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Income Domestic Helper Insurance: How to Evaluate It

Income's domestic helper plans provide above average liability and medical coverage. However, the uncompetitive premiums for 2 of the 3 plans benefits may not be the best fit for budget shoppers.

Income Domestic Helper Insurance: How to Evaluate It

Income's domestic helper plans provide above average liability and medical coverage. However, the uncompetitive premiums for 2 of the 3 plans benefits may not be the best fit for budget shoppers.


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Hospitalisation Coverage
Outpatient Expense Coverage
Third Party Liability Coverage


  • Provides courier service for work permit and insurance renewal
  • Enhanced plan has high value for money


  • Standard plan's benefits and premiums fail to stand out
  • Despite high value, Enhanced plan is pricey
  • Hospitalisation coverage isn't the highest

Income's Domestic Helper Insurance plans are unique in that they offer high medical liability coverage across all 3 tiers of plans. Because of this feature, the value of Income's more expensive plans doesn't bode well for consumers. Those who are willing to pay extra to get comprehensive coverage may not find what they are looking for with Income's top plans. However, those who are searching for a budget plan with high third-party liability coverage may find that Income's basic plan can be a potentially good fit.

Summary of Income Domestic Helper Insurance
The Standard plan is a plain-vanilla plan with an average cost and value
The Enhanced Plan has the highest price among top-tier plans but offers high value for money
Provides courier service for work permit and insurance renewal

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Income Domestic Helper Insurance: What You Need to Know

Income's Domestic Helper insurance comes in three policies available for 26 or 14-month periods: Basic, Standard and Enhanced. You can also purchase a $2,000 or S$7,000 Philippines Embassy Performance Bond separately. Among the 3 options, Basic plan costs above average but can appeal to budget shoppers who are looking for high liability coverage. On the other hand, the Standard plan is fairly average in price and benefits and the Enhanced plan provides above average value for liability and medical coverage.

NTUC Income foreign maid insurance compared to other maid insurance costs
Premiums that are shown are from cheapest plans available from each insurer

To explain Income's policies in more detail, their coverage amounts are higher compared to the market average of basic-tier plans, similar to the average for mid-tier plans, and below average for top-tier plans. Out of the three plans, the Basic plan simplest plans on the market, offering just accidental death, outpatient medical expensive, hospitalisation, repatriation and liability coverage. However, it costs above average for 26-month plans so it could be a good option for people looking for a plan that has above average liability benefits and not much else.

On the other hand, the Standard plan does not stand out as it is average in both price and the coverage amounts offered, while the Enhanced plan has one of the highest values for a top-tier plan primarily due to its above average liability and medical coverage and its 12-14% below average prices. However, if you're in the market for a plan that offers a plethora of miscellaneous coverages like domestic worker's belongings or replacement, then you will be better off with FWD or Insured United that are even cheaper and more comprehensive in coverage.

Income Domestic Helper Insurance Add-ons

Income's Domestic Helper insurance doesn't provide as many add-ons as some other plans do. Instead, they offer additional hospital and surgical expense coverage of S$10,000-S$100,000 for an additional cost of S$60.99 to S$364.75 for a 26-month plan and S$32.84-S$196.40 for a 14-month plan. There is also a security bond coverage that will reduce your MOM liability bond responsibility from S$5,000 to S$250. This add-on costs S$35.31 to S$51.36, depending on your plan's duration.

Policy Exclusions

There are certain exclusions you have to be aware of to prevent getting your claim denied. Besides exclusions that apply to every section of your policy (for instance, you can only claim to cover expenses if you have stop employing your domestic worker if she is seriously ill or has a serious injury), there are general exclusions that apply to the entire policy. Please find these listed below. To avoid claim denials, you and your domestic worker should take every precaution possible to reduce your chances of filing a claim.

  • Suicide/deliberate self-harm
  • Pregnancy/childbirth/abortion/miscarriage
  • Mental disorders
  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Participation in hazardous activities/sports
  • Radioactivity or damage from nuclear fuel/waste
  • Strike, riot or civil commotion
  • Consequences of war, acts of terrorism

Claims & Contact Information

You or your domestic worker will need to file a claim as soon as possible (within 30 days). You must supply all information, receipts, original invoices and medical documents as required by the specific claim you are filing.

Contact Information
Customer Hotline6788 1777
Claims Hotline6788 6616
EmailEnquiry Form
Claims & Policy DocumentsClick here

Income Domestic Helper Insurance Coverage & Benefits

Making sure you are purchasing an FDW insurance policy that is worth every penny can be a challenge with so many different plans on the market. To help you decide if Income's coverage is the right fit, we've summarized Income's Domestic Helper Insurance's cost and benefits and how it compares to the market average in the table below. We have also prepared a guide to some of the best maid insurance policies in Singapore to help you find the best policy for your circumstances.

Benefits & FeaturesBasicBasic Tier AvgStandardMid-tier AvgEnhancedTop-Tier Avg
26-month PremiumS$301.52S$318S$311.46S$338S$320.94S$389
14-month PremiumS$187.69S$222S$218.72S$282S$328.97S$333
Value Ratio^ (Benefits/S$Premium)1.160.951.151.071.751.05
Accidental Death/TPDS$60,000S$60,000S$60,833S$60,000S$80,000S$62,143
Accident/Injury ExpensesS$1,500S$1,236S$2,000S$2,176S$3,000S$2,808
Liability to 3rd PartiesS$25,000S$8,643S$25,000S$14,231S$75,000S$20,889
Special Grant (Death)N/AS$1,591S$2,000S$1,933S$2,000S$2,545
Wage ReimbursementN/AS$805S$600S$947S$1,050S$1,052
Termination ExpensesN/AS$200S$150S$257S$500S$440
Outpatient Critical IllnessS$1,500S$1,500S$2,000S$2,333S$3,000S$5,000
Premiums include security bond waiver add-on and any prevailing promotions. ^Value ratio is based on 26-month plan

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