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HDB November 2022 BTO Launch Review: Affordable Developments For People of All Budget

The HDB November 2022 BTO launch is an exciting one, with a record-breaking number of units available for balloting. With 9,655 units spread across multiple areas including Queenstown, Yishun and Tengah, here's what you need to know about the November BTO launch.

November 2022 is the largest sales launch by HDB in a single launch, and for good reason. Under the HDB BTO launch for November 2022, 9,655 units are available for balloting across ten projects in both mature and non-mature estates.

This translates to around a 93% increase in the number of units compared to the previous launch in August 2022, which had 4,993 units available.

The prices of the flats are also kept affordable.

A three-room flat under the Queenstown Prime Location Housing (PLH) scheme sells from S$302,000 and a similar unit is selling from S$335,000 in the Kallang/Whampao project. That's a S$35,000 to S$68,000 drop when compared to a three-room flat in Bukit Merah (Havelock Road) in the previous BTO launch.

If the previous BTO launch locations didn’t excite you, maybe this will. There will be a total of ten projects in a mix of mature and non-mature estates, spread across popular areas such as Queenstown, Kallang/Whampao, and more.

HDB November 2022 BTO Launch Overview

The main highlight of this BTO launch is definitely the Queenstown and Kallang/Whampao projects launched under the Prime Location Housing (PLH) model - which means buyers face certain restrictions like a 10-year Minimum Occupancy Period (MOP) and subsidy clawbacks.

For individuals looking to get a home in the Queenstown area but do not want the additional restrictions of PLH, there is also the option of Queenstown Canopy up for grabs.

Budget-conscious buyers can choose from non-mature estates which include Bukit Batok, Tengah and Yishun.

BTO Launch EstateUnit MixUnits Available
Prime Housing Location (PLH)
Kallang/Whampao: Kallang Horizon3-room, 4-room477
Queenstown: Ulu Pandan Banks2-room Flexi, 3-room, 4-room1,330
Queenstown: Ghim Moh Natura2-room Flexi, 3-room, 4-room991
Non-mature Estate
Bukit Batok: West Glades2-room Flexi, 3-room, 4-room, 5-room790
Tengah: Garden Waterfront I & II2-room Flexi, 3-room, 4-room, 5-room2,077
Yishun (Vanda Breeze, Miltonia Breeze, Aranda Breeze)2-room Flexi, 3-room, 4-room, 5-room2,994
Mature Estate
Queenstown (Queensway Canopy)CCA, 3-room, 4-room996
Flat Availability of November 2022 BTO Launch

Prime Location Housing (PLH) Model

For those who do not know what is the PLH model, here is a quick overview:

PLH infographic
Source: Housing Development Board (HDB)

This allows new public housing that is built in prime, central locations to remain affordable and accessible for Singaporeans.

For more information, you can refer to HDB’s website over here.

Kallang/Whampao: Kallang Horizon

kallang horizon kallang whampao bto nov 2022
Source: Housing Development Board (HDB)
Flat TypesSelling PriceAvailable Units
4-roomS$335,000 - S$447,00072
5-roomS$509,000 - S$690,000405
Prime Location Housing Estate

Located just beside Kallang MRT Station, the price tag for the development reflects the convenience of the location, given that it’s only four MRT stops away from Raffles Place and two stops away from Paya Lebar.

The development also comes with a bus terminal, making access to bus services extremely convenient.

Location: Bounded by Lorong 1 Geylang and the Kallang MRT station

Public Transport: Kallang MRT Station

Amenities: Coffee shops and restaurants, NTUC, value mart, Sheng Siong supermarket, Geylang West Community Club, Kallang Riverside Park

Schools: Bendemeer Secondary School, Hong Wen School

Queenstown Prime Location Housing (PLH) Developments

For the November 2022 HDB BTO launch, there are two PLH developments in Queenstown. The first is located nearer to Bouna Vista MRT Station while the second is nearer to Dover MRT Station.

Read on to find out the specifics about each project.

