises roughly twice a week. Since promotions and on/off-peak rates change the prices considerably, we focused on the most static pricing methods that were disclosed by members or by the fitness centre's website.

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