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Great Eastern Car Insurance: Who It Benefits

Great Eastern's car insurance plans have high premiums but average coverage.

Great Eastern Car Insurance: Who It Benefits

Great Eastern's car insurance plans have high premiums but average coverage.


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Third Party Damage
Workshop Type
Coverage for Loss/Damage to Vehicle


  • One of the highest personal accident benefits on the market
  • Can upgrade to Any Workshop option for below average markup in price


  • Expensive premiums for both plans
  • Unable to purchase policy if younger than 26
  • Restrictive conditions for what qualifies as Young/Inexperienced driver

Great Eastern's Comprehensive car insurance plan may be good for drivers without a budget who prioritise personal accident and medical coverage. However, it is unlikely to be a high value option for most drivers who are looking for affordable plans.

Table of Contents

Great Eastern Drive & Save Plus Car Insurance Summary
Can upgrade to Any Workshop plan for around S$500 more
One of the highest personal accident benefits on the market (up to S$120,000)
Unable to purchase a policy online if younger than 26 or older than 69

Great Eastern Drive and Safe Plus Comprehensive Highlights

Great Eastern's Comprehensive car insurance can be a good option for wealthy drivers who are looking for high personal accident coverage. There are two comprehensive plan options: Authorised Workshop Plan where you are limited to repairs at Great Eastern's preferred workshops and Any Workshop Plan where you have access to your preferred and car dealer's workshop. The Authorised Workshop plan costs around 5-45% above average and the Any Workshop plan costs 31-81% above the industry average. They provide medical coverage, towing, windscreen and personal accident coverage in addition to the legally required third party and fire/theft loss coverage. Your car will be covered for damages from floods, typhoons, natural disasters and civil disturbance (strikes, riots).

This graph compares the cost of car insurance premiums for the average compact sedan in Singapore.

One major upside to this plan is the high personal accident benefit of S$120,000, 126% greater than the industry average. So, if you are someone who is concerned about medical costs in the event of a car accident, Great Eastern may be a good option. On the other hand, Great Eastern's greatest setback is its price. Even though companies like AXA and Income may end up being more expensive for particular driver profiles (i.e. women), it is still one of the most expensive policies on the market. Additionally it has tight Young/Inexperienced Driver (YIDR) restrictions making it unsuitable for younger drivers. While most plans define "inexperienced driver" as people with driving experience of 2 years or less, Great Eastern defines it as people with 3 years or less of experience. It further restricts young drivers by not allowing you to purchase their policies online if you are under 26 or are naming an additional driver who is under 26.

Great Eastern TPO/TPFT Plans

Great Eastern offers the basic TPO and TPFT coverage such as third party liability and fire/theft loss coverage. It has one of the most expensive TPO plans on the market—47-99% above average. Its TPFT plan is also pricey as it costs 36-74% above its peer average.

Great Eastern Car Insurance Exclusions

There may be certain times when your claim will be denied. This will most likely be due to the damage or loss occurring from an excluded events. These types of events include driving under under the influence, driving without a license, driving outside the geographical limits of the policy. Great Eastern also won't cover you if you are using your car for hire and reward, although you will be covered if you use your car for car sharing or pooling (i.e. GrabHitch).

It is important to read the policy wording of your insurance document to make sure you are aware of all the exclusions and limitations to each benefit of your policy.

Customisations & Other Options

Great Eastern offers an optional NCD protector once you reach a 50% NCD and a loss of use of benefit of S$80 per day for 7 days.

Additional BenefitsAmountCost
Loss of UseS$80 per dayS$107
50% NCD ProtectorN/AS$105

Claims & Contact Information

To submit a motor claim with Great Eastern, you should report all incidents within 24 hours and submit the proper documents along with the relevant claim form (received from your insurance agent or at the authorised motor accident reporting center) by mail or in person.

Contact Information
Car Accident and Emergency Breakdown Assistance65 6535 0511
Customer Service Hotline1 800 248 2888
General Claim Hotline65 6248 2638
Claims InformationClaim forms
Mailing Address1 Pickering Street #01-01, Great Eastern Centre, Singapore 048659

Great Eastern Car Insurance Summary & Benefits

Settling on a great value car insurance plan can be a challenge due to how time consuming it is just to get a quote. Below, we have summarised Great Eastern's Drive & Save Plus Comprehensive Plan coverage and excesses—if you want to compare it to other car insurance plans, you can check our our guide to the best car insurance policies currently available in Singapore.

BenefitsCoverage LimitExcess
3rd Party Liability (Death)UnlimitedN/A
3rd Party Liability (Damage)S$5 MnN/A
Personal Accident (Driver)S$120,000N/A
Medical ExpensesS$1,000N/A
Unnamed YIDR Driver Excess (less than 3 years driving)N/AS$2,500
Unnamed Driver Excess (age 26-60, 3+ years driving)N/AS$500
Standard ExcessN/AS$600

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