Queenstown: Ghim Moh Natura

queenstown ghim moh natura bto nov 2022
Source: Housing Development Board (HDB)
Flat TypesSelling PriceUnits Available
2-room Flexi (Type 1)S$206,000 - S$244,00014
2-room Flexi (Type 2)S$261,000 - S$314,00028
3-roomS$364,000 - S$487,000229
4-roomS$516,000 - S$696,000720
Prime Location Housing Estate

The price tag for Ghim Moh Natura is high and naturally so. It’s located just opposite Bouna Vista MRT station and has plenty of good schools nearby. The development consists of 4 residential blocks ranging from 15 to 40 storeys high. The development is also located near to popular food centres, Holland Village and Star Vista.

Location: Bounded by Ghim Moh Road, Ghim Moh Close, Commonwealth Avenue West, and the Rail Corridor

Public Transport: Bouna Vista MRT Station

Amenities: Bouna Vista Community Club, Holland Village, Rail Corridor, Star Vista, Holland Drive Market and Food Centre, Ghim Moh Market and Food Centre

Schools: Anglo-Chinese School (International), Singapore Polytechnic, Dover Court Preparatory School, Anglo-Chinese Junior College, Fairfield Methodist School (Primary and Secondary)

Queenstown: Ulu Pandan Banks

queenstown ulu pandan banks bto nov 2022
Source: Housing Development Board (HDB)
Flat TypesSelling PriceUnits Available
3-roomS$362,000 - S$504,000270
4-roomS$546,000 - S$725,0001,060
Prime Location Housing Estate

Another hotspot for developments, Ulu Pandan Banks consists of 1,330 3-room and 4-room units housed within 7 residential blocks. Two blocks will be 10-12 storeys high, another two is 6-8 storeys high and the remaining three will be a staggering 33-44 storeys high, giving residents a panoramic view of the area.

Plus, Ulu Pandan Banks will be the first car-lite precinct for HDB and residents can expect well-connected bus and rail services. Do note that, however, this will mean parking charges for residents will be higher and more restricted.

Location: Bounded by Commonwealth Avenue West, Ghim Moh Link and the Ulu Pandan Park Connector

Public Transport: Dover MRT Station

Amenities: NTUC, Sheng Siong, and a popular market, Star Vista, Rochester mall

Schools: Anglo-Chinese School (International), Singapore Polytechnic, Dover Court Preparatory School, Anglo-Chinese Junior College, Fairfield Methodist School (Primary and Secondary), NUS

Bukit Batok: West Glades

bukit batok west glades nov 2022 bto launch
Source: Housing Development Board (HDB)
Flat TypesSelling PriceUnits Available
2-room Flexi (Type 1)S$105,000 - S$130,00092
2-room Flexi (Type 2)S$126,000 - S$169,000239
3-roomS$206,000 - S$269,00084
4-roomS$309,000 - S$392,000207
5-roomS$405,000 - S$522,000168
Non-Mature Estate

Located in the quiet neighbourhood of Bukit Batok, the nearest MRT station (Bukit Gombak, NSL) is within walking distance from the planned development. The project will have 5 residential blocks between 14 and 24 storeys in height, perfect to enjoy the lush greenery surrounding the projects. Drivers will also be able to easily access the Pan-Island Expressway by exiting towards Bukit Batok Road from Bukit Batok West Ave 5.

Location: Bounded by Bukit Batok West Ave 2 and 5

Public Transport: Bukit Gombak MRT Station

Amenities: Bukit Batok Park Connector, Bukit Gombak Neighbourhood Centre, Bukit Gombak Stadium, Little Guilin, West Mall, Hong Kah North Community Club, Le Quest Shopping Mall, Bukit Batok Polyclinic

Schools: Hillgrove Secondary School, Dunearn Secondary School, St. Anthony’s Primary School

Tengah: Garden Waterfront I & II

tengah garden waterfront I&II bto nov 2022
Source: Housing Development Board (HDB)
Flat TypesSelling PriceUnits Available
2-room Flexi (Type 1)S$111,000 - S$139,000178
2-room Flexi (Type 2)S$144,000 - S$174,000400
3-roomS$214,000 - S$262,00089
4-roomS$307,000 - S$397,000740
5-roomS$428,000 - S$536,000670
Non-Mature Estate

The Garden Waterfront I & II are waterfront projects located in the Garden District of Tengah. The two developments will have 18 blocks of residential units in total, ranging from 9 to 16 storeys high.

The developments in Tengah have one of the highest numbers of available units in the entire launch so applicants who apply for this project stand a higher chance of success compared to other areas.

