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HL Assurance Car Insurance: Worth a Buy?

HL Assurance can benefit experienced drivers with a stellar safety record with its comprehensive coverage, discounts on various excesses and low premiums.

HL Assurance Car Insurance: Worth a Buy?

HL Assurance can benefit experienced drivers with a stellar safety record with its comprehensive coverage, discounts on various excesses and low premiums.


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Third Party Damage
Workshop Type
Coverage for Loss/Damage to Vehicle


  • Competitvely priced
  • One of the highest 50% NCD discounts
  • Provides great value for experienced drivers


  • Can't buy TPO or TPFT policy online
  • Can't buy policy if younger than 27
  • Not as customisable as other plans on the market

HL Assurance's Car Protect360 insurance plan is a fairly feature-rich comprehensive policy that we think is the best fit for drivers with a few more years of driving experience under her belt. However, drivers who haven't accumulated a high NCD may see premiums above their budget and young drivers under 27 can't even purchase the insurance, making HL Assurance out of reach for young, inexperienced or cost conscious consumers.

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Summary of HL Assurance Car Insurance

HL Assurance Car Protect360
Great value for more experienced drivers
One of the highest discounts for 50% NCD & consistently one of the cheapest car insurers
Must be between 27 and 65 to purchase
High young/inexperienced driver excess of S$3,000
Unable to buy TPO/TPFT policy online
25% off + Free car servicing

HL Assurance's Car Protect360 Highlights

HL Assurance could be a particularly good choice for safe drivers with plenty of driving experience. Though its coverage is comprehensive enough for all types of drivers, it is clear that HLAS wants to attract low-risk drivers due to its restrictive age limits for policy purchase and high inexperienced YIDR. However, if you fit their consumer profile, you'll enjoy one of the highest 50% NCD discounts of 57%, while enjoying coverage for towing, accessories, personal accident, medical and loss of use. Drivers with a 50% NCD discount will also find their premiums 35-40% cheaper than the market average. Combined with its very comprehensive coverage that includes things most insurers charge extra for, Car Protect360 can be a solid option for experienced drivers who want a good deal without sacrificing coverage.

This graph shows the cheapest car insurance premiums in Singapore for a 45 year old male driving a mid-priced sedan

The high S$3,000 YIDR excess aside, HL Assurance can offset your out-of-pocket costs with its option to halve your standard excess if you use their authorised workshops. For most drivers, this would drop the typical S$750 standard excess down to a market-leading S$375. HL Assurance also waives the S$100 windscreen excess if you use one of their Appointed Windscreen Repairers, which further adds to your savings. You also receive authority to repair minor damages at your discretion for up to S$300 after application of the standard excess, a convenient perk for those who prefer to handle minor accidents themselves.

However, you won't benefit from HL Assurance if you fall outside of HL Assurance's age brackets, are a younger driver who wants to use your own workshop. Cost-wise, while it still costs around 13% below average for younger drivers, it has a high YIDR of S$3,000 and the cost of All-Workshops plan is around the market average for comprehensive car insurance plans. Lastly, HL Assurance's car insurance plan also lacks a variety of customization options to tailor its policy to your unique set of needs.

HL Assurance TPO/TPFT Plans

Though HL Assurance offers TPO/TPFT plans, it does not give you the option to purchase them online.

Customisations & Other Options

HL Assurance doesn't offer much in terms of customising your policy. They do offer an NCD protector once you reach a 50% NCD, but that's pretty much it. Thus, if you are looking for a highly customisable policy, HL Assurance may not provide you with the flexibility you are looking for.

HL Assurance Car Insurance Exclusions

There are certain instances where you won't be able to claim for damages or loss to your car. This includes damages that arise from negligence to avoid making a claim, willful self-injury or suicide and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. You will also not be able to claim for damage that occurs to your car outside the covered geographical area (Singapore, West Malaysia and within 80km of Southern Thailand). Some more general exclusions are:

  • Damage to tires or rims (unless other parts were damaged as well)
  • Loss or damage caused by factors beyond HL Assurance's control
  • Loss or damage to personal items in the car or accessories not put in by manufacturer
  • Damages or liabilities if your car was driven by someone other than the Authorised driver
  • Damages or liabilities when driving without a license
  • Liabilities that you agreed to take on that you otherwise would not have
  • Personal or bodily injury arising from escape of pollutants
  • Loss or damage caused by lawful seizure or repossession of your car
  • Loss or damage caused by war or other acts committed by foreign enemies
  • Loss or damage if your car is not in roadworthy condition
  • Damage or Loss if car is used in preparation or participation for motor competitions

Please read the policy wording carefully for a fully comprehensive list of what is and isn't covered in your motor insurance policy.

HL Assurance Claims & Contact Information

To file a claim with HL Assurance, you must report the event within 24 hours and report the accident or theft to the police as soon as possible. For windscreen claims, you can download their form online (linked below) and mail to the address provided below. This goes the same for all other forms of claims after you have gathered the proper documents including police reports, photographs, accident reports and third-party liaisons.

Contact Information
Car Accident and Emergency Breakdown Assistance+65 6922 6009
Customer Service Hotline+65 6702 0202
Claims Enquiry[email protected]
Claims InformationWeb page
Mailing Address11 Keppel Road #11-01 ABI Plaza, Singapore 089057

Summary of Features & Benefits

Your car insurance policy should be able to protect you in any event, which is why finding the right one can be such an arduous task. Below, we have a table detailing HL Assurance's coverage and excess, but if you want to compare it to other plans on the market, you can read our guide to the best car insurance policies in Singapore.

Standard ExcessN/A600 (50% off when using Authorised Workshop)
Accidental Loss/DamageMarket ValueN/A
3rd Party Liability (Death)UnlimitedN/A
3rd Party Liability (Damage)S$5 MnN/A
Personal Accident (Driver)S$20,000N/A
Personal Accident (Passenger)S$10,000N/A
Medical Expenses (per pass.)S$1,000N/A
Storage, Garage and TowingS$500N/A
Car AccessoriesS$1,000N/A
Loss of UseS$50 per dayN/A
24-hour Roadside AssistanceYesN/A
Young Driver Excess (27 and under)N/AS$3,000

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