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Etiqa eProtect Maid Insurance: Cheap But High Value

Etiqa stands out as being the cheapest domestic worker insurer while boasting some of the best value plans in the market. However, those who are looking for extensive coverage or high payouts may feel slightly underwhelmed.

Etiqa eProtect Maid Insurance: Cheap But High Value

Etiqa stands out as being the cheapest domestic worker insurer while boasting some of the best value plans in the market. However, those who are looking for extensive coverage or high payouts may feel slightly underwhelmed.


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Hospitalisation Coverage
Outpatient Expense Coverage
Third Party Liability Coverage


  • Plans are the cheapest in their respective tiers
  • Offers hard to find benefits like physical abuse and critical illness coverage


  • Hospitalisation coverage is below average
  • Add-ons can get expensive

Etiqa's unbeatable prices make its maid insurance policies a great buy for people on a tight budget. Even Etiqa's most expensive policy is a bargain as it offers a wide range of benefits and a variety of add-ons to further customise your policy.

Summary of Etiqa's Maid Insurance
Plan A is one of the cheapest policies on the market
Plan B offers substantial liability coverage for the price
One of the best value plans in each tier
Offers hard to find benefits such as physical abuse and critical illness coverage

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Etiqa eProtect Maid Insurance: What You Need to Know

Etiqa's eProtect Maid insurance policies are the cheapest on the market, making them attractive options for people who are trying to spend as little as possible. Its policies benefit from generous promotion offers that bring down Etiqa's plan prices to 35% below the market average. Combined with a good scope of coverage, the eProtect Maid plans are some of the top value plans on the market as they offer a variety of coverage for things like temporary help benefits, hospital recuperation (for your maid's stay in the hospital), maid replacement, wage reimbursement, and third party liability (protection against potential third party lawsuits). You have an option to purchase three different levels of insurance (Plan A, B, and C) for either 26 or 14 months.

Etiqa Maid Insurance Premiums Compared to Other Insurers
Premiums shown are from cheapest plans available from each insurer

Etiqa's plans are a good fit for two groups of people. The first group are maid employers who are looking for a budget plan and don't need high amounts of coverage or the waiver of counter indemnity. When comparing Etiqa to its biggest price competitor, FWD (who automatically includes the waiver of indemnity in its premiums), Etiqa has a cost advantage when it comes to its higher-tiered plans. Also, since Etiqa's waiver of indemnity is optional, you can save even more money if you do not require it (for instance, when hiring a Malaysian maid). The second group of people who can benefit from these plans are people who believe they have been overspending on their current insurance and want a simpler, more compact plan. This can be the case with people who have a trusted, healthy maid who does not require high amounts lot of medical or liability coverage.

Etiqa does fall short in a couple of areas: its hospitalisation coverage is below average and its optional add-ons can get quite pricey, quickly raising its premiums to above average levels for each of its plans. Its hospitalisation top-up costs a few more dollars per S$5,000 of coverage compared its closest competitor, FWD, and its critical illness coverage starts at S$92.60, making it more expensive than the medically-focused InsuredUnited plans (which include coverage for cancer in its standard package). Thus, while Etiqa certainly offers the potential for a wide breadth of medical coverage, it can cut out those looking for medically-focused plans on a budget.

Etiqa eProtect Maid Plan A

For those who want to buy the cheapest maid insurance on the market, Etiqa's eProtect Maid Plan A beats its competitors due to premiums that are 27% below average (including promotion and waiver of indemnity). While this price is 33% below the market average, this policy has one of the highest ratios of benefits per dollar of premium. Unlike most of its peers that tend to cut out their basic plans from certain coverages, eProtect Maid Plan A offers coverage for temporary help benefits, termination/rehiring expenses, third-party liability, special grant (lump sum paid to the family of your maid upon her death), physical abuse by maid coverage and recuperation expenses. Its special grant protection of S$500, however, is below the market average of around S$1,600.

Etiqa's eProtect Plan A is a great option for people who are on a very tight budget. While FWD's basic plan costs about S$20 less, Etiqa stands out by allowing policyholders to pick an even cheaper option that excludes the waiver of counter indemnity, which isn't required for Malaysian maids. This feature drops your premium to S$182.67, around S$15 cheaper than FWD. In summary, if you have a maid who is healthy and doesn't need extra medical protection, Etiqa's Plan A is a solid policy that offers a wide scope of coverage, even if the coverage maximums aren't the highest. This makes it a great option for new and experienced maid employers alike.

Etiqa eProtect Maid Plan B and Plan C

Etiqa's eProtect Plan B costs 737, which is 30% cheaper than its peer average. This price is also 22% cheaper than the basic plan average, meaning you will be getting a higher tier plan for basic plan prices. Plan B provides solid coverage but with payouts that are slightly lower than its peer average, similar to the rest of Etiqa's maid insurance policies. The notable exception is its S$7,500 third party liability coverage which is in the median range for mid-tier plans. It also has the highest permanent disablement and death coverage of its peers at S$65,000.

Etiqa's eProtect Maid Plan C is a good value top-tier plan that costs 822 for a 26 month policy. Etiqa's Plan C highlights its third-party liability coverage again by bringing the coverage up to S$10,000, putting it in the median of the market top-tier plans. The plan's wage reimbursement is on par with the market median as well. However, its recuperation benefits (payment for your maid's stay in the hospital), maid replacement, special grant and temporary help coverage are below the market average.

If you are in the market for a comprehensive basic plan, you can consider Etiqa's Plan B or C policies as they are both priced below the market average for basic plans. This means you'll save a lot of money and end up with a high-value plan that offers more coverage than basic-tier plans. However, if you are looking a plan that includes critical illness or high hospitalisation benefits into its core plan, Etiqa's top tier plans may not be the best choice as these add-ons are quite expensive. You may also not find a lot of benefit with Etiqa if you are looking to spend more in order to receive higher coverage for miscellaneous benefits, such as replacement, temporary coverage, and recuperation benefits.

Claims & Contact Information

You or your domestic worker must notify Etiqa as soon as a claimable event happens. The easiest way to submit your claims is by logging into your TiqConnect account and filing your claim online. If you are having trouble you may reach out to Etiqa via email or the phone number listed below.

Contact Info
Customer Service Hotline65 6887 8777
Customer Service Email[email protected]
Make a claimMake a claim

Etiqa eProtect Maid Features

Choosing a maid insurance policy can be difficult since it is hard to anticipate your potential risks. To make your search easier, we have prepared a table below that compares Etiqa's price and benefits to the market averages. If you think one of Etiqa's plans may be a great match for you or you want to compare it other plans on the market, read our guide to the best maid insurance policies.

Premiums & BenefitsPlan ABasic Tier AvgPlan BMid-tier AvgPlan CTop-Tier Avg
26-month PremiumS$682S$318S$737S$338S$822S$389
14-month PremiumS$491S$222S$531S$282S$592S$333
Accident/Injury ExpensesS$1,000S$1,181S$2,000S$2,147S$3,000S$3,231
Re-Hiring ExpensesS$250S$317S$300S$371S$350S$545
Liability to 3rd PartiesS$5,000S$7,883S$7,500S$12,700S$10,000S$24,727
Maid's BelongingsN/AS$286N/AS$411N/AS$1,133
Special GrantS$500S$1,591S$1,000S$1,933S$2,000S$2,545
Wage ReimbursementS$900S$805S$900S$947S$900S$1052
Alternative Maid ServicesS$300S$750S$450S$756S$600S$1,090
Premiums include bond waiver add-on and any prevailing promotions

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