The upcoming MRT station beside the estate is also attractive to homeowners who are looking to have the value of their homes increase after their minimum occupancy period (MOP). Bus services to other towns and the central of Singapore will also be available.

Location: Along Tengah Garden Avenue

Public Transport: Upcoming MRT Station (JS4) on the Jurong Region Line (JRL)

Amenities: Upcoming Neighbourhood Centre, Community Club, extensive network of walking and cycling paths, shops, a supermarket, restaurants, an eating house, and a residents’ network centre, Jurong Green community club, Jurong Polyclinic

Schools: Jurongville Secondary School, Jurong Primary School, Hua Yi Secondary School


There are three projects in Yishun for the upcoming launch in November 2022 – namely Vanda Breeze, Miltonia Breeze and Aranda Breeze.

Vanda Breeze

vanda breeze yishun bto nov 2022
Source: Housing Development Board (HDB)
Flat TypesSelling PriceUnits Available
2-room Flexi (Type 1)S$100,000 - S$122,00078
2-room Flexi (Type 2)S$121,000 - S$148,000260
3-roomS$175,000 - S$229,00091
4-roomS$270,000 - S$336,000295
5-roomS$391,000 - S$463,000247
Non-Mature Estate

Vanda Breeze @ Yishun comprises of 10 residential blocks that are 14 storeys in height. Similar to the other two developments in the Yishun area, Vanda Breeze’s green leafy theme and orchid motifs are a reference to Singapore’s national flower. Residents can expect to rest and relax amidst lush greenery.

Location: Bounded by Yishun Avenue 1, Yishun Street 53, and Yishun Avenue 10

Public Transport: Yishun MRT Station, Khatib MRT Station

Amenities: Nee Soon East Community Club, Yishun Pond Park, Yishun Public Library, Yishun Swimming Complex

Schools: Chung Cheng High School, North View Primary School

Miltonia Breeze

miltonia breeze yishun bto nov 2022
Source: Housing Development Board (HDB)
Flat TypesSelling PriceUnits Available
2-room Flexi (Type 1)S$84,000 - S$109,000
2-room Flexi (Type 2)S$102,000 - S$140,000
4-roomS$248,000 - S$312,000
5-roomS$375,000 - S$450,000
Non-Mature Estate

Miltonia Breeze @ Yishun consists of 9 residential buildings ranging from 12 to 14 storeys in height. With 1,334 units available, Miltonia Breeze has the highest number of units available in the Yishun development. Residents in this development can also expect a childcare centre, resident’s network centre, shops, and an eating house for added convenience, housed within the estate.

Location: Bounded by Miltonia Close, Yishun Avenue 1 and Yishun Avenue 10

Public Transport: Khatib MRT Station, Yishun MRT Station

Amenities: Nee Soon East Community Club, Yishun Pond Park, Yishun Public Library, Yishun Swimming Complex

Schools: Chung Cheng High School, North View Primary School

Aranda Breeze

aranda breeze yishun bto nov 2022
Source: Housing Development Board (HDB)
Flat TypesSelling PriceUnits Available
2-room Flexi (Type 1)S$99,000 - S$120,00052
2-room Flexi (Type 2)S$117,000 - S$146,000220
4-roomS$276,000 - S$326,000232
5-roomS$366,000 - S$459,000195
Non-Mature Estate

Aranda Breeze @ Yishun consists of 6 residential blocks 14-storeys high. Two of the blocks will be housing rental flats. The development is located near the breezy Lower Seletar Reservoir as well as other nearby green spaces.

Location: Bounded by Yishun Avenue 1 and Yishun Street 53

Public Transport: Khatib MRT Station, Yishun MRT Station

Amenities: Nee Soon East Community Club, Yishun Pond Park, Yishun Public Library, Yishun Swimming Complex

Schools: Chung Cheng High School, North View Primary School

Queenstown: Queensway Canopy

queensway canopy nov 2022 bto
Source: Housing Development Board (HDB)
Flat TypesSelling PriceUnits Available
Community Care Apartment (CCA)S$82,000 - S$111,000245
3-roomS$392,000 - S$488,00088
4-roomS$551,000 - S$695,000663
Mature Estate

Queensway Canopy is the only non-PLH project in Queenstown for the November 2022 BTO launch. Located along the Rail Corridor, residents can expect great views of the scenic surroundings.

The development comprises five blocks from 6 to 40-storeys and is located about 1.5km away from the nearest MRT station, Queenstown.

With a focus on both physical and mental wellness, residents might be excited to know that an ActiveSG gym will be located within the development.

Location: Bounded by Queensway, Queen’s Crescent, and the Rail Corridor

Public Transport: Queenstown MRT Station

Amenities: Alexandra Village, IKEA, Queenstown Swimming Complex, Queenstown Public Library, the Rail Corridor, Queensway Shopping Centre, Anchorpoint Shopping Centre, Alexandra Mall

Schools: New Town Primary School

Getting a HDB Home Loan

Now that you have a housing location in mind, that’s half the battle won. Financing your dream home is a major hurdle that most prospective buyers will face. To do so, many people will look in the direction of HDB loans, or housing loans in Singapore.

Luckily for you, we have compiled a highly detailed comparison of the home loans and mortgage loans in Singapore just for you.

Alternatively, you can use the mortgage loan calculator below to view the best mortgage loan rates for yourself:

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Even after purchasing your dream home, there are still other expenses that you need to consider. For instance, your BTO will not come fully furnished with furniture, tiling and accessories. These renovation expenses do not come cheap either, and can go into the high tens of thousands of dollars - or even past the hundred thousand dollar mark.

As such, you might want to consider renovation loans on top of your mortgage. Even after that, there are other aspects of home ownership that you need to look into: for instance, home insurance.

Home Insurance

holding house in hands

Securing your new home against the unexpected is of utmost importance. With the correct home insurance, you can not only protect your belongings, but also the interior renovations to your house. Some insurance even provide special perks like pet, maid and food spoilage protection!

Here are some home insurance plans hand-picked by our analysts as offering the best bang for your buck:

Etiqa Insurance

Consider this if you want a great value plan for your HDB flat
  • Third Party Liability Coverage
    • S$500,000 - S$1,000,000
    • Insured Accident Coverage
      • S$50,000 for homeowners & landlords (for add'tl fee)
      • Sub-limit for Valuables
        • 30% of Contents Coverage

        Tiq by Etiqa's Home Insurance provides some of the cheapest home insurance policies for HDB flats. This makes it a great option for those seeking the cheapest and best home insurance in Singapore, especially for new BTO owners.

        Not only are its premiums for HDB flats 26-60% below the market average, but it also provides flexibility in its 3-5 year plans. For these prices, you'll get a useful set of benefits, including up to S$5,000 Emergency Cash Allowance within 24 hours, a market beating Emergency Home Assistance benefit of S$800, debris removal and even protection from credit card theft.

        For an extra fee, you can also add accidental death coverage, personal cyber protection or a unique home appliance benefit. For more details, check out Etiqa Home Insurance here.

        FWD Insurance

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        Consider this if you want affordable coverage for everything from pet coverage to home assistance
        • Third Party Liability Coverage
          • S$500,000
          • Insured Accident Coverage
            • S$20,000 (for add'tl fee)
            • Sub-limit for Valuables
              • No sublimit for furniture, domestic appliances and home audio visual equipment. A sublimit of S$1,000 applies to all other home contents.

              FWD is known for its wide array of coverage and affordable premiums, which makes it one of the best home insurance plans out there in the market.

              If you are a cost-conscious HDB owner, you will be pleasantly surprised with the below-market rates for 3, 4 and 5-room premiums. Additionally, you will receive coverage for repairs or reconstruction, alternative accommodation, storage, conservancy and firefighting appliances, as well as home assistance for electrical, plumbing, locksmithing and air-conditioning.

              Combined with no excess for burst pipes and fire claims, and affordable add-ons for pet and personal accident coverage, the average home-owner will get the best valued home insurance plan on the market. Check out a detailed review of FWD Home insurance here.


              Purchasing your first BTO flat could prove to be a tedious job with many things to consider. Location and affordability of the flat is one main consideration, but the follow-up after making the purchase is something many often overlook.

              Things such as the average cost of home loans, being able to refinance your housing loan, home insurance etc should be factors of consideration prior to making your BTO flat purchase. Nevertheless, taking into account all of these factors should not be a difficult task - just hop onto one of our carefully curated guides for easy comparison!

              Refer over here for more tips to manage your personal finances!

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